[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

No migration yet on my system that I can see across multiple hubs/locations. Looks like ending Groovy on 12/31/22 was more of a start to a slow roll migration.

Read my post above. ST made an announcement earlier in the week about the migration.

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I see that, but with no definite timeline attached it’s almost worse to announce this in the eleventh hour. For those of us using these groovy tools in production scenarios it’s critical to know when things are going to change so personnel and logistics can be coordinated. FWIW I do see some devices have already been moved over in the background to new drivers, which is encouraging.

My understanding is that in most cases transitioning a Groovy DTH to an edge Driver is a much simpler process than transitioning a groovy smartapp to a smartapp that runs with the new architecture.

For one thing, custom edge drivers are allowed to run on the customer’s own hub, but cloud hosting is no longer provided for custom smartapps and they are not allowed to run on the hub. So you have to figure out where and how you’re going to host the smartapp and how you’re going to tell other people to do that. That gets complicated. :thinking:

It’s not impossible, but it’s more than just recoding in a different language, the way edge drivers are.

Thanks @JDRoberts. If that’s the case, I assume it’s good sign when the ST API site shows a device executing locally vs online already? That’s not many other than the Samsung-branded hardware on my hubs, but could at least inform what devices to be concerned about going forward.

Groovy SmartApp Shutdown - Announcements - SmartThings Community

Does this mean that LUM might be gone sometime next week??

We need to hear from @RBoy to say what thier schedule is for the updated LUM.


There is no “button” beside the Rboys Smart App to “disable” as there is with other legacy smart apps. The only option is clicking the name opening the app and then selecting delete which I really didn’t want to do being hopeful this can eventually be transitioned.


After I reported the missing button thanks to someone it has now been fixed. However I am using the Smartthings Lock Management for one residence. It significantly pales in comparison to the Rboys app I use for other residencre! . The whole point of having the Smart Lock with Smartthings was so I knew IMMEDIATELY via a notification who unlocked the door!! PLEASE PLEASE make sure that functionality exists somewhere before decommissioning the existing functionality.

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I wonder if they are hung up on the new monetization/licensing model needed in Edge for their revenue? See Monetizing Edge Drivers - #4 by RBoy

They really should tell us what’s going on!

Groovy was shut down today. Lock User Management is disabled and we are now hanging with no replacement solution. What are you all doing to regain control of your locks?

Smart Lock Guest Access for code management.

New routines to handle relocking and open door notifications.

Have to rework my location modes and routines since there are no per user code actions. Won’t be able to tell the difference between the housekeeper opening a door vs an Airbnb guest vs a household member.

There appears to be more functionality in Sharptools that could allow specific actions for specific codes and other attributes, but it looks like you have to signup for their premium level and I’m going to wait to see if Rboy comes up with a solution some time soon before laying down money on a different solution.


Ftom what i read, rboy does have a solition & is working on it but he & maddie gwt an F for communicating updates. Actualt rhey would get lower then an F if there is such a thing.

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Where did you read this?

They have updated their website stating that they’re working on updated apps (within the last month or so), and one of the developers has posted in other threads on this forum about Edge stuff.

I reached out directly to Rboys and got this very nice reply.
We all depend on LUM and it seems there are details being worked out between ST and Rboys.
I hope they figure this out soon.
The ST Lock app is no replacement for LUM

“Thank you for your support and I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying our apps. We are working on migrating our apps to the new platform but I will not be able to give you an ETA at the moment because we are working with SmartThings to iron out stability and functionality issues related to the API’s on the new platform”


Knock on wood, my Schlage BE469 is still functioning though a little slow to update status. I am also able to add/change codes using Smart Locks Guest Access.

I just switched over to the Z-Lock Edge driver from @philh30. Works great!

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Did your old codes survive migration or you had to be re-code? Did you re-pair the lock? Do Sharptools detect the codes (to be used in routines as dth codes did)?
My Schlage 469 is the only thing left aboard groovy ship though it was automatically migrated from rboy dth to the standard zawave lock dth.

My lock is still working with smarthings guest access. Alao getting notifications when my daughter’s nurses arrive. I hope rboy gets this figured out with samsung SOON!!!

If the device emits the code ID or other relevant data with the extra event ‘data’ property, you should be able to access it in a SharpTools Rule.