[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

@RBoy emailed hubitat about wanting your apps available on their platform but never heard back from.them. I see many people here starting to move over but until your apps are available on that platform im not moving but I have read the comments & Anthony’s over in the developers area & it’s clear there is alot of frustration from people like yourself, anthony & others & too see many post go unanswered is just wrong.
In another note not sure if you are aware but actiontiles will be available on hubitat so you may want to see what they did.

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@RBoy Feel like a noob asking this but hit a wall. I am preparing to move from SHM classic app to STHM new app. Installed LUM as well as Enhanced ZigBee Keypad handler onto two Iris v2 (3405-L) keypads. The keypads see the user codes from LUM and responding well. However, LUM isn’t changing the “Change Mode To” for SHM Classic App or Turning On a virtual switch I have put as a place holder for STHM automations… can’t figure out why…

@RBoy I’ve been using LUM for years with one lock with no problems. I just installed a new Kwikset 912 Z-wave lock and am using one instance of the app for both locks. However, when I setup the user codes, each user shows the following “Door Lock is CONFIGURED TO ACCEPT 0 DIGIT CODES ONLY, PROGRAMMING WILL FAIL!” The color is yellow.

I tried the rest procedure (setting number of users to zero, and also setting to max users for ten mins), but same issue. Having said that, the codes do seem to work on the lock(s) and can be used to unlock to door. So not sure if error message is real or not. Any thoughts?

Hi all. I know there’s a notification for if a door is left open for X time, but I can’t find a notification for if a lock is left unlocked for X time? Am I missing it?

THANK YOU so much for your reply. Just so happens I have a whole house SONOS system and alexa… so Though I’m sad to hear echo speaks is going away, I’m happy to hear I can work with SONOS! Many, many thanks again! I’ll give that a try!!!

LUM has an option to automatically relock your lock if it’s been left unlocked. Try this app, it can monitor many more types of devices including unlocked conditions

@RBoy Do you plan to eventually provide lum and device driver for Hubitat? I heard that it’s not such a huge change between the two, but I wanted to know if you have any advice for subscribers who are migrating to Hubitat.

I just installed a Kwikset 912 Z-Wave Plus lock. In case anyone runs into the same issue I did, I had to manually force the device to use the custom Rboy Z-Wave lock DTH in the SmartThings IDE. Rboy also updated the driver to account for new features of this lock and everything now works perfectly! Kudos to @RBoy for being so responsive, this app is awesome!


I’ve recently discovered that my Yale Real living zwave lock (YRD240-NR-619) identities manual unlocks from inside as “Code 1” performing the action. I realized this when I set a Webcore piston to include a notification and it was firing Evey time I unlocked from inside.

Reading some threads on Webcore community, someone mentioned that Smartthings Smart Lock Guest Access begins assigning codes at slot 2.

Is there a way to assign users to a specific slot in LUM or perhaps set it to start with slot 2 to mimic the integrated lock manager behavior and avoid the issue with Yale reporting lock user actions when code 1 is used?

Thanks for your logs. The lock and the DTH are perfectly fine, I don’t see any issues there, everything looks exactly as it should be. It’s not reporting any usedCodes for manual locking/unlocking.

The bug appears to be in webcore where it’s not processing the information reported by the lock/DTH correctly. There’s a known bug in webcore with usedCodes when the value doesn’t exist or it’s 0 or 1. We’ve reported it to the developer last year.

As for programming codes to specific slots using LUM, you can definitely do that. The users are ordered by slot so you can pick the slot you want to program the user to, also when you open the individual user page it’ll show you what slot number it’s been programmed to.


Thanks for your time in looking into this. It does seem to be an issue with UsedCode assuming “Code 1” when the UsedCode is null based on your explanation and further reading.

To skip using slot 1 for any codes, I would have to re-create all my users and make a “dummy user” for slot one that I would I guess make inactive? I feel this will be the simplest way to work around this issue with Webcore. I can’t just renumber the existing users I have to slots 2-6 right?

Using LUM - you can just remove user 1 or change the type to inactive and use a a different slot for that user and leave the rest as it.

Does this smartapp work in the new app? With the migration im sort of reluctant to spend money to aquire something that might stop working on the 14th of oct?

Yup, I use this SmartApp.


awesome thx. but it uses on the custom DTH? so when Samsung implements phase 3, it might be gone. man this sundown thing really affects a lot of stuff

Hi there. We’re continually working with SmartThings to keep our SmartApps and Device Handlers up to date with the latest changes. A couple of quick notes:

  • LUM and RLA work with the stock Z-Wave Lock and ZigBee Lock device handlers
  • The Universal Enhanced Z-Wave lock DTH is optional but recommended since it gives you access to more lock features and also fixes bugs with the stock DTH’s and has workarounds for defects in some lock firmwares as explained here.

sounds good! thx for replying

quick question. i have two Schlage smart locks and i currently have two separate LUM’ s configured. one for each lock. am i doing this the right way or i should be able to configure LUM to use both locks?


Hey there. LUM is very flexible and can be used any way depending on your preference. If you want to synchronize the same codes across all locks then you can use a single instance and select all the locks on the main page (infact you can even select a subset of those locks on the individual user pages if you want to limit a some users to specific locks), or you can setup difference instances of LUM for different locks. The only point to keep in mind is that one lock should only be controlled by a single app to avoid programming conflicts.

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Lock User Management (LUM) - Version 07.13.10

  • (New) Added support for WiFi/cloud devices (Meross garage door controllers, etc)

Please ensure that your lock is within 20ft of a beaming device for the best experience (the beaming device should be between the hub and the lock for maximum effectiveness).

Optional: Use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock device handler for an enhanced experience.

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