[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Anyone tried this with ID lock? I consider buying one

@cscheiene is one user who’s using this with IDLock and thanks to his help we were able to get the Device Handler tested. There are a few others also. Make sure you’re using the Universal Z-Wave Lock DH to get the full functionality out of your IDLock.

Yes, Im using it with ID Lock. All the functions of the ID Lock is implemented if you use this smart app and the Universal Z-Wave Lock DH

Notification, running actions when mastercode/servicecode/RFID tags is used, changing codes etc works fine!

The only thing I can’t get to work is deleting codes. Not sure if this is a limitation with the ID Lock or a platform issue

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That sounded fantastic. Are u happy with the lock itself?
Have you stumbled on the bug when smartthings unlocks the lock with no reason?

Thanks for the sending across the logs, so for the community to understand this lock better, there are two types of users in the locks

  1. One Master and one user slot which are fixed
  2. Programmable RFID slots

The Master/User slots cannot be deleted as they are fixed, the codes can only be changed. The RFID slots can be added/deleted as required (note however this cannot be done through a SmartApp/DH and needs to be done directly on the lock).

Yes I’m happy with the lock, and with the handler and smartapp from @RBoy it’s great.

I have not seen such a bug, it’s been rock solid for me. And the ID Lock has a safety measure built into it, if the lock is unlocked but the door is not opened, it will lock itself again automatically after e few seconds


I’m having the same auto lock issue where I want my door locks locked after 5 min. So I wanted to test your logic about the issue being the platform so I went ahead and created a CoRE rule to mimic locking the door lock after 5 min. That rule works like a charm every time. So why is it that CoRE works and your app does not?

As I had explained a few posts above, ST places limits on how much time an app can execute and resources it dedicates to it. The app has a lot of functionality built into it and it’s possible the platform is restricting the resources. That’s the only explanation I can find for sometimes it works fine and then it doesn’t and I’ve confirmed it using live logging and the smart app schedules. Some schedules are just dropped by the platform. Beyond that you should raise a ticket with ST support maybe they can do something to improve the reliability of the scheduler and resources available to smart apps.

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Gotcha @RBoy , thanks for the clarity. Adding @slagle to see whether he can help explain the matter further or even find a solution for us. Seems silly they would place limits on your app given how many people purchase ST solely for your app.

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Hi RBoy,

Indeed, I did a Repair zWave and rebooted the hub, the “Unlock door if locked while open” is now working… For how long, who knows:)


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Where can I find this app?


Thnx cscheiene👍

I have a Schlage BE 369NXCAM619. I can set codes, remove codes and am notified when the door is locked. I am not notified when the door is unlocked. I am not notified who unlocked it, how many times, etc. Anyone have any idea what is wrong? This has been consistent for the two weeks since I finished installing the user code management software. I tried searching for this issue, but with no luck.


Are you sure you’re using this app? It doesn’t report how many times.


Okay, I am very new at this. It is my first time in the IDE. I am looking at a file that tells me I can scroll down to an area with ‘main “toggle”’ and delete items in the details([“toogle” line. Toward the bottom of the header block of comments it is Original Copyright information:

  • Copyright 2014 SmartThings
  • Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (th…

I thought I installed/implemented this software using the instruction in the original post of this long thread.

It could also be that I am misinterpreting the User Setting screen. It shows “Slot 1 / [usage: 0]” for each user. I thought the [usage: 0] was the number of times the user entered the code. Does it mean something else?

I hope this helps. Clearly, I am quite lost. But I very, very much appreciate the help.

Oops. You are correct. I put this reply under the wrong post. I think I did use the over software. Well, if I can not get it working, I will be back!

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This app does report “who” locked (when via a code) and can be configured to take individual “actions” when locked (eg run routine or turn on/off switches etc), however it does require the use of the universal enhanced zwave lock device handler as the stock ST handler does not support those features.

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Hi RBoy-

Can I make a feature request (if even possible)? Is there any way to allow customization of the push notification text? As an example. Now when someone unlocks the door and they have a custom action take place on unlock, it reads something like "Jason unlocked the front door deadbolt [kitchen lights turned on], ect and I would like to make it say something like “Jason is home” or simply remove the info about what actions were triggered. Is that something that is feasible in a future release?


So would I be accurate I saying you would like an option to simplify the notifications? Either give details of all actions taken or just notify that X unlocked the door? Reason I’m asking is there are lots of different types of notifications, locks unlocks, jams etc. being able to customIze each of them will overly complicate the UI