[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

I purchased and installed the “Lock Multi User Management with Unlock Notifications and Advanced Scheduling” and this afternoon out od sudden the lock started to acting up and before locking or unlocking the orange button flashes and beeps for 6 times and then it opens/closes the door. also, I noticed that I cant open/close from the smartthing app anymore. any solution?

Battery, check your manual

Thanks for developing this, i purchased yesterday and it’s exactly what i was looking for!

Question: Is it possible to alert multiple people via SMS when a lock is triggered? I tried putting in two numbers, but only the first number gets a message.

Not yet but will look into it as a new feature

Okay you asked and here it is. With version 2.1.0 added support for specify the start time in addition to the expiration time for “Expiration” codes.

Will these work on the Yale yrd220zw zwave loxk

Yes any Z-Wave lock that uses the standard SmartThings Z-Wave lock type and supports remote codes.

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Optimized the code to disarm SHM as the first action after unlock to try help workaround any false alarms due to system timing issues

After a few tries my Schlage lock is now notifying me correctly when unlocked by a user, for some reason my first position didn’t program the first time around. Thank you, love the app and it was worth the $10. I have installed a lot of apps, and it was by far the largest one it must have taken some time.

Future Enhancements:

Turn on lights based on sunset when door unlocked.

Sonos notify - Welcome home User when code is used.

Again, thank you.

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Done today’s version contains support for turning on lights after dark (after sunset and before sunrise)

I reinstalled the code for the app, but I don’t see where I can tell it to turn on the lights when its dark. The app looks the same. Did i do something wrong? I uninstalled the previous version, and reinstalled the new code. Do I have to do the device over again also? The version I see is 2.2.4 with the latest edit being 10-25-15

That’s not today’s date. 2015-11-8, v2.2.5


How to I update my older version of the smart app to the latest one?

Just updated for this, thanks!

The same way you installed it. Get THe latest code from the server.

do we ever have to update the device (thing) side of it or just the app? forgive my ignorance.

This SmartApp is designed to work with the stock device type provided by SmartThings so there in no need to change it. ST does that automatically whenever it updates it device code it gets pushed to you. There is no dependency on any custom device apps.

Not to but in on the conversation but I don’t recall there being a stock device type for the Schlage touchscreen lock. I take it you’re referring to another lock then and I would indeed have to stay on top of having the latest version of my device type then correct?

The Generic ZWave Lock device type from ST. This app is designed to work with that. It also works with my customized Schalge lock device type but there is no special feature that it utilizes from the custom device type. The goal is to have it work with any lock that supports remote codes, hence the generic ZWave lock was the baseline.

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I have the Yale yrd220 zigbee and it’s not working. I started with the zwave version of the lock and it worked fine, but decided it was too slow and moved to the zigbee version but for some reason the app is not sending the codes to the lock.