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[RELEASE] MiHome (Connect) V2.0.1 [Energenie] (not Xiaomi MiHome)


(Nathan) #63

Thanks Gary your a star

Thank you

(Eug) #64

I’m using this with the power monitor, couple of switches and it’s working awesome.

Question, do you think this can support 2 Home Hubs ? I’m stretching the range pretty thin,

(Olivier) #65

Still unable to add my Energenie Door sensor and adapter plus. Any idea of how to do so?

No problem for my wall switches…

(Kevin P) #66

I don’t have any Energenie Door sensors so can’t help there. I do have three Adaptor Plus units and all show up and function well.
The Adaptor Plus units do have their own specific Device Handler which needs to be installed and published. After that they just appeared for me.
Sorry I can’t be of more help.

(Benji) #67

@Alyc100 it looks like you have used @tonesto7 's code in your DTH/SA:

Please make sure it is correctly credited in your initial post.

(Alex Lee) #68

Hi Benji,

I have added the necessary credits to the initial post. For future device updates, I will credit @tonesto7 within code annotations.

(Olivier) #69

Looks like I am the only one with a Mihome door sensor, too bad :slight_smile:
But if someone knows how to adapt @Alyc100 's smartapp and DH, I am certainly interested!

(Kjx Oduzz) #71

I want to go out to purchase lots of sockets. Can anyone confirm that sockets (not adapters) are supported?

(Phil Pugh) #72

I have been using this App for a while now and finding that in the last day or so the devices keep appearing offline, I have to go back into the SmartApp and click Done and then they work again.

Has anyone else experienced this?

(Kjx Oduzz) #73

Same problem here.

However, clicking the offline device also seems to force a refresh(), and then it works.

Here’s a call to the code creators to run a refresh() on Smartthings either within the smartapp or within the device handle if a MiHome device status is Offline.

If offline, ActionTiles cannot process the device because it is not sure what state it’s in.

Shame really, as I have found MiHome useful till this point.

(Alex Lee) #74

This looks suspiciously like something on the MiHome service side. The state of the device is ‘Offline’ means that the MiHome API is responding back with an error code. That fact that it works when clicking ‘refresh’ means the same API call is then responding as expected is odd. If someone can grab a log of the error, then I can try and see what exactly is going on. The error log in SmartThings would start with Unexpected result in poll():

Meanwhile, I’ve updated the devices MiHome Adapter and MiHome Adapter Plus to not set the device offline on an API error which should help things and is probably not necessary anyway.

(Kjx Oduzz) #75

OK, I’ll update these 2x device type handlers and see if the errors continue.

(Kjx Oduzz) #76

Looks the the error is gone.
Muchas Gracias

(Phil Pugh) #77

This looks like that’s done the trick. Thanks

(Olivier) #78

Thanks a lot for that, much better. I just hope that Energenie is not trying to block these API accesses for a reason or another…

(HAO CHEN) #79

Hi, Alex.
thanks your for you hard work.
here is my question, when I login to the mihome account in smart APP, I got debug miHomeAccessToken: null , can you please help me out, I am in USA. THANKS

(sapstar) #80

I am planning to buy some Energenie radiator valves and plugs. Can you please let me know if they work well with Smartthings or there are any known issues?

(Phil Pugh) #81

Prior to the recent changes that energenie must have made I did have a 4 way controller working as individual sockets using your code. This has now stopped working and always reporting as on. I can still control with Alexa which is better than nothing…

(Phil Pugh) #82

I’ve done a little more testing with this tonight, I have started from fresh with my 4 gang extension and the MiHome Connect app sees it as a device to add but when saving the smartapp it comes up “Error Loading Page”. If I remove the 4 gang extension it successfully saves. Is this likely to be an issue with the DTH or the App?

(Alex Lee) #83

When you see the error in the app, can you look in the smartthings logs to see what error appears and paste the error message to me via direct message?