[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Hmm try this, in the def setupApp() function first line try to change uninstall:true to uninstall:false
Save it and publish it and then try to remove the app from your phone.

Sounds like an issue with the ST app or platform to me but if you contact ST support they’ll shrug and send you back here.

Try this, replace the entire line with:

dynamicPage(name: “setupApp”, title: “Lock User Management”) {

That didn’t change any response. I can’t even get to a place in the ST app to delete your app. As soon as I try to open your app it says not authorized.

I’ve been fooling around with this today, and I can get the fist page and start filling in some of the info. Then it goes to a blank scree with a circled x in the upper left corner and “Lock single user code managemet” and a done button. If I hit done, I get “Please fill out required fields”, if I back up or exit, I get more instances of the app.

It looks like your “instance” is corrupted. I’ll ask you to reach out to get help from ST support but they’ll just throw back saying it’s a user app which from above it appears nothing to have to do with the smart app.

So try this, open the IDE editor, replace the entire code with some other app (one that works for you), save and publish it. Then try to open/uninstall the app on your phone. See if that works.

Then start over from scratch, delete the app from the IDE and make a new one.

After weeks of toying with this from time to time, I’ve completely given up and am just trying to get rid of the apps. I can’t do that, which means I can’t unpair the devices, which means I can’t get them working with a new system. I’m not a happy camper.

Contact ST support via email. I’ve had this problem before too and they were super helpful, and cleared it up within a couple of hours.


Okay so a few updates

  1. Added support for providing expiration date/times for the Multi code mgmt SmartApp. Now you can get individual expiration dates/times for each user slot
  2. Fixed a bug with the single user mgmt app when entering expiration information

Also a point to note, after the recent iPhone update some users aren’t able to see the add/update options pop up after selecting it in the single user app, this is a ST iphone bug, please report it to ST Support. They broke something in the last update. However as a workaround is simple, just select add/update and hit ‘done’ and then open the smart app again and now you’ll see the box to enter the user code.

ST Dev confirmed that it’s a known bug that refreshAfterSelection doesn’t work in the latest release for atleast the iPhone. Don’t have an ETA from them yet, pretty serious and basic bug IMHO. Wonder how it got past QA!

Added an option to disable push notifications for the multi user code mgmt app.

Okay fixed the issue with the dynamic page options not changing, looks like ST changes their platform options without supporting older options.

Anyways it works now. Enjoy!

Added support to get notifications if the door lock gets jammed while locking

Added an option on request from users to allow the user to set the programming delay.

Some folks have communication issues with the locks, distance from the hub, interference, lock response time etc. If you find that some of the codes are not reaching the lock, change this delay parameter (default 15 seconds) to a lower (say 10) or higher (say 20) and see which one works best for you setup.
Not necessarily higher, sometimes lower works better and sometimes higher. Try it out.

Added a fix for code expiry not working

Updated the Multi User Management App to use the standard “unknown” state for door jammed notifications which allows it to work with standard Z-Wave lock devices

Okay on popular request it’s finally there, advanced scheduling options for each user including

  • permanent codes
  • one time codes
  • single expiration codes
  • recurring scheduled codes

Updated the Lock Multi User Management App to make it more reliable to delete scheduled codes


Lately I’ve received quite a few bogus “Front door was unlocked manually” alerts in the middle of the night.

Additionally, in the morning when I check on things, the door is locked but the ST app reports it as unlocked.

Wondering if you have any ideas what may be causing this? Any ideas would be appreciated. Unsure if it could be an interaction with the smart app or solely the lock/ST that is the culprit.


Are you sure the door hardware isn’t generating the events? It’s possible the platform is having issues, Iv’e seen phantom events being generated from my sensors last week. If this started recently that’s like the cause

Improved the installation and usage instruction for the Multi User Code management app on the website http://smartthings.rboyapps.com

If you have any suggestions on the usage or installation please let me know.

So far tested with Schlage, Yale, Kiwkset and Monoprice. If anyone else has any other working locks please let me know.