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[RELEASE] MiHome (Connect) V2.0.1 [Energenie] (not Xiaomi MiHome)


(James Scholes) #287

The three inputs are for monitoring 3 phase power, so I’m not sure what you’d see connecting different devices. Probably just a sum of the readings?

On a related note, having just had solar PV fitted, I can confirm that the Energenie monitor cannot tell the difference between power draw and feed. Mine is reporting my 1.5kw feed as usage, so I may have to rethink what I do with it.

(Tom Beech) #288

They are £16 on eBay, so I guess you’d buy two units (in your case an additional unit). Clip one onto your consumer unit and name it “Consumption” and clip the other unit to the output of your inverter and call it “Solar PV”. Then you can set up rules for each

(James Scholes) #289

The issue is that my “Consumption” meter is also reporting surplus generation being returned to the grid as usage. Over the weekend it was bright sunshine, there was under 1kw being used in the house, fed entirely from solar and the Whole House Monitor was reporting 2kw usage (rather than 0, or -2kw)

I could get closer with some creative maths and logic/guesswork, but I can’t see a solution that will tell me my actual grid usage without getting a smart meter involved.


Hi Mark, I reached out to them and this is their answer below:

Hi Ramiro,

Thank you for your query. API documentation is not currently available for the Dimmer Switch. Documentation is planned and will be provided in the future.

Kind Regards

Technical Team

(Mark C) #291

Have you got the device added in smartthings? If you can see what data is beeing sent you.may be able to revers engineer


Hi Mark, yeah unfortunately this is the only way that I know how to bring the Energenie lights into ST. So no, I can’t see it at all in ST.

Thank god it still works with the google home integration, so I do have some way NOT to use their app which is pretty horrible and limited in functionality. Fingers crossed, they’ll release the API soon.

They’re having some issue with the latest firmware update on their gateway and the double-gang switches too. It’s a shame that this is the only product for UK/Ireland type of connections.

(Mark C) #293

could try adding it as a switch and then see if you can get the data from it


But that’s the thing, I wouldn’t know how to add it without this integration. ST will not detect the switch nor I could add it manually… Alyc100’s script wont show it to add it as a regular switch either.

I’m probably missing something super obvious and don’t mind being told when I’m being an idiot, so feel free to do so :smiley: :smiley:

(Mark C) #295

find this section in the smartapp, and uncomment the log debug, this should list all you devices on the account

def devicesList() {
	logErrors([]) {
		def resp = apiGET("subdevices/list")
//log.debug "device list '$'"
		if (resp.status == 200) { = ' '
            //log.debug "device states '${}'"
        else {
			log.error "Non-200 from device list call. ${resp.status}" // ${}" = null
            return []

like this
debug device list '[data:[[aggregated_daily_at:2019-02-10T18:17:28.000Z, aggregated_hourly_at:2019-02-11T13:54:23.000Z, container_number:null, controlling_thermostat_id:null, created_at:2018-03-15T18:17:28.000Z, device_groups:[[id:8754, name:All, user_id:8332]], device_id:983, device_type:etrv, disconnected_at:null, energenie_thermostat_id:null, extra_data:null, firmware_version:null, frequency:null, hardware_version:null, id:122977, **label:**Front room SMALL eTRV, last_diagnostic_flags:[created_at:2019-02-09T02:09:48.000Z, diagnostic_flags:512, id:261968, subdevice_id:122977, updated_at:2019-02-09T02:09:48.000Z], last_temperature:17, nest_thermostat_id:null, notifications_enabled:true, optimise_warm_up_schedule:false, parent_device_last_seen_at:2019-02-11T14:45:38.000Z, power_state:0, power_state_1:null, power_state_2:null, power_state_3:null, power_state_4:null, rate_limit_tokens_updated_at:null, rate_limit_tokens_used:null, reactive_power:null, real_power:null, remote_id:1, side:null, socket1_label:null, socket2_label:null, socket3_label:null, socket4_label:null, startup_mode:0, target_temperature:30, timer1_enabled:null, timer1_friday:null, timer1_monday:null, timer1_off_time:null, timer1_on_time:null, timer1_saturday:null, timer1_sunday:null, timer1_thursday:null, timer1_tuesday:null, timer1_wednesday:null, timer2_enabled:null, timer2_friday:null, timer2_monday:null, timer2_off_time:null, timer2_on_time:null, timer2_saturday:null, timer2_sunday:null, timer2_thursday:null, timer2_tuesday:null, timer2_wednesday:null, timer3_enabled:null, timer3_friday:null, timer3_monday:null, timer3_off_time:null, timer3_on_time:null, timer3_saturday:null, timer3_sunday:null, timer3_thursday:null, timer3_tuesday:null, timer3_wednesday:null, updated_at:2019-02-11T13:55:42.000Z, voltage:2.82812, voltage_reported_at:2019-02-11T11:55:06.000Z], [aggregated_daily_at:2019-02-10T18:26:30.000Z, aggregated_hourly_at:2019-02-11T14:21:04.000Z, container_number:null, controlling_thermostat_id:null, created_at:2018-03-15T18:26:30.000Z, device_group…[TRUNCATED]

(Mark C) #296

or slip this in (just the bold bit) under "def updateDevices() "

    else if (device.device_type == 'motion' || device.device_type == 'open' ) {
    	log.debug "Identified: device ${}: ${device.device_type}: ${device.label}"
        def value = "${device.label} Motion Sensor"
		def key =
		state.miMotionSensors["${key}"] = value
        //Update names of devices with MiHome
 		def childDevice = getChildDevice("${}")
 		if (childDevice) {
 			//Update name of device if different.
 			if( != device.label + " Motion Sensor") { = device.label + " Motion Sensor"
				log.debug "Device's name has changed."

else {
** log.warn "UnIdentified: device {}: {device.device_type}: ${device.label}"
log.debug selectors

it should show you the device type

(Mark C) #297

once we have the type and id number we can quiry the parameters it will report