[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

So I’ve finally update to v. 5.4.0, but now, when I enter multiple phone numbers to receive SMS, I’m required to add a semi-colon after the first phone number and before the “+” of the second phone number (e.g. 555-555-5551;+555-555-5552). How do I enter a semi-colon from the number pad?

I’m also using latest DH 3.2.1

@RBoy Forgot to mention that I’m using an iPhone, not that that should matter, as the semi-colon wasn’t required in v5.2.3 that I have been using for a while. Thanks again!

With the iPhone (it’s different for the Android layout), bottom left you see the button +*#, click on that and then click the wait button, that will insert a ;

Sweet!! I learn something new everyday!! Thanks, and thank you for this terrific app!!

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Seriously, this is still a problem now. No response from the author of this app? I’ll check out SmartAlarms. Is there functional parity between the two?

Missed your question. ST takes times to disarm the system, so you need to wait for a second to
open the door otherwise the alarm goes off because ST is slow to deactivate
SHM. Common issue across ST.

I’ve stood at the door after unlocking it and watched the app report that the door was unlocked by me and that the system has gone to disarmed mode, waiting 10+ seconds and then entering and I still trigger the alarm. It doesn’t look like this app is actually disarming ST. I can’t be the only one?

It working fine here. I guess your instance may be timing out or having an
issue due to the amazon outage. Cannot say exactly. Some folks have had
similar issues in the last where SHM APIs don’t disarm their systems. All I
can suggest is try using CoRE to disarm when someone unlocks the door.
Sometimes that works.

@RBoy Thanks so much for clarification on this … ; (semi-colon) versus + (plus sign) on iOS. For a second, you had me thinking I had to enter BOTH, but now I see, and have tested, that, at least on iOS, I need only enter a ; (semi-colon) between SMS numbers, and can disregard the + (plus sign) altogether. Sweet! Haven’t checked Android, but all is working perfectly now via iOS. I’m thinking you should update the instructions within the app to at least differentiate the two platforms, as a + is no longer needed for iOS; previous versions of this app required a + (plus sign) to separate phone numbers for SMS, but now a ; (semi-colon) must me used: version 5.4.0 does not require a + (plus sign) between phone numbers numbers on iOS. Call me a picky bitch. Just loving’ your app!

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The reason we switched to ; was because folks wanted to enter international SMS numbers using the + symbol. So if you don’t enter + ST assumes that’s you’re using a domestic US number. Hence two numbers, one US and one U.K. Would look like


Where as two US number would look like


Or if you wanted to include country code for the US


First, this app and DH are fantastic - thank you!

I’m sure this information is readily available somewhere, but I’ve looked all over and can’t seem to find it…

Can you please give a brief summary of how the various “User Types” differ?

“Permanent” is obvious :), and I think I likewise get “Expire on” and “Scheduled”, but for the remaining two…

“One-time” – is that literally just a no-kidding “one-and-done” dealio? If so, what happens to that user profile when the code is then used? Or what would be logical next steps for dealing with that User profile after the code is used?

“Inactive” - can you explain how/why/when this one would be used? I’m unclear what it brings to the fight…

Thanks very much again - this is great stuff!

Cheers, Chris

I’ll shut my mouth.

But before I do …

Thank you!

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You’re welcome and you have any language which you think could convey it better on the SmartApp page please let us know. Always helps to get first impressions to make things better

Correct one-time is a burner code. Use and done. After it’s used, It will remain inactive until the next time you open the app and click done.

Inactive is when you want to keep the user and code in the app but don’t want to activate it. I.e. Temporarily disabled. Great example, your parents come to visit once a year. They have a code. So keep them them in there and when they come you change the type to permanent or expire on etc. when they leave just change it to inactive until the next year or the next time. Technically leaving it as expire on will also work just fine until the next time they ciait. It was just feedback from folks that they wanted a way to keep names and codes in the app but not have them active on the lock. You can think of it as a temporary revocation of door rights :slight_smile:

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My locks are being reprogrammed every 4 or 5 minutes with the same codes. In the SmartApp I have enable incremental only turned on. The app notifications, messages if full of mostly the locks being reprogrammed. How can I stop both of these.

Your codes are probably corrupted. Clear all the codes using the instructions given on the website and then reprogram them.

Ok done that. Now I keep getting

Requesting Garage Door to add permanent code Cris to user 1, code: xxxxx

Confirmed Cris user 1 was deleted from Garage Door.

Yale YRD210

If youve done that, then wait for an hour for it to settle down and let it
do what it needs to do and then see it. Remember every time you open the
app hit done it it will delete all codes and reprogram them for security

3 hours and all is back to normal. Thanks

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