[RELEASE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

Go here: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/

Then follow the steps above to install the Device Handler and Smart App’s. There’s a guide on using the IDE but I’m failing at finding it, this is really close thoug:


Oh ok ya so I guess I do know what IDE is. I went back to original post and downloaded that handler and it still shows up as a thing on my app and the signal symbol in the top right keeps blinking.

Gotta go to Devices, find the THING, and edit, change to the DHT you installed.

None of my devices seem to be there. Only gives me options to add them. I have all my lights and plugs already connected to the hub so shouldn’t I be able to see them?
Thanks for lol this help ny the way I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Try logging in here instead:


If that shows your devices, re-enter your device handler and smartapps from there.

I think this is a bug that effects some users, the account doesn’t show up the same on all the graph API servers.



Ya signing in through my hub showed everything. Turned out the handler wasn’t correctly downloaded because of it as well. Reconnected instantly. Thank you so much you guys. Know I am going to love this community.

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Can I use this setup w/a different user lock manager Smartapp? I’m currently using ethayer’s updated lock manager (w/child app lock user) Smartapp.

Picking up my keypad today to start playing around w/this.

Oh, and maybe the OP can be updated to note that Smart Alarm app can be accessed directly from the SmartThings app and doesn’t need to be installed from the GitHub - it’s in “+ Add a Smartapp>Safety & Security.” AFAIK tell it’s the same version that’s in the GitHub.

For now, you need either User Lock Manager (from this page) or X3400 Keypad Manager from here:

I think with the X3400 Keypad Manager, it would still work with SmartAlarm, but I haven’t tried it. X3400 Keypad Manager only supports a single code.

As far as SmartAlarm being accessed directly, this version in github is a modified version to include the keypad support. I haven’t yet published to ST tot try and have them make this version official yet.


Thanks for confiming the version issue on the Smart Alarm app. Unfortunately the app in SmartThing seems to report the same version as the updated one in the IDE (2.4.3), so it’s a little confusing. Appreciate the clarification.

The smart alarm app seems to not work for me. Keeps saying my system is disarmed and never sets off alarm. The smart lock app works fine but has no setting for the siren. Is anyone else having this problem?


Make sure you have Smart Alarm’s arming and disarming options set (Notably the ‘Modes’ under which SmartAlarm should be armed under), and make sure you’ve got the appropriate Routines set under 'Keypad Settings (optional)" in User Lock Manager. You’ll need to expand the Routines setting on that page, so it could be easy to miss.

If you missed setting either of these, SmartAlarm won’t arm, so it’ll never go off.


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Thank you that deffinetly helped. But now I can’t seem to get the entry delay to work. Second I open the door the alarm goes off.

Where are you setting the arm delay - in the User Lock Manager or in Smart Alarm? (or both?)

The smart alarm seems to have it automatically set up for 30 seconds and it seems to work for when I leave but not arrive. If I set the lock manager to have a delay it works as well (more annoying because it beeps the whole delay) but only for exit still.

I think you’ll need to pick one or the other to handle arming/disarming options - if you use both they’re essentially overlapping each other and things don’t work like you’d expect. For example, I use Smart Alarm for chimes but User Lock Manager for Executing Routines and Arm Delay.

I am trying to get the Iris keypad to function like a garage door opener. MyQ garage door is working on Smarrthings with the MyQ Lite app. I just got the Iris keypad installed and have the ULM and Smart Alarm installed. However, the keypad isn’t recognized as lock except on the ULM. I can’t seem to find a way to automate the ULM or Smart Alarm to control garage door (or even a light switch). Any ideas?

Not a clue, but the only thing I can think of is if you’re able to trigger the MyQ garage door to open or close based on a mode change. I know the keypad and ULM can change the mode. That’s all I got.

You can use a routine to accomplish this. On the Keypad Options page of ULM, you can set a routine to be executed when each mode is set. You can then configure a routine to open/close the garage door, or control anything.

I think that ULM in this instance would still attempt to change the SHM arming state, which may be a problem for you though.


Having some issues getting my keypad to arm/disarm the system from one of the keypads(there are 2). The downstairs keypad works inputting codes for arming and disarming while the one upstairs does not. The upstairs one does chime though for the exit delay when arming from the downstairs keypad. Any particular reasons why the upstairs wouldn’t arm from the keypad but the downstairs one would?