[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Your device handler database is out of sync with the lock. Run the Clear Codes procedure on our website and it should resolve it.

Are you referring to this SmartApp which allows you to use the existing users programmed into the lock to take actions?

If so then yesterday’s patch has also been applied to this SmartApp and you can download the updated version.

After Updating to v06.01.00 and v04.00.00 of the Device Handler, the DeleteCodes for Expired Codes does not seam to be working. The Notifications Message and Activity Feed on ST advises

  • Confirmed Guest user 8 was deleted from Yale Lock
  • Requesting Yale Lock to delete user 8 Guest
  • Yale Lock User 8 Guest code expired on Sun Jan 21 2018 14:00 GMT

This was as before when it was deleting expired users, but when I go back in the Automation and in the SmartApps and navigate through, I see the ‘Deleted’ user is still there. This is happening with multiple users.

Any ideas what to do ?

Many thanks

Thanks, that straightened it out. Any way you can have the Slot # Name in your app map to the Code Name attribute in Smart Locks?

Right now you send this:

Renaming in Smart Locks sends this:

After updating all code for SA and DH (using Universal Z-Wave), and adding Smart Locks back in, the Dashboard page for Smart Locks never updates. If I unlock a lock, or unlock both locks from Smart Locks and go back to Dashboard, it never changes from “All locked”. I have removed Smart Locks and reinstalled several times. I know another person reported this in one of the other threads. See screenshots:



No matter what the locks are set to, the main Dashboard screen never updates.

EDIT: If you uninstall Smart Locks and then reinstall, whatever the status is of all locks combined at the time of install, that is what displays in the Dashboard screen and remains that way, no matter what status changes occur on the locks.

That fixed my problem, thanks!

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It already does that, if you’re using the new stock device handler or v4 of the custom handler it will send the lock names so that it will sync up with SmartLocks.

That’s a bug with SmartLocks, it’s running locally on the hub and when it interacts with a device handler running in the cloud (all custom code runs in the cloud) it doesn’t seem to update until you restart the mobile app. Report it to ST support, we’ve also sent them a bug report.

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Run the clear codes procedure listed on our website, your lock and device handler database are out of sync.

I’m using the stock SmartThings “z-wave lock” handler and it isn’t doing this.

I’m using the Universal Handler so I have access to all the locks extended capabilities that the stock handler does not provide.

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On Android - After clearing cache and Force stopping app, this does not reflect the current state of locks. Only uninstall / reinstall will set to correct current state.

Is there a number / reference for the bug report that I can reference/provide when I reach out to support?

I think you’re mixing two different things, you shouldn’t be looking at the device settings page.

You should open SmartLocks and look under Lock Codes and you’ll find the names are in sync with the Lock User Code Management SmartApp.

case no 495568

You can mention that one can replicate the issue even if you run the stock Z-Wave Lock device handler in the cloud.

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Perfect! Thanks.

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Doesn’t match my names in this smart app

I am curious about this also. I only have 3 codes for each lock, but when I look at that section it is showing my lock as having 5 codes. I am wondering if this is just being generated by the smartapp and means nothing. I have no idea!!!

These could be left codes from a previous installation or some other app or manually programmed codes. The Lock User code management SmartApp only manages the number of codes you’ve defined in the first page. If you’ve set that to 3, then it will only manage the first three codes and won’t touch the rest.

That’s why on our website under the clear codes procedure we ask users to reset the lock so it clears any old codes and starts afresh

Some folks like to maintain extended code independent (e.g. Slots 10-15) and don’t want the SmartApp to touch them.

Just checked and it’s working fine with the stock handler also. SmartLocks is probably caching old data. You may want to pull down to refresh the page or remove and reinstall SmartLocks.

Having said that, while the Lock User Code Management and SmartLocks can coexist it isn’t a good idea to use both at the same time as it can cause issues if both apps try to program the lock at the same time.

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Are these the directions you are referring to? if I try to clear the users, it won’t let me save, what am I doing wrong? it says you must fill in all required fields.

Make sure your lock is no more than 15 ft from the nearest active device/repeater
After installing the SmartApp, open the SmartApp on your phone (under Automation -> SmartApps)
Scroll down and set the number of users you want to program into the lock
Click Next, make sure all the names and codes are empty for all the users
Click on Save, wait for a few minutes for the lock to clear all the codes

Edit: So I decided to mess around and deleted the codes from the smartlocks app. I then went back into your app and all of the names and codes were cleared. I then redid the codes and went back to the smart locks app. When I go to codes they are now all correct. They show up by the name of the code and not a #.

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