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[RELEASE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps


(Arn B) #701

Keypad module exit delays

  • with thayer’s Keypad module the exit delay in Partial(Stay) should occur in all armed modes
  • my Keypad module is instant on in Stay mode with Iris Keypad

The True night option is for Entry Delay when contact opens in SHM Night mode:

  • On = instant alarm
  • Off=delay with keypad beep.

My apologies for any incorrect information, assisting with too many issues at one time

(Arn B) #702

My Xfinity sounds exit and entry beeps, and 1 second pin entry error tone.


Thanks again for the help Arn. It sounds like if installed your forked version I will lose the ability to have exit delays in Partial(Stay). Having the ability to arm in Partial mode and then leave the house is more important to me than the tones right now.

Can you confirm that if I install the forked version I will lose the ability to have exit delays on Partial(stay)?

(Arn B) #704

With an Iris keypad that is confirmed. I’m still confused about the lack of entry and exit delay tones on your keypad.

(Joel W) #705

@arnb Hi, this is whar my DTH looks like when disarmed on IRIS keypad. I will test actual function later.

(Arn B) #706

It appears “stuck” in exit delay mode. Likely due to not having routines coded in Keypad module, or having no SHM mode set in a routine. See this thread

(Joel W) #707

Where do I add the routines. i have them in Lock Manager.

(Arn B) #708

Yes in the Lock Manager Keypad module. Best to specify them one time in Global Settings, Keypad Routines (optional). The selected SHM routine should have a ST armed state and SHM mode specified.

Then remove routines from Users and Keypads if coded. Keypad module executes all coded modes causing excessive overhead.

In Keypad profile Act as SHM device? should be on/true

(Joel W) #709

Where is this?

(Arn B) #710

Lock Manager: Keypad profiles and User Profiles

(Joel W) #711

OK my settings were like that. But I am on the Beta firmware team, and an update didn’t take. Now they did another update and it is working fine. Thanks.

(Arn B) #712

I’m also on Hub Beta and received two messages for two differing versions. Now on 20.14.
So what’s working, keypad, hub or both?

(Joel W) #713

OK the keypad is working, it counts down and I armed partial with no problems. Yes two different versions of firmware in two days.


I completely uninstalled all the smart apps and DTH. I also unpaired the Iris keypad. I reinstalled everything making sure I had the latest versions and correct settings etc. I am still not experiencing an exit delay on ArmStay. I am also not experiencing exit and entry tones and nothing appears after “Updated:” in the device view.

I want to verify a few things:

-Should I be choosing “Centralite Keypad” in the IDE device type for this Iris keypad?
-Is it possible that my keypad needs a firmware update?
-Would I possibly get better results using SmartAlarm instead of SHM?

(Arn B) #715

Yes, that’s a requirement. The keypad was manufactured by Centralite. BTW I’ve read someplace on the community site that older Iris keypads don’t work with ST, must be newer version.

Could be, but from what I understand not possible

No idea

That’s an indication that routines are not set in Keypad modue Globals, or the routines are not setting ST state and SHM mode. See instructions for Keypad Troubleshooting and How to use this app with lock manager in SHM Delay instructions

CentraLite Keypads
CentraLite Keypads
(Zack Cornelius) #716

When you pair the keypad, if the DTH is installed correctly, the DTH will be automatically selected for the keypad, no need to manually select it.

It’s possible to do a firmware update using an Iris hub, but as far as I know, the only firmware update available is just a fix for battery life (There’s an issue with older firmwares where the lights stick on). Shouldn’t affect the pairing at all.

Since you’re not getting anything in the Updated: field, I’d more suspect that the keypad isn’t fully paired. This keypad has a 2 stage pairing, one to get it onto the Zigbee network, via “Add thing”, then the Zigbee alarm enrollment, when it sounds like isn’t complete.

If it’s on the network, but not enrolled as an alarm zone, it’ll report temperature and battery life, but won’t get status info, won’t send PIN / arming data, and won’t ack the arming/delay tones.

I’d suggest you remove the keypad from SmartThings, factory default the keypad, then re-pair.

After the factory default, they keypad should go into pairing mode (slow double-blink of the network light on the front). Once it’s paired to SmartThings (via the SmartThings add thing button), the network light should blink quickly, continuously.

At this point, you need to press and release the tamper switch on the back of the unit, to attempt to enroll it for alarm functions. I tend to press the button twice, for good measure, then wait 2-3 minutes, until the keypad beeps, or the network light goes on solid (It’ll only be on when the keypad is lit via motion). After the beep, and the network light is on solid, arming, disarming, and the entry/exit beeps should work.

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(Arn B) #717

@zcorneli Thank you for your post about pairing a keypad with SmartThings. It made me remember all the trouble I had about 5 months ago getting my Xfinity keypad functional, and that sometimes it is truly a hardware issue causing the problem.

I appreciate the work and efforts of people like you, and may others expended getting the Iris/Xfinity/Centralite keypad operating with ST and SHM.

Perhaps one day ST will add keypad support and exit/entry delays, but my expectations for this are very low.


Zack I think you are onto something. Can you remind me how to factory default the keypad? Is it just simply removing from ST and pull the batteries?



I found what I think is the factory reset process which is basically putting the keypad back into pairing mode. I removed both batteries and waited thirty seconds. I put one battery in while holding the tamper button down. After 2 seconds I released and the keypad was in pairing mode. I added as a new thing and the status light began to blink continuously. After that I pressed the tamper switch again. It immediately beeped and the status light went solid. I put in the other battery and closed the battery cover.

It is still behaving the same way. It arms and disarms but I am missing some of the previously mentioned functionality. Did I do something wrong?

(Arn B) #720

This PDF is for a Centralite keypad , and should likely work with the Iris also manufactured by Centralite. Scroll down to "Troubleshooting"