[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

In my case codeName returns code1, code2 and so on instead of aliases. Thus, I assigned aliases afresh through sharptools routine, storing them in a variable.
Schlage 469, on default groovy dh (Zwave lock) migrated from rboy’s LUM and not yet shifted to edge.

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So you’re checking codeName instead of codeId now? I might check to see if my codeName returns anything useful…

No, I am using codeId and using the returned value to my own created variable ‘LockCodeName’ as codeName was just returning slots not names.

I set up a SharpTools rule to send a Pushover notice when I unlocked my front door so I now know that the one user I was looking for is slot 7 even though the user is 5th is my list of users. I’d like to do more with that info, but I can’t get to the routine in SmartThings where I was using that info to turn on a virtual switch. Oh well. I assume they’ll come back eventually…


You can still get to that routine on device’s (virtual switch in your case) Routines tab.

That’s good to know. When I turn some routines on and off they showed up in the app for a split second and then disappeared again. All my scenes were there for a second as well. Not a complete fix, but at least they can be manipulated.

Unfortunately, lockcodes are not exposed in the ST App for routines so they can’t be used as triggers (apparently they are defined as a capability but have no capability presentation defined). Also, the lock itself only stores code1, code2, etc for the codeName so you have figure out your lock code to user mapping and do as @Babar_Khan suggests and use codeId to set a variable to a friendly name that is easier to use in other routines. You may be able to get the lockCodes array via the API which would have the mappings as defined by SLGA or whatever lock manager you are using.

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I keep thinking that I ought to be able to use SLGA as a trigger for a routine, but I don’t see it offered. Oh well.

All been there. Sadly Samsung thinks SLGA meets 2023 “smart” requirements.

For my use case, I have temporarily switched from having LUM trigger routines to having the locking and unlocking of the actual door lock triggering routines. I use SLGA to change codes. Most of my users trigger the same routines but for special cases, I watch my calendar and switch some routines on or off prior to use by that code user. Hoping that LUM will be available shortly…

I see people are finding workarounds for automations triggered by an unlock, but is there no current workaround for scheduled code activations? I had a code scheduled for every Monday from 8AM to 12PM. I just found out today that it no longer works due to the Groovy/Rboy shutdown.

I was able to download the SLGA app to permanently add the code. But my preference is to be able to customize the activation schedule of the code (permanent, one-time, schedule, etc). Is there no workaround for that yet?

There is an alpha stage website based lock manager called lockmanager.io that offers that capability.


I have spent the last week looking at alternative solutions for this, along with other SmartApps that RBoy used to manage, and all that’s come of it is an even bigger desire to have RBoy come through with updated apps and drivers. I simply do not like any of the alternatives.


Turns out there is a bug in the default Z-Wave device handler in the stock Z-Wave Edge driver that was causing code names to be reset to the default periodically. @philh30 has released an updated beta Edge driver of his Z-Wave Lock Edge driver that supplies the proper codeName upon unlock and also prevents the periodic resetting of the lock code names to the defaults. I’ve been using it for around a week now and getting solid results. I’ve now set up Rules in Sharptools that evaluates the $context.event.data.codeName variable and performs per user actions based on who unlocked the door.

The updated beta version of his lock driver is in the same channel as the original.


Good to know. My locks haven’t converted to Edge yet. I probably should do it manually but I’m concerned that they won’t repair so I keep waiting for Samsung to do it.

As I mentioned above, I cheated and didn’t exclude the lock to convert it over to an Edge driver. I did add the Edge driver to my hub prior to doing that of course :slight_smile:

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Interesting. I thought it I have a custom DTH installed that SmartThings would default to that before using the Edge driver. And I still have the RBoy DTH installed (I assume so anyway, it shows it the old Groovy webpage).

Still no Edge drivers available for Yale locks - that I can find, at least. Mine is still all on RBoy’s stuff, but managed in the SLGA app for now. Basic, but it functions.

& still nothing from @RBoy @maddie

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