[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Hi there, I’m having exactly the same problem (max codes reported as one on yale zigbee module), I’ve alread tried a few DHTs without any success (like: ST ZigBee lock, Universal Enhanced ZigBee Lock…). Could you help me with this “special ZigBee Lock DHT” that you mention before?

Please add ability to disarm home security monitor and to run automations.

I wouldn’t expect that anytime soon because it isn’t a Smartapp issue. ST hasn’t exposed STHM to be able to do what SHM did in Classic.

Create a virtual switch or use a real switch to turn on/off to trigger an automation to arm or disarm STHM. That’s what I and several others do.

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Late response, but this worked like a charm. Thank you!

what is the logical way to do this?
i can create a virtual switch in the IDE and then create two automation, if virtual switch is on/off then arm/disarm and run scene.
then do i modify my goodbye/i’m back automations to use the virtual switch?

Hi @RottenMutt, yup that should do the trick.

In the image you posted above, have a switch turn off when a user unlocks a lock. Then in an Automation, the “IF” condition would be that virtual switch being turned off, and in the “THEN” section, change your security mode, run a scene, send notifications, and/or control additional devices. Just as you’ve described w/two automations.

Then finally, in your goodbye/I’m back automations, trip that virtual switch. I did that for a long time until I finally picked up another Iris keypad.

Can we get the little up right action button on the Tile?

Sure, I believe referring to the lock device handler (this topic is about the LUM SmartApp). You can see this update here for details.

@RBoy @maddie I’m not sure when it started but I’ve noticed in the last week or so that I am no longer getting the “door left open” notifications that I used to get.

I updated to the latest release and I’ve gone in and unconfigured and reconfigured the Door open/close actions -> Notify if door has been left open slider on several locks and I’m pretty sure that the open/close sensors are reporting correctly.

Also, totally unrelated to the above, I thought there was a behavior of the app to retract the deadbolt for a door that is not closed when locked. I can’t figure out where the setting existed to enable it in the app but it seems to no longer do that. Was that removed for security reasons…or am I forgetting where this is set?