[RELEASE] Monoprice Dual Relay On/Off Device type 11990

I’ve had these for several months and just got around to installing them a month or two ago. Plus, it looks like Monoprice doesn’t sell them anymore. :frowning: It worked flawlessly with a test rule with contact sensors, so I created a couple of other test rules and will test for a few days with those.

I also don’t think it’s a relay problem. The easiest way is s swap the relay trigger wire between primary and secondary. This way you will know if it’s the relay or rules problem. Geofence is tricky with ST. Probably that’s why a contact sensor is working right now.

Yeah, I deleted the presence rule and added the exterior lights to an existing rule to turn on when the doors open. We’ll see how that works out.

Hi just letting everyone know, there was a much simpler way to get the Monoprice low voltage curtain module 11092 device to work. See the link in this topic.



Hello All, I have been using the monoprice dual relays for a few months now. I have seen several of them have the relay stick in the on position. Usually I can cycle the physical switch a bunch of times and can get the lite to turn off. Just curious if anyone else is seeing this issue?

thank you very much for putting together this smart app for the dual relay.
I’m very new to this smartthings platform and having a hard to install the custom device type into my smartthing account.

I Click on “My Device Types”, then “New Device Type”, but there is no “From Code” tab.
There is only a Create Device with fill out option. Please help. TIA

I’ve had that issue with the Aeon Labs Micro switch on one of my 3-ways. Never figured it out. It seems that it only does it when it’s getting line from the other box.

Can someone please post actual links to monoprice for these relay modules, I search by name, item number and nothing is showing for me. Only thing I can think of is they can not show these to Canada as they are not CSA approved???


Monoprice no longer sells them. You can buy a re-branded version on Amazon. It is the exact same as the Monoprice one, but with a different brand and model number. This device handler works perfectly with it. I can confirm 100% compatibility: I own it and use this DH and it has been flawless.


I have an issue where my traveler wires have an induced ghost voltage of 40-60V on them. There is no current, but when off the wire shows 40-60v because it is running in the same cable as the 120v power. My relay wont see the change of state between 120v when the switch is on and 40v when the switch is off. Is there anyway to make the programming in the relay see physical switch state by having a voltage above or below 100V? so above 100V it is on, below 100V it is off? or can it only see that it has voltage or no voltage to determine physical switch status?

Does the Monoprice 11990 support direct association to another device with the Aeon Minimote? I can’t find this information anywhere.

I’m using this device with a 007 Systems spotlight zWave motion system and really like the set up.
I have the 007 Systems spotlight working in conjunction with my porch light; which is on a ST switch. I use Routines to set the mode to Evening and turn on the porch light after Sunset. If the motion sensor detects motion during Evening, I turn on the Spotlight with a timer to turn off the spotlight after 15 minutes. At midnight, I run the Night routine to turn off the porch light and the spotlight and change the mode to Night. During the Night mode, both the spotlight and the porch light will turn on with motion and turn off after 15 minutes. In the morning, I have another Routine to set the Mode to Day, turning off the porch light and the spotlight.
I also have a ST switch wired in place of my old spotlight switch to simply turn on or off as an Outside flag. Nothing is connected to the load. If Outside switch is turned on, Spotlight or porch timers do not turn off the lights. When I turn the Outside switch off, both lights turn off. I also have an Outside routine that turns the Outside switch on or off from the ST app.

I do have one question about the device handler and device type. With the configuration, the motion sensor is seen as a switch, not a motion sensor. Is it possible to change the device handler or device type to link relay Switch 1 to a virtual Motion Sensor instead of a switch and present the switch as a Motion Sensor inside of ST?


@justintime, I got your DTH for the dual relay unit. When I trigger the switch 1 input the tile shows it on just like it should. But trying to use this in a smartapp. I can select the relay for my preference but for some reason it never triggers my smartapp. Is there something I should be referencing? This is probably not making much sense, but I think what I am saying if I select it in my preferences it is not necessarily showing the switch 1 input??? i know my smartapp is ok as I can use a different switch and it works fine.

Anyone still using this? I cannot get it work anymore when I try to link the virtual switch. I get “An unexpected error occurred”

I’ve bought three “Vision In Wall Z-Wave Micro Switch, 2 relay” controllers, the first in 2017, and the other two in 2020. I used this SmartApp to get the two switches working independently in 2017. I expected I’d need to do the same with my two new ones. But when I installed the first of the two it showed up in the SmartThings app as two separate new devices. That was awesome. It’s been working great as two devices for a few months now.
But then today I installed the other one and it shows up as only one device and I assume I’ll have to use this SmartApp to get two virtual switches.
Does anyone know what’s up with this inconsistency? I really liked having the two separate devices, but I don’t remember what I did differently.
Also, I plan to buy several ENERWAVE ZWN-RSM2-PLUS. Will they treat each switch as a separate device? If not, will this SmartApp work with them?