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[RELEASE] MiHome (Connect) V2.0.1 [Energenie] (not Xiaomi MiHome)


(Mark C) #125

You need to have a look at the live logging to see whats happening when its adding. I do have a double which ive never used so ill have a look at weekend. Ill try adding a trv tonight n see if that stilll works

(Mark C) #126

just fitted one today. i added left, then added right. tested in mihome, went to smartthings app found the new devices, ticked them both clicked save and there they were. working fine. soz without more info not sure how to help

(Mark C) #127

how have you got on?

(Mark C) #128

updated smart app to alow mihome contact sesnsors,
motion sensor updated to add contact capability, alow refresh rates and checkin info



sorry - crazy busy work trip so haven’t managed to do anything. Looks like something’s corrupted on my side then. I’ll keep trying to remove the smart app and start again :sob: All this for a socket connected to a water fountain! Appreciate the help though :slight_smile:

(Robert Doswell) #130

Does anyone know if this will work with the double light switch due next week?

(Mark C) #131

Its should do. The double sockets you add them as 2 separate items in mihome. The app may need adaptation depending on what they a called/identified as.

(Jon Hayward) #132

Firstly I’d like to thank you guys for creating and maintaining the SmartApp and DeviceHandler.

I have a question, my be a silly one, but here goes anyway…

Is it possible to have the etrv be both a thermostat and a temperature sensor?

Thanks again

(Mark C) #133

Its is. What are you trying to do?

(Robert Doswell) #134

Hmmm…can’t get the double light switch to appear

(Mark C) #135

Do they show/work in the mihome app?

(Robert Doswell) #136

They have appeared. Bit hasty I think

(Robert Doswell) #137

But nothing under things…I can see it in the mihome app & the mihome (connect) app in smarthings.

(Mark C) #138

Have you ticked them in the smartapp. Click save save

(Robert Doswell) #139

Yep. I opened smart things on another device and they are in the list. But still no “thing”

(Mark C) #140

Have you ticked them. Other wise you will have to have a look at the live logging when you tick save

(Mark C) #141

has any one notice this today
ava.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 443 (poll)
Ln443 - def resp = parent.apiGET("/subdevices/show?params=" + URLEncoder.encode(new groovy.json.JsonBuilder([id: device.deviceNetworkId.toInteger()]).toString()))
07:43:51: error java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 147 (poll)
Ln147 - def resp = parent.apiGET("/subdevices/show?params=" + URLEncoder.encode(new groovy.json.JsonBuilder(body).toString()))

its showing up on both mt etrv and adapter

( #142

I’m getting a very similar error on all my adaptors… perhaps energenie have made another ‘improvement’.

(Mark C) #143

I think it’s smartthings

(James Scholes) #144

All I can tell you is ST hasn’t switched my sockets in a couple of days. V. Annoying as I’m about to go away and my wife is only tolerant of HA when it works perfectly!