[RELEASE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

I’m using this device handler for my Iris Centralite keypad. It all seems to work fine, except the status doesn’t update on the keypad when I arm it to partial (by that I mean the partial light will not light up, even though it does arm SHM to armed/home). I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? It seems to show the correct state the rest of the time. I know this isn’t a huge deal, but it would be nice if it updated correctly. I have reset the keypad with the same results. I don’t have an Iris hub, so I don’t know the version of the firmware on this keypad (although, I’d be hesitant to update it given some of the experiences of others above). Thanks for the help!

I may be able to help, but need more information.

  1. In the Lock Manager–>Iris Keypad Profile: is Act as SHM device? set to: true/on or false/off.

  2. After arming with the “Partial” button, what does it say in the My Home -->Iris Device–>recently log:
    Armed Night or Armed Stay?

  3. Disarm SHM, then in the Dashboard, tap Armed (Home). Does “Partial” light? (Act as SHM device must be true)

  4. Is the SHM Delay app or any user written Core Pistons in use for the device?

  1. Yes, the Keypad is set on/true to act as SHM device
  2. It says Armed Night
  3. Yes, if I arm it through SHM, the partial light will light on the keypad.
  4. Yes, I’m using your app for the SHM Delay. I don’t have any pistons that affect the keypad.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks that info really helps.

When arming via dashboard it sets Armed (Home) mode aka Stay that sets the “Partial” light on your keypad.

When arming via keypad with “Partial” setting “Stay (Night)”, there is no matching button on the Iris keypad to light as there is on the Xfinity key pad that has Home, Night and Away armed modes. SHM delay was developed on my Xfinity keypad.

I want to be 100% sure before moving forward with any changes. Please let me know the following

  1. Which version of the Keypad module is being used: The original or the SHM Delay modified version?

  2. In SHM Delay global settings: Is True Night set on/true or off/false.

  3. In SHM Delay global settings: Mode Fix: on/true or off/false if on please include your settings

  4. Please go into the IDE then click/tap Logs. Then arm the keypad in “Partial” mode. Go back to the log and find the transmission from the keypad with the pincode and alarm code. You will see a bunch of stuff then your pin perhaps a slash then a number: 0=off 1=stay 2=night 3=away. What is the number? If there are too many entries, click on the matching keypad text following “All” to filter the log entries

  1. I’m using the SHM Delay modified version.
  2. I have True Night set on/true.
  3. Mode fix is on/true, and my setting are: for Disarmed/Off I have “home” as the mode for both valid and default; for Armed (Away) I have “away” as the mode for both valid and default; and for Armed (Home) I have “night” as the mode for both valid and default.
  4. For this I don’t see a great match up, but there’s a line that says “send 0xC200 1 1, delay 100” and a lot of lines that say “Sending Status 0200 to device…” Is that what you needed?

Thanks again for your help.

I found the issue. Modules SHM Delay Child and my version of Keypad were modified to issue the setArmedNight command only on an Xfinity or Centralite keypad type 3400. The Iris should show as a 3405-L, please check your device list and confirm.

Please update both modules from the repo or code and post the results on the SHM Delay thread.

Regarding the keypad data entry I’m after, sorry I gave you invalid info. In the Ide Log for the keypad look for something like the following when arming in “Partial” mode.

Received arm command with keycode/armMode: 9999/2
Where 9999 is your pin and 2 is the armmode. it may be 1 or 2 0=off 3=away
Please let me know the armmode.
Thank you

The factory reset procedure is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeqUJKU6HMA

It 100% does not work on my two keypads. The keypads previously worked, but then were reset and paired to an Iris hub for firmware updates (battery drain issue) and since then refuse to factor reset. I’ve tried this procedure literally several dozens of times with new batteries, different delays, etc. I am convinced my keypads are just fubar and are trash.

It looks like it’s “1”:
“Received arm command with keycode/armMode: [xxxx]/1”

Also, after the update it appears to be working now! Thanks. SmartThings should really consider hiring you and a few of the other programmers here to help them write some much needed code for their product.

Thank you for the info on the armcode and the positive comments about the folks here who provide their time coding Smartapps and Device Handlers.

However, I honestly feel Samsung may abandon or deprecate the current ST platform in their rush toward the mass consumer IOT market.

I really hope not. I guess we’ll see.


since youve updated the firmware on your keypad.

can you tell me the model number of the Iris Hub V2 you’re using?

I see online my local Lowe’s has one Iris Hub in stock. I dont see in the description whether it’s V1 or V2. I just see the model number- “9412-L”.

let me know.


I have the Iris Keypad setup in SmartThings app along with the ULM and Smart Alarm apps. However I cannot get it to work with my Arlo Pro Siren. When I go into Smart Alarm > Alarm settings, there is only the option of “Home” as my siren which is the Iris Keypad I think and not the Arlo Pro BaseStation. It lets me choose the Arlo Pro as a motion detector but not as a Siren and not even as a camera…

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? The Aro Pro is added to my SmartThings account…

Nevermind, I got it to work. Must have not set it correctly, now its working fine. Awesome. Thanks for this DTH and APP!

OK I am still having one problem. Entry and Exit delays are not working. Its set to 30 seconds. But when I use the keypad to ARM and open the door(with door sensor) the siren goes off right away.

The keypad shows a status of “ENTRYDELAY” under devices in smartthings…

EDIT: OK I figured it out. You cannot use Smart Home Monitor if your using Smart Alarm and ULM. You also MUST set the routines in ULM AND in Smart Alarm.

Lock Manager does not support EntryDelay. One way to achieve an entry delay is with my Smartapp, SHM Delay.
Btw ULM is deprecated, use ethayer’s Lock Manager

So use ethayers Lock Manager and SHM Delay along with SHM(SmartThings official app)?

That’s correct. Be sure to use the keypad dth suggested in the SHM Delay documentation

Can someone post a step by step instruction to add Iris Keypad as a new device? Some of the instruction have “Install DTH” as the first step, but how to install DTH? Do I have to add my hub to the Developer page first? Thank you much!

Check @jdroberts Faq

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When you are ready

  1. install a Keypad DTH
    The direct link to the Keypad DTH I suggest is at the end of this message.
    The Repo settings are miriad Centralite-Keypad master The name is Centralite Keypad.
  2. Pair the keypad with the Hub and test it
  3. then install @ethayer’s Lock Manager
  4. then my app SHM Delay