[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)


I’m new on here. Just came over from Wink. Like what I’ve seen so far with ST. I bought LUM and installed it. I have a question or two. I apologize if I’m not in the right area. I have not been able to reset/remove the old codes that I had programmed in pre-wink and wink era… I’ve tried the reset code from RBoy description, but it hasn’t worked. I have the old codes and new test code I’ve entered. Both work. Any problem with just leaving the old ones and adding the new ones with the LUM app? Last question is I pushed forward last night. I entered all my codes through LUM into my lock. All went ok except for four. I’ve tried changing position, deleting and re-entering without any luck. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi there Eman. Welcome to the community! I see that you’re experiencing intermittent programming which is typically caused by mesh issue. This FAQ (2nd post) should explain what’s going on and how to resolve it: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

@Skates, what you’re are debug messages showing the last reported programming status from the lock. In the logs you will also see a yellow warning message which explains what those messages mean since this a common question from folks looking into the logs.

I’ll root around to find the messages. I do have probably at least 10 hardwired ge z wave switches and ge Z wave plugs all within 10-12 feet of the lock and the. Probably from the switches to the hub is another 10 feet. I thought in a z wave environment they acted as repeaters. I was on wink for at least 6 years and no problems with coding or locking unlocking. Everything was seen.

I’ve been trying to set a new code tonight and am getting an error message when opening the SmartApp:

“Processing…” and then “We’re having trouble connecting. Check your network connection and try again.”

Opened in ST Classic and I get this message: “Something’s Wrong: We can’t load your screen right now.”

I updated to the latest version of the app, same issue. I installed a new instance of the app, and it worked fine until I increased the number of codes to 25 and then selected all locks. Then the new instance of the app froze and became unresponsive, then after restarting the ST app also started throwing this error.

Please help, I need to set a code for use tomorrow and I’m stuck and not sure what to do. Thank you.

@RBoy I am unable to open the SmartApp. Not sure if it is related to the latest update, but when I try to open the app inside ST Classic, I get the “Something’s Wrong” error. Looking at the logs, I have this error showing up:

What’s next to solve the issue?

Love the app - use it CONSTANTLY for the nurses that come to our house. I also have it set to open the garage door for a couple of codes as well for when nurses bike to our house and want to go through the garage. It’s so cool!

Yes we also noticed it, it’s not specific to this app. Apparently there some update to ST yesterday which has broken many apps and DTHs. It looks like a bug in the platform and things should start working as soon as it’s fixed. You can track it here.

UPDATE: ST has fixed the platform issue and things should be back to normal. If you’re having an issue try to uninstall/reinstall the app or feel free to PM me.

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You asked us so here it is:

Lock User Management (LUM) - Version 07.12.00

  • Presence based users now have the option to automatically lock and unlock the door in additional to activating / deactivating the user code when all the presence activation conditions (who’s present and who’s not) are met.

Especially for folks with the new app, you can now automatically lock and unlock your doors when you leave or arrive.

Please ensure that your lock is within 20ft of a buffering device for the best experience (the buffering device should be between the hub and the lock for maximum effectiveness).

Optionally you can use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock or the Universal ZigBee Lock device handler for a more customized lock experience.

© RBoy Apps


Being new to ST and the RBoy apps, how do I update? Just copy and past the new code? Will all my old settings be retained?

UPDATE: Belay that–I figured it out. :wink:

I want to make sure I understand this…to be clear, I have 3 Schlage FE599’s.
It’s a long story…but…
In an office situation.
Want to have each employee have their own code.
Want to have the lock auto-lock if it is unlocked.
Wouldn’t mind notifications if a lock is used between a certain time frame.

Does any zwave device count as a repeater (buffering device)?

Q: If I set this presence unlock for a user, and the door is manually locked while the user is present, will it again automatically unlock?

I have a question. I am not sure if it was answered before or not. I was wondering if you can set off actions without actually unlocking the door. I want to use the front door lock to have a code to unlock the door and a different code to open and close the garage. Not sure if it is possible.

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I have answered my last question with this link https://community.smartthings.com/t/faq-is-this-device-a-repeater/25626

Just installed the 7.12.0 build. Its working fine, however whenever I unlock the door with the code, I get a notification from SmartThings that the code x has unlocked the door. I didn’t set anywhere to enabled those, I think I found all the place to not send any notification but still it does… Is it supposed to and how do I turn it off. Thanks

That message sounds like it’s from from the ST Guest Locks app (not related to the LUM app, you can control notifications for each user in LUM). You will need to uninstall guest lock if you don’t want notifications from it (depending on where you installed it, Classic or new ST app).

So is something in LUM triggering it as it’s never done that before I put this app on. Getting it as well from classic app is that because I have the smart things lock manager on that integrates with SHM ?

That’s a good question @dpdurst, and I noticed that myself today. I use LUM to set codes for my keypad, but I can also see that name and code in ST’s Smart Lock Guest Access app. I can even change the name in ST’s app and it changes in LUM. I honestly don’t know if that was always there or not. Tagging @RBoy for clarification.

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Yes, that’s by design. LUM, RLA and Lock Manager API all try to keep the Names in sync with the Guest Lock/Smart Lock apps (the Classic and the new ST versions). However all code changes should only be done through the LUM/RLA/LMAPI apps.
There is a bug in the new ST app Guest Lock where it doesn’t always process the name correctly and sometimes shows as a generic Code X instead of the user’s name (the Classic smart locks app doesn’t have this issue). It’s been reported to ST and they’re aware of it.

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Ok so once LUM is installed, then the smartthings guest lock in the new app, and the classic st app will then start to send notifications?

Why? This defeats the purpose of having both. Just trying to understand why LUM triggers the default apps to start notifiying when they don’t when LUM is un-installed.

I have a bit of an odd question. When someone opens the door, my Sonos notifies “Front door has been unlocked by Tony via keypad” at volume 65, which is great! Just what I want. However, the Sonos volume after the announcement is set to zero. Is there somewhere I can tell it to go back to the previous volume before the notification?

To recap our PM conversation for the benefit of others: If you specify a volume in the notifications page then LUM will ask the device to restore its previous volume after playing the message.

Since it’s working for one of Sonos Playbase systems and not the other one, possibly doing a firmware upgrade or factory reset may help.

UPDATE: The ST staff member is looking into it, it appears to be an issue with some specific Sonos models. More details here.