[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)


Just wanted to say thanks for this code and for the handler. This is wonderful :slight_smile: The tech support is also amazing !


Hi @RBoy and @maddie , quick question?

I’ve been using LUM for a while with my Iris 3405-L keypad (using your Enhanced ZigBee Keypad Lock DTH), but I just noticed that the code I’ve always used now doesn’t work and I get the error “Invalid user code detected…”.

I deleted all users and codes, and kept just the one we’ve used in the past, and while watching Live Logging after tapping Done in LUM, I saw this message:

Found attribute ‘invalidCode’ on ST Home Monitor Keypad, enabled support for invalid code detection

What does that mean and how do I get this working again?

I just checked and it’s working fine here. That attribute is to support legacy device handlers and is only used to log (or not) messages. If it was working and then stopped then it’s either a device or usage issue. Assuming that you’re pressing the buttons in the right order (each keypad is different, for the 3405-L it’s enter the 4 digit code followed by the On or Off button), likely one of the buttons isn’t being registered or is being registered multiple times (bouncing) causing the device to send an invalid code.

I set up a second user and that one works fine. It’s just the user code in entry #1 causing issues. I’ll try changing the code to a different number to see if that helps since I didn’t try that last night. Also, is there a way to clear this attribute value or will that reset?


Hi, new to all of this but have 3 Schlage Zwave locks and cannot get them connected into SmartThings ! tried resetting, repairing, etc etc and nothing works.
maybe a stupid question, but does this lock device handler make it easier or make it defiantly connect ?

Device handlers come into effect after the pairing is complete. However if you have old unused device handlers installed it could cause issues due to a bug in the platform where it marks unused device handlers stale. See this topic for details. You should try to exclude your locks (resetting them is not the same as exclusion) before trying to pair them as explained on this post.

@RBoy / @maddie I’m seeing the same issue now as well. New Schlage Locks @ new location. Had these same locks at previous location, and never saw this.

Anyone find a solution here? I get a double notification for xxx door opened with yyy UserName, followed by opened with Master Code. Which it certainly wasn’t, as I have no clue what it even is.

I tried setting all locks to max users, and running clear codes, and then adding the set of users back. Same thing seems to occur.

Hi how do I access the above function in the LUM app, I cannot find this “setup arm stay button actions for keypad” page!


I have idlock 150 and tried to write some codes to it. I first did the clear all codes thing. And that did even reset the mastercode to “123456”… But when trying with other codes it doesn’t work. They are green in LUM, but doesn’t work on the lock. I even tried factory reset the lock with no luck.

Any help?

With the IDLock you would want to start with using the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler. Thanks stock device handler doesn’t always work with IDLock. If it’s showing up as green that means the lock has successfully programmed the code. If it still doesn’t work it’s a local lock issue. I just checked and it’s working here. This lock has a finicky keys and they don’t always register when you press them the first time so wait for the beep to ensure it registers when you press the key. The other thing to look for is to ensure that the privacy/vacation mode is disabled on the lock as those features block the user codes from operating the lock when enabled (even if successfully programmed).

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I can’t find options for privacy/vacation mode in the manual… The only thing is the away mode that we literally never uses. And that is automatically deactivated when unlocking the door.

So what should I do? Could it be the zwave module that’s too old?

Got this for a Yale Conexis L1… Love it, works well and to have the ability to set timers for auto lock or even switch off is a dream, tied up with Smartthings and Sharptools dashboard works so well, nicely done.

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Have we any info on an edge driver replacement for the RBoy lock DTH

tagging @RBoy


I’m wondering if the @RBoy apps will work when we switch to edge?

Not sure if that’s quite the same question.


LUM and RBoys other lock projects work with any device that exposes the right capabilities so Edge itself should not be an issue (ok the device handlers RBoy supports will need to be rewritten as edge drivers, but thats a different problem.)

The plans for LUM itself though. When Groovy goes away, no more LUM. Unless RBoy and team create a new smartapp to replace it. (im pretty sure they’re already planning behind the scenes). I for one am very interested in what THAT looks like and if they’ve made a decision on future direction yet.



Hard to know what to go with at the moment and still no direction from ST as to when the change will be.

Most of us are assuming within 8-12 months. Id consider it imminent at this point.

I had to leave the platform due to the ridiculousness around the 200 devices ll limit but before i moved i was already dumping anything based on groovy as fast as i could find replacements. I had expected LUM to be my last holdout besides webcore.

But @RBoy - if i were still on the platform… Id DEFINITELY be beating the doors down for the plan at this point. It may not be done but it’s time to make plans.


@nathancu what platform are you on now?

I’ve been using the LUM since it come out and has been solid and very useful for me so I hope RBoy can produces something similar with an edge driver.