[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

What version of the ST mobile app and what device are you using, it’s working on Samsung S6 and iPhone 7 here with the latest 2.4.0 release (but do NOT upgrade ST Android to 2.4.0 since it breaks dynamic pages and custom actions may stop working.

Thanks for the response @RBoy.

I think it auto upgraded me to ST Android 2.41 and I am using lock manager 1.4. I have a samsung galaxy edge 6. I have attached a screen shot.

EDIT: this doesn’t look like the app on this page.

Hi RBoy, it’s the same on an iphone for some reason. It is worded in a way to say “Allow access only when…” to make it seem only one can be selected? I tried Iphone, Galaxy Edge 6, Galaxy Tab S 3, Tab S2. All are the same with only option boxes instead of a check box type multiple select option.

Here is what I’m seeing on an iPhone:

Notice the title of the screen is not the same. You aren’t on the latest version or you’re aren’t using this SmartApp


You mention “lock manager 1.4”… Are you using the actual app called “Lock Manager”?

If so, that is not one of RBoy’s lock-related apps, so you are in the wrong place here to get support for it…

If you need help with the app called “Lock Manger”, here’s that thread: [RELEASE] Lock Manager

Oh my, I might be in the wrong app. I didnt realize there were two.

Are there major differences between these two apps?


You’ve already seen one. See the first post for a full list of the functionality.

That is really odd, I am using “Lock Manager 1.4”, is there a newer version
I am not accessing?

The steps I am taking is clicking user -> schedule (optional) -> “Allow
access only when in this mode”.

Is that right? It’s doing the same in iphone for some reason.

I’ve upgraded fully though, are there other steps I am missing?

Many thanks!

Yes, you’re posting on the wrong page again. You do not have this SmartApp installed. This SmartApp is available on the RBoy Apps server (www.rboyapps.com). See the first post for details.

There are numerous apps available to manage smart locks - these apps are all developed and maintained by different developers. Some are free, and others (such as RBoy’s) are not free.

In general, the paid apps offer more features and better support than the free apps.

The one you that you seem to currently be using (named literally “Lock Manager”) is a free app developed by someone else (not RBoy) - I gave you the link to the Lock Manager thread up above. The Lock Manager developer (his name is Erik) offers his Lock Manager app for free, but he happily welcomes donations.

On the other hand, RBoy’s apps are not free to download & use, but I can definitely recommend RBoy’s apps as being top-rate – RBoy provides excellent & quick support for his apps, and his apps are very feature-rich and they perform very very reliably.


I never got it working through the app. I ended up creating an automation and getting it to work through that. I think its probably more of the Zooz device.

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I just purchased this and keep getting an error when I try to install the smart app. Keeps giving unexpected error.

I cleared all the previous user codes and then ended up resetting and excluding the lock and readding it to smartthings. Still no luck :frowning:

exactly the same here with Yale deadbolt key version on an Android device. Tried to replace Device Handler for the universal one, the device stopped responding entirely, head to remove it from ST and completely reset and reinstall again…

Yeah I’m seeing it also. Think it’s a ST server problem.

Okay so looking into it, looks like ST made some changes to the platform at the backend which has broken the lock device handlers (custom and stock) which is why this error has popped up. Working with them to see if they can reverse the changes.

EDIT: This change by ST only impacts new programming, existing programming will continue to work just fine for now.


Thanks, I had another smart app for it but deleted it to try yours. Hopefully it can be fixed.

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Definitely, one way or another. Just a question if ST is playing ball to reverse the changes or if the app needs to be updated.

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###Door Lock Code Multi User Management with Notifications and Actions - Version 05.07.00

  • Patch for changes in ST platform causing new programming to throw an error in the ST Mobile app
  • Improve programming compatibility with more locks

Recommend use the [Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock] ([RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock, Schlage Lock, Yale Lock, Kwikset Lock, IDLock, DanaLock and August Lock Device Handler with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and advanced features) device handler version 03.03.00 or newer for full SmartApp and automatic update notification functionality

EDIT: This is done proactively as a way to allow users to continue using the app. If ST decides to roll back the changes they made, users can continue to use their existing apps. Meanwhile, if you need to make immediate changes to your user codes please upgrade to this version to workaround the ST errors.