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[RELEASE] MiHome (Connect) V2.0.1 [Energenie] (not Xiaomi MiHome)


(Mark C) #267

No well it depend on what data it is pulling, just check for errors in the ide when you press the refresh button

(Nav) #268

1:30:06 PM: error Unexpected result in poll(): [400] [status:invalid-controller-or-action]

8f8c2eae-72ee-4783-9ba4-54acfff69b9e 1:30:06 PM: debug Executing ‘poll’ for HEM Monitor script_dth_94e965cdfc69955705bfaa722688d3ac0d8930a7cbebe591464ca72d6d3f8379@26f6f30e 137068

(Mark C) #269

Something wroung with DH check if there is a / in the path of the poll command
Or post the poll command n ill have a look

(Nav) #270

Hopefully you mean this section:

// handle commands
def poll() {
log.debug “Executing ‘poll’ for ${device} ${this} ${device.deviceNetworkId}”

def resp = parent.apiGET("/subdevices/show?params=" + URLEncoder.encode(new groovy.json.JsonBuilder([id: device.deviceNetworkId.toInteger()]).toString()))
if (resp.status != 200) {
	log.error("Unexpected result in poll(): [${resp.status}] ${}")
	return []

(Mark C) #271

Try dropping the / like this
def resp = parent.apiGET("subdevices

(Nav) #272

Thanks so much for your time and help Mark! I am up and running.
Nice one.

(Mark C) #273

Has anyone tryed tls1.3 the latest version

(Eug) #274

I’ve tried the new connect app and can find my devices, and add them, but I cannot get my power monitor to work… i’ve copied the new handler and deleted the “/” from the code but nothing yet… no informaiton is coming in.

(Rajan) #275

Is there any way you can use the ST Hub to control the eTRV rather than having to use the energenie hub?

(Alex Lee) #276

No. eTRVs from Mihome doesn’t use ZWave or Zigbee so requires the MiHome hub.

(Rajan) #277

ah ok but I also have a broadlink RM Pro+ so could I get it to somehow work with that?

(Alex Lee) #278

Device Handlers updated to v2.1 to support New Smartthings App. Note these are basic integrations at this moment.

(Kevin Cox) #279

Hi all. Is anyone aware of device handler code for the dimmer switches with energenie MiHome. Thanks in advance

(Mark C) #280

DH and Smart app updated to poll once every 5 min and pull all data back into app thne dh can call fromthat

(Richard Nash) #281


Have just found this adn am keen to try it. All I would want at the moment is to use Smartthings to track movwmwnt and light in a room and if there is movement and light is below a certain level to then turn on a light switch.

Havent managed to get it working in any other ways at the moment so am hoping this tool may help.

But have a feeling I have missed something as cant get anywhere following the instructions for the install. Says to install the app from GitHub but cant see how to do this…unless I need something else installed on my phone to get GitHub to supply the application?

Sorry but feeling a little thick as am sure this is simple



(Fadi Azayem) #282


I installed the app and the device handlers. when I put my MiHome Credentials, it gives me an error there was a problem connecting to MiHome. Check your user credentials and error logs in SmartThings. I checked the log it only shows miHomeAccessToken: null.

I would like to ask if there is anyway to integrate the Mi Air Conditional companion device?


Hi Kevin, were you able to find anything for the dimmers? I have one that I would love to setup for automation within ST instead of the MiHome app.


(Mark C) #284

ive just looked at their api an is dosent inclued dimmers. some one would need to contact them for the api commands then it could be looked at

(Tom Beech) #285

Great job @Alyc100! Got this all installed and ready for delivery of my hub / double gang sockets / eTRVs / light switches. This should finish the house off.

(Tom Beech) #286

Has anyone tried the power monitor with multiple inputs? I’ve noticed that the device has 3 inputs at the bottom… I ask this because I want to know if it could be used to monitor my solar PV system…