[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

yes I understand I’m just saying the question is posted in the wrong thread, he’s more likely to get a better response from users of a Schlage lock (and corresponding thread). FE599 has firmware bugs (again I’ve reported in the thread here)

I would suggest remove the battery and reinitialize the lock and reboot the hub.

@Nomad33fw @jarettp, this took some effort to coordinate with multiple locks in a single app
Version 2.4.0 - Added support to relock doors after they have been closed with an optional delay timer and to retract deadbolts if door is open

The delay timer is a minimum guarantee of delay, it could be longer depending upon sequence of events and number of doors

Thanks man you’re awesome! I’ll report back after I test it out.

Edit: Wasn’t able to get it to work properly. My feedback is as follows:

  1. From my previous experience in trying to implement this, you can’t have it lock immediately for some reason. There has to be a delay or the lock won’t receive the command.
  2. I need a delay in seconds, not minutes to compensate for the previous problem
  3. I wasn’t able to get the door to unlock if locked while open
  4. I’m now getting notifications when my other smartapp relocks the door. Not sure if it’s connected but I’m trying to figure out how to stop it. Will report back if I can figure it out.

This is with a schlage camelot touchscreen btw.

Let me know your thoughts and if you want me to test anything else.

Thanks again man!

You’re awesome I can’t wait for my next day off to install this. I did install your device type and noticed an auto lock which has been working well to lock the door almost immediately when activated, although it will extend the bolt while the door is open, so this should fix that. Again, thank you!

Can you make the choice to choose which contact sensor is associated with ‘Relock door automatically after closing’ independent of which feature is chosen? Currently you can only pick the contact sensor if I enable the auto-lock feature. I may not want to have the lock auto-lock but still have the deadbolt retract if the door is locked while open.

Thank you for pointing that out, fixed.

Sounds like you may have a communication problem with you lock and hub, check your distance, reboot your hub/reinitialize your lock and finally repair your Z-Wave network. Maybe you should probably uninstall the other app also. It’s working perfectly on three different door lock/models we tried in our labs.

Hmm that’s weird. I’ve rebooted my hub plenty of times since first discovering this issue so that’s not the problem. My lock and hub are literally in the same room maybe 15 away from each other. There’s a z wave contact sensor above the lock so it should be a strong mesh right by it. Both have their actions show up immediately in the smartthings activity feed so I believe there to be a strong connection. I’ve also repaired the z wave network before because of exactly this to no avail. The only thing that works is me putting a delay on when it locks. On the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt you have, is it installed on a door or are you just testing it on a desk? I wonder if the physical action of closing the door is making it not lock itself.

Do I need to have the original lock device type or your custom one for this to work?

I am having the same problem. The lock will not auto lock when closed or unlock when open. I tested this on two of my locks, a Schlage Camelot and a Schlage Century. I have another auto-lock app that works fine so this is not an issue with communication with the lock. I am receiving notifications when the lock is locked or unlocked. Also the ‘Perform actions when the user unlocks the door’ is no longer working. If I disable your code and re-enable the other auto-lock app it works fine. I have performed this troubleshooting procedure over and over about five times. I am using the custom device type.

I tried this yesterday and this afternoon in case it might have been a ST issue. I was going to point this out yesterday but wanted to see if anyone else was having issues to see if it was an issue with my setup.

PM me your logs from live logging. Start live logging, open the door, close the door and send me the logs (filter by the smartapp so it’s more focussed). If the smartapp is receiving the notifications from the events it will show up.

BTW we have noticed in our labs that location of the hub/device matter. In one case we’ve seen an issue with one door, when opened sometimes the notifications are lost and we think it’s because of the way the door opens and walls/reflections cause the issue. Again that our theory since it’s only with one door when it’s swinging open/close. When it’s stationary we get all notifications. Anyways send in the live logging logs and lets see what’s going on.

Important, you need to disable any other app that’s auto locking the door to avoid any conflicts.

Try reinstalling the app from scratch and see what happens. (delete the SmartApp and create a new one and then install it from your phone)

I have two locations. One with the V1 hub and the other with the V2 hub. The V1 hub location behaves nicely. The lock with the V2 hub gives me fits. With my Schlage lock, the symptom for me is that the door would not lock/unlock via the mobile app or geofence events (like when I arrive or leave).
I preformed a repair of the network and that seemed to heal the problem. I’ve also got a light switch right at the door for the porch light (a hard wired ZWave device) so its a relay that’s only a few feet away. The switch was a recent add and then I did the zwave repair. Maybe having a close by relay is what really fixed it? Dunno, those are the facts FWIW.

Thanks RBoy for the app!

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Any chance of making this app compatible with the new Zigbee locks compatible with SmartThings now? Like the Yale YRD-240-HA-0BP


The app itself isn’t tied to any SmartDevice, as long as the SmartDevice supports lock, unlock, setCode, deleteCode commands it’ll work. The issue is the ST SmartDevice for ZigBee locks does provide support for setCode and deleteCode. So you’ll really have to contact ST support to request them to add setCode and deleteCode to their basic ZigBee SmartDevice and this app with start working right away!

Thank you for the info. I will send off a request to Tyler tonight…

@jarettp can you please outline a use case when this would happen? I can’t seem to get when/why the lock would automatically extend while the door is open? The only case I can think of is when you do like a Goodnight/Goodbye and the door isn’t closed and it extends the lock. In that case anyways you will need to manually go and close the door. Are you saying it would be better to have it retracted so you don’t accidentally hit the door close with it open?

While the functionality has been provided I wanted to understand the background to it. Thanks

In case, for whatever reason, the deadbolt is extended while the door is open (whether manually, automatically, scheduled, etc) I’d like the deadbolt to retract so the door isn’t closed with the deadbolt out, possibly damaging the door frame.

I understand why you are asking for this but from my perspective I wouldn’t want my door to unlock if the contact sensor stopped responding for some reason. Just my two cents. ST is flaky enough as it is.

Wouldn’t there be a way of specifying it to only unlock if it gets locked while already open rather than be unlocked if already locked and the contact sensor changes to open? The trigger would be the door locking, not the contact sensor opening.

Yes but I’ve seen ST send false triggers from devices before. I would hate to have my door closed and locked, have ST send a false trigger that the door is open and have the door unlock itself. This may be a rare case but I think the security aspect out-ways the convenience aspect. How often, really, do you have the bolt extend while you have the door open. This function in ‘Enhanced Auto Door Lock’ was designed to unlock the outside lock on doors that don’t unlock the outside when the inside lock is unlocked. This is my belief anyways. You would have to ask the author for his original intent.