[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

I updated the device type, do I also need to update the smartapp?

Have you tried it? Dont’ assume.

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Yes you need to update the SmartApp and SmartDevice for the recent changes

Added support for individually configuring actions for each door when multiple locks are selected (turn on lights, switches, phrases, disarming etc)

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Wow, thanks so much! I figured IF you did any of these it would be weeks, not hours.

Off subject question, is there a way to know when you make updates to the app or device type automatically? Like an rss feed or something from you site or do i just need to monitor this thread?

Like our Facebook page and you’ll subscribe to updates.

RB - Your app is working beautifully, would gladly contribute to other developers for the same level of reliability.

A feature request, just because I know if you do this, it will work. ----

I have your app installed and another that is straight from SmartThings. The ST app is just designed to automatically lock and unlock the door in certain conditions. For example if the door is in the closed position, per the door sensor, for a set value in minutes then the lock automatically locks. When the door is open, per the sensor, for a set value in seconds then the lock automatically unlocks to prevent it being closed on an extended deadbolt.

The ST app seems to work most times to lock the door when its closed, I haven’t timed it but its satisfactory. The ST app doesn’t seem to work at all when the door is in an open state, in fact it will lock the lock extending the deadbolt while the door is in the open position.

Again, love the app, thank you

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Thanks @Nomad33fw appreciate the support. It’s definitely a LOT of effort to keep up with the community and the two dozen odd apps hosted.

What you’re asking for a simple fix to the ST code, help me understand the use case for integrating this into the user management app. I agree the scope has extended beyond just user into managing events based on user codes. How would this extend to lock and sensor management.

Are you saying just a simple, if the door has been closed for X minutes then lock it while the hub is in certain modes?
Again the devil is the details so please detail out the use case. I love to poke holes for no other reason than it helps create a great user experience at the end. Nothing is worse than overly complicating apps.

Fairly simple (Says the guy who isn’t writing the code), there is another app that is in the Top SmartApps section that is supposed to do this already called Enhanced Auto Lock Door, it just doesn’t work well at the retract portion.

The use is when the door is in the closed position it will automatically be locked for security, but the user can set how long to wait for this to occur so that the door isn’t automatically locking if making trips out to the car for groceries etc… The second use is to protect the lock and door frame from being damaged if the deadbolt is inadvertently extended with the door is open, pushing it closed would leave a dent in the door frame and could damage the locking mechanism.

More details:

Allow user to select which lock
Allow user to select which sensor
Allow user to input how long to wait to lock the door if the sensor shows the door is in the closed position

Sense if deadbolt has been extended when door is in the open position and send command to retract (unlock) door.

Allow user to select Send push/SMS notifications of events
Allow user to select which modes the commands are applicable to

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Version 2.3.2 - Added support for differentiate between manual lock and electronic lock (keypad/remote) while notifying user

Hmmmm… i liked this a long time ago. I just looked and i see all the updates, but they aren’t showing up in my Facebook feed. I am not sure why. Thanks though!

When you release a new version of the app, is there an easier way to get the latest version updated without having to uninstall and reinstall the app again (after updating and republishing the code) then going through setting up all the users and settings again?

Yeah you don’t need to reinstall the app. Just copy paste the new code and overwrite the old code and publish it. Once done open the app in your smart phone, check you settings and hit done. The last line is important for the changes to take effect

Added support to show if the one time codes and expiry codes are used/expired when configuring the user codes.

Updated the installation instructions on the website http://smartthings.rboyapps.com to include instructions for updating apps

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I use this app too. Would definitely be nice if the functionality was integrated in the door lock manager.

While this app works with any lock that support remote codes AND with the standard Z-Wave lock device provided by ST by default for all locks, those who has Schlage locks can get some added benefits by using the SmartDevice type for Schlage locks (it will provide the added benefit of invalidCodes notifications).

However just to reiterate, this SmartApp will work just fine with the standard ST provided Z-Wave SmartDevice that comes by default when you pair your Lock

I’e got the schlage FE599. When you enter a code it unlocks for a few seconds and then relocks. ST is clueless about relocking. Supposedly it polls every 6 minutes and should see in 6 minutes that the device is locked but that’s even hit or miss.

Any way to update the app so that on a code unlock it polls at 60 seconds, 120 seconds, and 180 seconds than stops and lets ST ‘regular poll’ take over?

I’m not sure what your issue has to do with this SmartApp, I think you’re referring to a SmartDevice, this is the wrong thread,
Have you tried using this code?

@RBoy, the issue is not with the SmartAPP or the SmartDevice, but with the FE599 lock itself. When the lock is unlocked with a code, it re-locks itself in about 10 seconds. The problem is that is does not report that it is now locked, so any routine that runs when it is unlocked again will not run because Smartthings sees it as unlocked. The only way to see if it is locked is to poll it, then it reports that it is locked.
So @MickaelK is asking if the app can poll the lock about 15 seconds after it was unlocked with a code.