[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Fantastic stuff ! Indeed, this is exactly what I am looking into. I run on airbnb as well and booking.com here in Europe ( Brussels) and in fact. This is setup I have implemented to avoid running all day to welcome guests. RBOY app is not that far from making it nicely. It is only data entry, whch has to be user friendly since we perform same operation about 10 times a day approximately . Great stuff I’ll try it too

I’ve seen a sample not all ICS entries have the description field and phone number in them. How do you handle that?

I went back to check all my ICS entries and I cannot find any that were missing this information.

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PM me some of your sample ICS files and I’ll take a look at it. It won’t be easy, ST has many limitations any no way to use external libraries. Will have to build from scratch

Opened up the ICS and saw that there are events with no description and phone number; these are for blocked events on the calendar (aka no bookings, and not applicable to the door).

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Newbie here but have seen rave reviews on Amazon about your work @Rboy. Looking forward to anything to make my life simpler :slightly_smiling:

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This functionality would make managing my rental property much easier. I understand the fundamental insecurity that this does create, but I’m not terribly concerned with that.

I would request that this also function for VRBO, which also can provide a calendar ICS URL.

Some important things to note, in my opinion:

  1. This functionality would need to be on top of the permanent / one-time / expire code types. In other words, the codes I have set for myself, management, cleaning, neighbors, etc would all still need to be managed the way they are now, but the ICS codes would be in addition to these manually configured codes.
  2. You’d need the flexibility to set the default configuration for each code created by the calendar. Example, you would configure one set of configurations used by every code created via this mechanism:
    a. Capability to define the ICS field(s) for the code name used in notifications. Example: "Renter {ICS first_name last_name}"
    b. Configure the default begin time and end time (code enabled at X time on begin date, code disabled at X time on end date)
    c. Configure the default notification on unlock / lock, etc
    d. Configure the default switches, lights or other actions to occur on unlock, whether dark, etc.
    e. Configure the ICS field for the code, along with substring rule (last 4) for how to create the code

The concept for configuration I imagine would be something like:

  1. Enable ICS code management
  2. Paste in the ICS URL
  3. Configure the default name for codes created via this mechanism. Example “Renter {name}”
  4. Configure the default begin/end times for code creation / deletion times on the begin/end dates
  5. Configure the default actions, switches, lights, scenes to run on unlock / lock
  6. Configure notification for code creation - this might be nice to get a notification when the code is created with some basic info on what was done “code {name} set, expires {date}”

Then you have your manually created codes, plus those that are created automatically based on the information provided in the ICS.

Also note that bookings can happen frequently, so the ICS file would need to be read on a frequent basis, and code creation/deletion rules should be updated accordingly.

Thank you for your consideration.

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I use Homeaway (i think it should be similar to VRBO), and their ICS does not contain any useful numbers (unlike airbnb) that could be used for codes. If left with using the Homeaway ICS, Rboy would have to generate a unique code for each Homeaway user (or use the date of checkin/checkout)

However, Homeaway’s API does allow access to the reservation.

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DEar Rby,

I am trying to use the app for my daily work. I believe feedback on code implementation status ( even in text mode) such as a suffix would be useful.

We can imagine for instance:
USER 1 : Victor ( PENDING CONF )
USER 1: Victor ( config OK )


Here is a practical scenario:
1-) I created a code via the App yesterday;
2-) After pressing “done” , the App said successful ;
3-) I expect code to be operational ;
4-) Next day , user cannot use that code at door ( probably, due to communication issues indeed )

It would be great if I could get formal configuration that code is successfully operational on lock in a nutshell.

Many thanks !
Thanks !

For this question, there is always a mail by default of guest for airbnb guests . Not so familiar with other ones

Hey RBoy,

I have the “Lock multi user code management with notifications and automatic relock” ver.2.4.5 with a Schlage Century lock. I use the ST App with your SmartApp on an iPhone 5.
Since the ST HubV2 update a few weeks ago I’m having issues changing codes (plus my Hub looses connection randomly for no reason and needs a hard reset but that’s not because of your app :wink: )
I have a few questions:
1- I’m far from the location where the Hub and Lock are, is it safe to update your App remotely or I should do it when I can access the Hub (in other words, does the HUB need to be rebooted).
2- When I update the code I get this:

How come it sends the command to the device to set the code, but the device shows code not set? Yet, when I try that code, it usually opens the door.
Thank you!.

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Are you using the stock ST handler? That’s the bug in the stock ST handler running on the v2 hub locally. Please use my device handler until ST fixes the hub firmware.

Enter your phone number and it’ll send you a SMS. By default it sends a push notification on successful programming. Check your device activity log and stream

Do I need to delete the device first and add it again with your handler?

No you can just update the code directly and then click refresh on the device to reinitialize it. I’ve given step by step instructions on the website http://www.rboyapps.com on how to update the device code.

Great! I just did it and will see how it goes. Thanks!

Hi. I have a question. I currently using built in device type in ST v2 hub and would like to switch to your multi user code management app. Advise is to use custom device handler for this. Can I edit my existing 2 locks and just change device type or do i need to unpair them and repair them? Also can i somehow export existing codes on the locks or do i have to set them up brand new?

You don’t need to unpair them. See the step by step instructions on my website to update the device handlers.
You can’t import existing codes, please see the first post for details.

thank you. i can recreate the codes. just don’t want to rejoin the locks

OK, so the airbnb functionality could possibly work just with the ICS, but is inherently insecure.

Vrbo/homeaway (the same thing) would also require the app to query the vrbo api to get info for use in creating the lock code. More secure, but more work and possibly limited by the features available in the ST framework.

Rboy, do you think something like I described, using the ICS plus the API would be possible? Any chance you’re willing to invest the effort?

I might be willing to assist (I manage a development group), or to contribute again, if you’re willing. Thanks for considering, it would be a huge time saver.

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