[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)


Great app. use it for my smartlocks.

Recently Centralite keypads became apart of the ecosystem. These also use variable codes to perform various functions. Similar, but different functionality than locks. There is another lock code app that has been modified to include the keypads. It may be worth considering adding that support into your app.

Currently I am using both and not unhappy at all - your code for my physical locks, the other keypad code for the centralite keypads, bu there is obvious overlap. Etc.


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That’s because the ZigBee Lock Device Type doesn’t support remote programming codes. You will need to ask ST dev to create a Zigbee Lock Device that mirrors the same commands/functionality as the Z-Wave Lock device and it’ll start working.

Any chance you might have any interest in making a device type :). Not sure how fast they would even make it do that)

I would love to see the Sonos notify when a user code is entered. What do we need to get this added to your code base @RBoy?

So what’s the use case? Everytime a notification is sent to your phone it should also be played on the Sonos? Given the limited UI space it’ll be hard to configure to many Sonos specific options?

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I’m using the multi user lock code version and a Schlage Lock. It seems like once a day, I get the following messages for my locks. The one I’m concerned about is “Auto unlock”. Is it a typo? Should it actually say auto lock as in it will automatically lock itself after X seconds has passed? Or is there a “Auto unlock” functionality that I should be aware of?

I think there are to user stories that would invoke a notify over speaker or sonos -

Code is entered, unlock action happens. You can play a custom message based on which code is entered, on which sonos speaker -
Kate enters code, door unlocks, there is a user defined delay (30 seconds) to make from the mud room to the kitchen, and the sonos announces your custom message, Welcome Home Kate.

The other is when a code is incorrectly entered, someone trying to enter the door, announcement over speakers/sonos would be a great safety feature if someone was home.

The code is already written for announcement with custom message over sonos/speakers, since this is possible today.


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Could I make a feature request? There are a couple feature from an app that already exists (but doesn’t seem to play nicely with yours) that has some really useful features that would be great to get in your app. The first is the ability to trigger the lights on or off by the keypad, manual lock, specific user ids, auto as well as different lights with different locks (I.e. Front door turns on kitchen lights and basement could turn on basement light) The other would be the ability to trigger by sunrise/sunset but and an offset +- a number of mins.

heres a couple screenshots from the app which is now no longer supported.

  1. Wrong thread!
  2. You’re right! It should be Auto lock and not Auto unlock, fixed. thanks for reporting it.

Some of these features are already there like turning on/off/timing lights/switches (sunset/sunrise is not there but then again there’s no connection between sunset/sunrise and code locking/unlocking - should you use the sunset/sunrise app for it?)

The question is why would want to control lights per code? and why on lock? Why would the lights not turn on one person and on for another?

This or some how open an IFTTT by code input so I could creat switches or do what ever I wanted it to in the end


So I probably wasn’t that clear. Sorry about that. The sunrise sunset thing would be related to when the lights would trigger. What I was using the other app for was to turn the lights on in the basement when someone unlocked the door the lights would turn on so they don’t need to enter a dark house. The offset would be because what is defined as sunrise and sunset might be too dark or too light already so that way you could say 15min before sunset start to turn on the lights selected when someone enter the house with the keypad. The idea behind controlling it separately would be that people who have multiple locks probably want to turn on different lights based on what do they enter. If I got in the basement door I would want the outside keypad to turn on the basement light, but if I go in the front door I’d want the foyer light and kitchen light to turn on.

As for separate codes I thought that would just be useful if different people wanted different lights to come on. (I.e. My wife would have every light in the house come on :smile:) I think the biggest issue I ran into with other except the one that isn’t supported was that a manual unlock (inside) also triggered it and when I let the dog out lights came on upstairs and if my wife was asleep in sofa or something light that they would wake her up. So I was hoping it would only be triggered from outside.

Lastly, I thought the lock trigger could be used to turn lights off, or run a "I’m leaving " type of routine.

Does that all make sense?

Thanks, RB!

Btw, the guy who made that app just recently stopped supporting it, but did offer it up to anyone who wants to maintain it. Not sure if you’re allowed to , but that may save you some coding for some of these features.

I would like ‘incorrect code’ notifications too. Sonos support would be nice.

Coding is the not the issue, it’s keep the app relevant and simple for all users is the priority

There already exists the functionality to turn on switches after dark but you’re right on the money for turning it on before dark. I’ll the functionality to turn on 1 hour before sunset which should work for everyone. I don’t think it warrants another input hereby making it more complex

There already exists an option to turn on switches and turn off switches. I see the logic behind assigning switches to doors. However a contradicting view would be to assign switches to users. They can’t both exist without creating confusion and complexity for the end user. So logically I think either switches should be tied to user codes or to locks. I would say user codes but then that increases complexity of programming. Assigning switches to locks reduces that complexity, but the simplest is the current form, it applies to all doors and user codes.

Can’t do it because the base ST device doesn’t support those notifications, I would need to write a custom device (which I have) but then it won’t work with the stock device type and I’m trying to avoid that. However I can put it conditionally that will work if using my device type.


Agreed with the complexity issue. I would think that it would be most useful to be able to control the lights separately by each lock (only from keypad) so that people could turn on a basement light with basement door and foyer light with front door. Maybe the individual users are overkill. :smile:

Do you think this stuff might be better suited as like a companion app to the existing one rather than all in one so that, like you mentioned, it wouldnt be wouldn’t be too complex for some users?

I do think other users would like these options because I had a few PM me about that app I shared a screenshot of asking what it was called because they like the idea of it.

Let me know if I can be of any help.

Sounds like a good option.

  1. Added support for Code Type ‘Inactive’ to allow users to keep the Username/Code for a slot in the app but not have it active
  2. Added support to notify user when too many invalid codes have been entered. This ONLY works if the underlying SmartDevice supports this attribute (the default ST Z-Wave Lock SmartDevices does NOT support this attribute but the custom Schlage Z-Wave Lock with Alarm Notification SmartDevice does).

Sunset now refers to 30 minutes before sunset to turn on lights (not configurable to keep complexity low, you can change it manually if you’d like). It’s not something that will likely change between seasons or regions

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I just thought of something that may be a work around for my specific request with controlling different lights with different door locks. Could i just install you app 2x with everything matching except the locks i select and the lights they control (i.e. keep user names and code all in the same slots, etc)? If so, that would solve almost everything. The only thing would be to not have it turn the lights on if you manually unlock the door because most likely if you are manually unlocking the door you are already inside (unless you batter died on you keypad), but that would prevent lights from coming on when you are already inside and probably don’t want to to come back on.

Thanks again for making the requests, they are really appreciated!!