[RELEASE] Monoprice Door Window Mailbox Z-Wave Plus Sensor (Official)

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I have 4 of the 24259 door/window sensors. I updated the DH on them all last week. Immediately one of them showed (and has continued to show) the tamper switch info, the other 3 just show Request update. Any reason they all wouldn’t show the Tamper info by now?

The tamper tile will only show up when there is a tampering reported by the device. Open and close your sensor to reset the tamper notification. Once reset it will disappear, see the screenshot in the first post.

Ah ha, that explains it. Thanks for that.

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Official Monoprice Door/Window Sensor Device Type - Version 02.01.00

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Hi - I have some senors already in the system with the default handler. How can I have the sensors start using your handler? I’ve installed it already but I don’t know how to change the existing sensors.

Check out the installation instruction page for device handlers, Starting Step 9 on how to update existing devices to use the new handler.


I open and close the door but the tamper button does not change?

The tamper tile is to show if someone has opened the sensor housing, not the contact.

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@RBoy is there a way to add in to the code a sensorBinaryGet as done in this thread Is there a way to recheck a door sensor? | I’m always getting an open sensor when in fact the sensor is closed. its just someone may have opened and closed the door too fast to register the second command of the door being shut so the hub never actually receives the closed command from the sensor. so if we can force the sensor at its next wakeup interval to recheck the sensor this would resolve the issue and the door would be registering properly. Thoughts?

The platform can process events up to 1ms apart after the recent update (thanks @gausnes) earlier it was about 20ms), so unless the door is opening and closing faster that may not be concern. More than like your z-wave mesh is weak and the events are being buffered and getting lost. Try to add a repeater within 30-40ft of your sensor and that should help. Z-wave is an event driven technology and creating a good strong mesh resolves most issues.

As for reading the sensor state, you can click on the request update button and the next time the sensor wakes up (it’s a sleepy device and sleeps for up to 12 hours if there are no events to report to conserve battery, so setting it to wake up too often isn’t a good idea either) the DTH will force a re-read of the sensor settings.

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@rboy Okay I actually have a few repeaters all near by. I have a light switch within 1 foot of the sensor i have a repeater within 10 feet. I even have a lightbulb/repeater within 15ft. and the door itself has a kwikset zwave lock that is handled by your dht. and none of these other devices have issues. only the door sensor. could the magnet be too close or not far enough way i read that could cause the issue. maybe another zwave repair maybe needed.

Could be the magnet distance. It should be within about 1-2mm ideally.
For testing purposes we put one of these sensors on a mailbox outside the building over a 100ft from the nearest repeater and it’s working fine here.

@rboy the magnet is literally right on top of it. I could not get it any closer or the door will not open right as it would be rubbing the two plastic parts together. but there is clearly no space between the 2 that is how close it is. and I still have the issue. do you think it could be defective?

Could be, most of the time intermittent/timing issue tend to be mesh related (no enough repeaters, bad repeaters, hub/connectivity etc). Sometimes it’s battery or magnet/mounting, if all else fails it could be the device itself.

Official Monoprice Door/Window Sensor Device Type - Version 02.01.03

  • Added basic support for the new ST app

You may need to exclude and re-pair but you can try to manually force it, My Devices -> Click on monoprice door sensor device -> Scroll down and click on Edit -> Scroll down and click on Update -> Force kill and restart ST app
The new ST app is still experimental so it’s recommended to continue using the ST Classic app to get access to all the features of the DTH

Did you ever resolve your issue with not getting updates from the recessed door sensor? I’ve got two units that are just reporting “Open” 100% of the time, and don’t seem to be sending updates, despite seeing the LED flash when I move the magnet in and out of proximity of the sensor.

I recently added about 10 of the 24259 sensors in my house and noticed they are all executing in the cloud. Shouldn’t these be local? If I change it to a generic zwave door windows sensor it works locally.

No custom device handlers work locally. Only the handlers that are in the SmartThings firmware will work local, and then only with SmartLighting or SHM.

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