[RELEASE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

I am using one of these to power my Iris keypad from my alarm keypad. Works perfectly!

Lowe’s CS says they have a new keypad on the way. Does anyone have info about it? I hope it’s compatible with ST


Hi everyone. I’ve done a pretty good job at working my way through everyone’s comments and I have almost everything working with my Iris Keypad.

The only thing that isn’t working currently is when I open the door after it is armed all the lights and the alarm go off instantly even though the keypad starts a 30 second delay beep.

Any ideas on if I have a setting wrong or if a previous setting might be overriding the SmartAlarm or ULM?
Should I not be using SHM in conjunction with Smart Alarm?

Centralite makes most of the Iris components, I assume they are introducing this keypad:

I think that keypad’s been around for a while. Xfinity uses that version. Same device handler works with both I believe.

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Both SmartAlarm and ULM are deprecatated.

Recently I released Version 2 of SHM Delay (Beta) that fully supports the Iris Keypad, exit delay, entry delay, the panic button, interacts with Smart Home Monitior, and requires no additional smaratapps. There are also a few kaypad device handlers out there, suggest using this version.

Thanks for the quick response. So if I reset everything and start from scratch, I just need to setup the DTH, reconnect the keypad, then follow your instructions to connect the app to your repo? Then do some customization of settings as i see fit?

If the keypad is properly installed and you change the DTH it should likely be OK. The deprecated smartapps may be uninstalled removed. Then setup your keypad in the SHm Delay Version 2 app.

Actually if you add the newer device handler to your IDE, you don’t have to remove the keypad if it’s already paired to your hub.

Just go into the keypad’s device settings page in the IDE, and you can change the device handler to the new one.

Go back into your device’s settings in the mobile app to set it up with the newer handler.


I just picked up another iris keypad from Amazon and it seems to register some button presses twice…anyone else have this issue? I requested a replacement from Amazon

Thanks arnb and mark for your feedback. I think I got everything working correctly. I have a couple questions that I was hoping to get some insight on.

  1. Since I have a pet my Away routine and mode cannot use motion sensors for alarm purposes. I do have a Vacation routine that uses Vacation mode and Armed Away was well. Since I have to manually hit Vacation routine through the app (instead of the keypad), when I get back from Vacation will it still use the keypad delay entry since it is set to Armed Away? Any way to include motion sensors in this mode?

  2. Do both the SHM and the Delay Version 2 app need to have push notifications and text alerts enabled? Or can it just be one or the other?

  3. The only real contact sensors that should have a delay are the doors I select right? If a window sensor is selected in the SHM then those shouldn’t have any delays right? Furthermore, should I create separate “Simulated Contact Sensors” if I want the alert to tell me the correct door that was opened. Right now I only have one simulated sensor, but I get an alert from each door assigned to the sensor.

  4. Is it ok to have Night mode set up as the partial option on the keypad, but also use “Perform routine automatically when things quite down” in case I forgot to arm the Night routine? It seems to be ok right now.

In the Delay app itself can someone explain the last 3 options under Global Settings. I am a little confused on what they are supposed to do.
-Panic Key is Monitored
-Simulated sensors must be unique
-True Entry Delay (seems like this is a must if you want to enter your house
with enough time to turn off the keypad)

Thanks again for everyone’s help!

  1. I feel it would be easier to remove the motion sensors from SHM and SHM Delay, then add them back when you go on vacation

  2. I would say yes. The SHM message is going to show the Simulated Sensor from a SHM Delay alert. If you want to know what caused the alert, the SHM Delay message is required.

  3. Unless you are planning to enter your home through the window, they should not be part of SHM Delay.

  4. on the Iris Partial is StayHome or St Armed (home). It’s Ok to use the automatic running of routines, but suggest setting modefix on to keep the keypad in sync.

Panic is Monitored. Creates an intrusion when Iris panic key is pressed

Simulated sensors unique for people who want to use a unique simulated sensor for each monitored device. normally not used

True entry delay is normally not used. It turns the Alarm system on and off during entry delay when motion sensor selection does not correct an intrusion alert.

Thanks. Just to clarify though:

  1. Even with the True Entry Delay turned off, I will still have 30 seconds to punch the code into my keypad upon Simulator sensors going off, either in Armed(Stay) or Armed (Away). Window should instantly trigger alarm.

  2. I should check the Simulated sensors must be unique (and add additional simulated sensors) if I want to know if the front door or garage door triggered the alarm after the delay.

This community has been very helpful, but it can get overwhelming reading through all the posts :smile:

Thanks again everyone!

  1. True Entry Delay honors the entry time in the Delay Profile. It changes how the delay is accomplished. Suggest not using it unless you are unable to acheive an entry delay by setting motion sensors into the delay profile. Windows are controlled by SHM not SHM Delay, and have NO delays.

  2. I’d like to remove the “Simulated sensors may be unique” it’s something left over from my original design process and causes problems for users. Also many people complained they did not want all the simulated sensors in the device list. Stick with the single simulated sensor and let SHM Delay issue its notification. However if you insist upon using it, and have no motion sensors defined in the delay profiles, it works.

Agreed, there is an overwhelming amount of information in the forums.

My keypad stopped working a while back and I stopped using it…I want to give it another go. Are the latest dth and ulm still at the top of this thread?

The DTH is the one i suggest. ULM is deprecated, it was replaced by Lock Manager.

For a comprehensive keypad solution, with entry and exit delays, user pin control, and panic key/pin support, I recently released SHM Delay version 2 Scroll down on that link, there is a section on Xfinity/Iris/Centralite Keypad Installation and TroubleShooting with links on how to reset and rejoin your keypad.

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Looks complicated. I’ll give it a shot. Is any of this stuff going to work after SmartThings transitions to Connect?

Take your time. First get the keypad functional. Then, install the SHM Delay Version 2 app or whatever you prefer. I understand it appears complicated to get it all working, however I feel the result is worth the time and effort. As I said earlier, take your time and follow the directions.

As for it, or anything, working after the “Big Transition”, I’ve read it will, but who knows.

Got everything installed and paired so far. It will probably take me a week to figure out how to setup the app properly. Fingers crossed. I really appreciate the work you guys put into this.

If only there was a weatherproof keypad that could be used to open and close garage doors!!!