[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

I’m glad you found the root cause. I would recommend that you rest your lock (remove the batteries and reinsert them). It might solve your issue. Some of these schlage locks have buggy firmware.

As of the busy failure, that isn’t something which is reported back to the application by ST, hence the needs to space out the commands (delay) to give it enough time. As for the retry part that’s something we’ve requested to ST support, it’s pretty basic, either retry or report back to the app that the command failed which the platform doesn’t do it. It’s on ST’s TBD list for about a year now, hopefully they’ll get around to it soon.

Alright so I’ve pulled the battery before but it never fixed this issue for me. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled all of your code and then pulled the battery for a minute or two and your code is now working for me. Thanks for all your help on this!

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I have the identical thing happen with the Lock Code Manager smartapp by @ethayer. I get codes deleted out of no where. This is 2 different lock smartapp a behaving this way which points to our wonderful, buggy platform.

What you’re referring to is the behavior of the SmartDevice (not the platform). When a command to set codes is sent to the SmartDevice, the device first sends a delete command to the lock followed by a set code command. Hence you see a delete command each time a set command is sent.

However the issue that @jarettp is facing is completely issue, he’s facing an issue of a lock that isn’t accepting commands because of it’s busy state, however the platform isn’t setup to handle such situations and hence his issue.

Hey I’m glad you got it working again. I know it can be frustrating to debug these things but with the right tools it’ll work out.

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Thanks; but I was referring to the problem @ahow628 had which is what I experienced. I have a Kwikset 914 if that matters.

It’s the one of the same issue that @jarettp or @Vessfamily4 were facing, if looks at the logs it’ll show that it send a delete command to erase the code followed by an update command to update it. However the lock isn’t accepting it.
It could be because:

  1. The code length on the lock doesn’t match the code length in the app so the lock is rejecting it
  2. The lock is busy and not accepting the second command

In the first case reprogram the lock or change your code length to match.
In the second case @jarettp has already posted his solution.

You will need to spend time and look at your live logging to see what’s going on and how to fix it.

Thanks. I just sent you a payment so I can try your code out and see if I had better success. I also like the fact your app can notify when there is a bad code entered and prints out the list of valid codes.

@RBoy I just installed the Smartapp and I have a few questions:

  1. I was under the impression, the smartapp would be able to print the current list of all of the codes currently programmed. My locks have been coded manually, different smartapps, etc. and I want to clean it all up. What is the best way to accomplish this? I know you mentioned to clear old codes, just wondering how to. You wrote in your features above “Create a list of users and codes”

  2. I was also under the impression, there was an option to notify me if someone used a lock with a failed code. Is there? You wrote in the features above “Notify user if too many invalid codes have been entered (if SmartDevice supports reporting)” I have a zWave Kwikset 914 and I can see in the logs when someone enters a bad code in.

  3. How do you delete a code? I see you mention, leave the slot blank, but I am not sure what slot your referring to.


  1. Yes it says create a list of users and codes, you can create a list of users and codes in the 2nd page where you program the lock. There is no way to retrieve the list of current users, I don’t know where you got that impression from. The ST SmartDevice does not allow retrieving codes from the lock (and most locks don’t support that either for security reasons).

  2. Yes, if you lock supports sending a notification when using invalid codes (some Schlage locks do and you will need to use the custom Schlage SmartDevice written by me to use this feature as the stock ST SmartDevice doesn’t support it) the app will notify the user of an invalid code being used (see you lock features for this).

  3. Leave the user code empty while entering the codes for each user (slot). Or you can enter the code and mark the type as “disabled”.


  1. I took Create as a way to view, but I do see your point about it being a security concern. How do I go about wiping my previous codes out cleanly?

  2. My lock definitely supports invalid lock codes. It sounds like I just need to use your device type so I can see the options to notify me of bad codes? Or will my custom zWave device type work since I know it supports this and I can leave it?

  1. I assume you mean “inactive”? Once I click inactive, and click “done”, can the smartapp be removed?
  1. Refer to your lock instructions for a complete reset. However any slots the app programs it will overwrite them (or delete if the slot is expired or inactive).

  2. You can try the custom device and it should work fine. (The schalge features will not work the rest should work fine). If you are using your own device make sure it exposes and reports the attribute “invalidCode” for the app to work.

  3. Yes. The app can be removed at anytime and the last programmed codes will remain on the lock. (Remember expiration and scheduling are app features and not lock features)

Thanks @RBoy. For the custom device Schlage code, if I now put it in invalid code, will it send me a push notification? or just appear in the logs.

I have a schlage connect lock and have installed the multi user app. Initially everything seemed to work with notifications of user codes being used etc. But now it no longer notifies and when I look at the recent log of the device it says “user code 1 not set”, “user code 2 not set”, and so forth on up to 10. Is there a fix for this to get it working properly again?

Please look at the posts in the past week or so. This is NOT an app issue, it’s an issue with the platform or issue with the communication / lock. There is no problem with the app (it was working earlier and not working now, it’s not an app issue since nothing has changed with the app)

I’ve posted an update, version 2.4.6 in an attempt to work around the broken platform issue where timers are dying. It seems to be impacting v2 hub users so if you’re facing the issue that the app suddenly stops working (update to locks) after a few hours/days, then try this new version. Also don’t forget to report to ST support that you’re facing issues with timers dying in your apps.

@RBoy How do I get notified when someone puts an invalid code in my locks? I tried your Schlage device type code and also my original zWave lock device type code, and I don’t see anything in the IDE logs or device logs or in the mobile app about bad codes being entered. I recall when using Lock Manager from @ethayer, I used to see bad attempts in the mobile app logs. However, I would think the mobile app logs for the device have nothing to do with the smartapp that sets the codes, right? That should be related to the device type, correct?

It depends upon your lock implementation, as I had mentioned earlier if you lock sends the invalid code notification to the ST platform and SmartDevice captures those codes and reports it as the attribute “invalidCode” to the ST platform, this SmartApp will capture it and notify the user. You’ll have to debug your lock in live logging to see if it is receiving the invalid code notification from your lock and how your SmartDevice is handling it. The Schlage SmartDevice written by me is for Schlage devices, so it may or may not capture the event (if your lock is sending it). You’ll need to debug and see what ZWave codes your lock sends for invalid codes. Once you have the codes you can PM me with the live logging and I’ll see how to adapt the SmartDevice to capture those.

I’m new to this app, and might not have seen it, but is it possible to link the alarm that’s built into my lock (Schlage Connect BE469) so that when my Home Monitor detects unauthorized entry (via door sensors/motion sensors) it triggers the alarm on the door? In other words, can I use my lock’s alarm as my security alarm so I don’t have to buy a separate one? Thanks!

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No, the lock doesn’t allow external triggering of the alarm, but that’s discussed on this thread since it’s a hardware feature.