[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Folks there are some issues with the Stock ST Z-Wave Device Type Handler, ST is looking into it but in the meanwhile I would recommend using my custom Z-Wave Device Type handler for a more reliable experience until ST fixes the issues.

thanks @RBoy

using the newest device handler for schlage and removing the unneeded tiles makes the app work again on hub v2. no reason to use the stock device type anymore I don’t think.

kwikset 914

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Just adding to the note from @isriam that the new device type does indeed fix the issue of an infinite loop of code-setting. Thanks @RBoy.

Is there a way to use the multi user code unlock app to program a code that runs a routine and one that does not. It seems any routine or action that I use applies to all the codes I setup.


That’s right, right now it’s the same routine for all codes. It’ll become overly complex from a UI perspective.

I totally understand, however - I’m looking to do routines based on lock codes coming in and have sadly moved to lock code manager - ([Depricated] Lock Code Manager), which doesn’t do the other auto notifications.

The specific use case is:
Dog walker code used -> go to “Dog walker arrived” - which disarms, and such.
Dog walker mode -> Re-arms after no motion for 60 minutes.

Okay here you go, took some time to figure out how to keep the UI simple.

Version 3.3.0
Added support for user specific unlock actions (if defined, they will override any general unlock actions defined on the first page)

Wow, thank you so much! :slight_smile: Another donation coming along - so much appreciated!

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Have you had any more thought about adding a sonos text to speech notification? upon entering of a code valid or not?



:smile: yes and no
Yes I did look into, no haven’t had the time to integrate it (also thinking through the UI aspects). So essentially ANY door unlocked notification should be announced on the Sonos?
BTW didn’t ST disable this feature recently.

RBoy, have you heard of others getting their ST “Notifications” feed getting spammed with Lock Manager messages? I’m on the current SmartApp and ST 2.0.8 and my feed is filled with these messages.

Make sure you’re using my device handler, the stock ST handler has bugs in it causing the app to end up in a loop

Just updated and published your new 3.3 version. I’m checking it out now. Thanks!

On the request of users, I’ve created a replica of this App but without the code programming features. This app will provide all the notifications and actions functionality when a user unlocks the door but will use the manually programmed codes on the door (i.e. no user programming). See this for more details:

I have recently installed device handler and this app. Is it normal for the recent activity log to keep showing that a code has been set over and over again and also things like alarm sensitivity? This is an hour or so after the initial code set up. Thank u

There is a difference between being set and checking status. It’s normal for the app to check the status every five minutes or so.
Make sure you’re using my device type until ST fixes the stock device type. There’s a bug as noted in the first post which could end up having the smart app repeated send out programming codes because of the buggy ST device type.

I am pretty sure I am I loaded your device handler like sated in instructions. How don’t make sure it’s using it?

Dear community,
I am a new enthusiastic if this app whereby I am attempting to remotely control my aparthotel apartment with Schlage be469 connect camelot deadbolt.

The lock works really well with ST. Now, I wanted to create permanent codes and temporary code’s.

Although I have installed the custom device handler, I still see no codes pused ( see attached screens hot )

I will start with this prior to moving to other issues I have met. Any guidance is very welcome. I must admit I have started to read few of 369 posts but could not do it all. My apologies if issue is already dealt with

See the first post, your lock isn’t communicating with the hub. Try rebooting them both.

The lock works nicely with the hub. I mean it can lock / unlock / report status via the hub.