[RELEASE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps


Make sure you have Smart Alarm’s arming and disarming options set (Notably the ‘Modes’ under which SmartAlarm should be armed under), and make sure you’ve got the appropriate Routines set under 'Keypad Settings (optional)" in User Lock Manager. You’ll need to expand the Routines setting on that page, so it could be easy to miss.

If you missed setting either of these, SmartAlarm won’t arm, so it’ll never go off.


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Thank you that deffinetly helped. But now I can’t seem to get the entry delay to work. Second I open the door the alarm goes off.

Where are you setting the arm delay - in the User Lock Manager or in Smart Alarm? (or both?)

The smart alarm seems to have it automatically set up for 30 seconds and it seems to work for when I leave but not arrive. If I set the lock manager to have a delay it works as well (more annoying because it beeps the whole delay) but only for exit still.

I think you’ll need to pick one or the other to handle arming/disarming options - if you use both they’re essentially overlapping each other and things don’t work like you’d expect. For example, I use Smart Alarm for chimes but User Lock Manager for Executing Routines and Arm Delay.

I am trying to get the Iris keypad to function like a garage door opener. MyQ garage door is working on Smarrthings with the MyQ Lite app. I just got the Iris keypad installed and have the ULM and Smart Alarm installed. However, the keypad isn’t recognized as lock except on the ULM. I can’t seem to find a way to automate the ULM or Smart Alarm to control garage door (or even a light switch). Any ideas?

Not a clue, but the only thing I can think of is if you’re able to trigger the MyQ garage door to open or close based on a mode change. I know the keypad and ULM can change the mode. That’s all I got.

You can use a routine to accomplish this. On the Keypad Options page of ULM, you can set a routine to be executed when each mode is set. You can then configure a routine to open/close the garage door, or control anything.

I think that ULM in this instance would still attempt to change the SHM arming state, which may be a problem for you though.


Having some issues getting my keypad to arm/disarm the system from one of the keypads(there are 2). The downstairs keypad works inputting codes for arming and disarming while the one upstairs does not. The upstairs one does chime though for the exit delay when arming from the downstairs keypad. Any particular reasons why the upstairs wouldn’t arm from the keypad but the downstairs one would?

I figured it out - I didn’t have that particular keypad checked in ULM. Figured I’d share my self discovery here in case anyone has the same issue :slight_smile:

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Was thinking about moving from SHM to SmartAlarm to get entry delays. However, (and apologies for asking, but it’s a long and sometimes confusing thread covering multiple iterations of the apps), I wanted to ensure I understand what I gain and lose by dropping SHM for SmartAlarm:

Smart Home Monitor:

  1. Exit delay - Yes
    2. Entry delay - No
  2. Display armed/disarmed status on keypad - Yes
  3. Display armed/disarmed status on Dashboard - Yes
  4. Arm/disarm from Dashboard - Yes


  1. Exit delay - Yes
  2. Entry delay - Yes
    3. Display armed/disarmed status on keyboard - No
    4. Display armed/disarmed status on Dashboard - No
    5. Arm/disarm from Dashboard - No

I know there are other benefits of SmartAlarm, but I’m looking at this from perspective of my easily confused family, so having the current alarm status on the keypad and in the Dashboard are relatively high priority for me.

Thanks for any feedback!

I just set up my keypad with ULM and SmartAlarm. The most difficult thing for me was actually finding this thread since I was looking at the old one and a thousand plus messages.Everything else worked like a charm. Great work. Almost better than the native Smartthings devices. DanaBw - As far I can see 3,4,5 work with Smart Alarm as well. What does not work is the error/alarm message status and history in SHM.

It is possible to create a workaround to create entry delays using SHM.

I did this by first creating a simulated Contact Sensor and creating a Simulated Motion Sensor using the IDE.

Then I used a CoRE piston to change the state of the simulated sensors to active/open after waiting for a set amount of time.

Here is the contact delayed open piston:

Here is the Do piston that is called to open the door:

This only activates these virtual sensors when the SHM is in an armed state.

In the SHM setup then only have the two simulated sensors.

I also setup a separate piston to make the keypad beep when motion is detected or doors are opened while the SHM is in an armed state so that I would get an audible indication when entering the house when the SHM is active.

I have a similar piston to reset the sensors after motion has stopped (or doors are closed) or when the SHM state is disarmed.

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I have exit and entry delays with Smart Alarm using the modified version. It works without any modification or rules.

I understand that it is possible to have entry and exit delays with SmartAlarm my preference is to use SHM vs SmartAlarm and have created workarounds.

I considered just using the SmartAlarm App to but it uses Modes to control the alarm and there are times that having the alarm be active (especially for the Arm Stay mode) but not be forced to make a mode change to disarm the SHM.

Interesting, that doesn’t seem to match up w/what I’ve gleaned here about SHM vs. SmartAlarm capabilities. I didn’t think the three features below were supported w/SmartAlarm:

  1. Display armed/disarmed status on keypad - No
  2. Display armed/disarmed status on SHM Dashboard - No
  3. Arm/disarm from SHM Dashboard - No

I’ll have some time to test a little later, but I’m surprised to hear that. Maybe I’ve misunderstood about SmartAlarm capabilities.

The problem either way is that using CORE or Rule Machine or Smart Rules all require remote processing. Example I open a door, the chime at the keypad is slightly delayed as well as the countdown timer for exit and entry. It all depends on how healthy ST network is. I have tried your method and yes it works with SHM, but again we are adding additional processing off site. It would be nice if I could use Smart Rules but it doesn’t have the advanced rules of CORE. Until local processing is available alarm will be an sticky thing.

I could be wrong but I didn’t think SmartAlarm (at least the custom code included in this release) would process locally either.

I agree it would be nice/useful to have local processing for the alarm and CoRE/Rule Machine/SmartRules doesn’t work locally… and fortunately for me I am not using SmartThings to actually trigger an alarm (no siren) I only get a notification on my phone.

Which is all I’m going to do especially since so far I find that I regularly get false alerts especially from SmartThings Motion sensors.

Yes both SHM and SA don’t run locally. I haven’t had any falso alarms, but what I did have was the alarm going off even with the dealy when SmartThings server was very slow, so delay wasn’t processed in time to stop the siren from going off.

If I could figure out how to run SA on a hard drive that would be great.