[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

I have now been running the software for thr past few weeks and its been great. I have the yale yrd226 and it has a feature called privacy mode that is activated by holding down a button on the rear unit.
Wondering if this is something that could be implemented into this software? I believe most of tbe yale smart locks use this button.

If you’re looking for a keypad for SmartThings check out the new Ring Alarm Keypad integration. It’s one of the best keypads we’ve come across, with very nice spoken countdown.

I setup LUM to read out the notifications to my sonos speakers and it works… in French!
How do I change to English??

I’m having a problem saving the LUM app on my phone after updating to 7.13.00. I updated the DH and app in the IDE. Then I went into the SmartThings app (classic) on my phone in order to save it but it asks for my Rboy username. I don’t recall seeing that before. When I enter my username and press Next it just asks me to enter it again in an endless loop. I verified that I’m using the right username through the lost password function on the website. How can I get past the Enter Username screen?

Same issue here. Just updated the LUM app, re-validatge settings and it want’s my username. No matter what I provide, it just comes back to the same username screen.

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Lock User Management (LUM) - Version 07.13.01

  • (New) Added option to automatically lock and unlock locks for presence users
  • (Fix) Separate Door open/close actions when multiple locks are selected
  • (Security) Auto unlock will no longer trigger for open doors (due with faulty door sensors)
  • (New) Improved compatibility with new ST app STHM

EDIT: We’ve fixed this issue with the Android ST app in 07.13.01.

(v07.13.00) If you’re using an Android phone, tap the “Enter” or “Done” key on the onscreen keyboard before pressing Next on the page. On some Android phones, the ST mobile app doesn’t register what you’ve entered until you press the “Done”/“Enter” key on the keyboard.

Please ensure that your lock is within 20ft of a buffering device for the best experience (the buffering device should be between the hub and the lock for maximum effectiveness).

Optionally you can use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock or the Universal ZigBee Lock device handler for a more customized lock experience.

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Got it! Thank you!

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The app sends the announcement in English to the devices. I believe that SmartThings uses either your SmartThings region or the location defined for your hub to automatically translate the message into regional languages. Feel free to PM me and I give you a few tips on how to get your Sonos announce in english. Are you in the EU region or in France by any chance?

Hi, I’m located in Australia. Everything is set to English and to my region. I’m not actually sure what language it’s speaking now as it seems to change ha.

I have been using LUM for a while now as it is the superior lock manager for ST. Besides the pairing issues I have with my stupid Schlage z-wave locks (not RBoy’s fault) I have had only one minor issue with LUM. It happened today when I upgraded to the latest version and had an issue with door open/close actions. I emailed their support team about it and within the hour they had got back to me, replicated the issue in house, and released an updated version that fixed the issue.

I am well aware that the source code for LUM isn’t as complex as the source code for Windows but the software industry is notorious for moving at a snail’s pace. If you find a bug you are lucky to get the software developer to even entertain the thought that it could possibly exist, they usually never acknowledge it if it does exist, and they release the patch for it weeks later.

I don’t work for rboy, I don’t even know who hell he/she is, but I thought they deserved an “atta boy” for their level of customer service today.


Based on this among 100 other recommendations I’ll be purchasing Rboy access this week. I’ve been holding off for a long time, but damn they are ON IT.

Can’t wait to automate the home based on WHO unlocks the door. So excited!


I’m trying to get this setup. My keypad model has a “Partial” button which I was using with classic to arm in stay mode. We have pets, so I’m rarely arming in “Away” mode.

Using the workaround with virtual switches, I assume there’s no way to use the same code for Stay, Away, and Disarm? At least I didn’t see the “Stay” option being configured, so I’m guessing that you could only have Away or Stay for the Locking action?

UPDATE: I just uncovered some custom “Stay/Partial” action options so I think I’ve got it!

So at 6:45 in the morning my Alexas all announced “lock manager detected a code upgrade. Updating configuration, please open the app and re-validate your settings”. I have the option to check for code upgrades disabled. I recently updated the code to version 7.13.03 after getting this annoying wake up call, but this isn’t the first time this has happened where I got a notification even though I have this option unchecked. I don’t think this should be an announced notification even if the option is checked for notify of code upgrades. Is there anyway to stop these notifications from being spoken out? I think I’m going to have to remove the speakers from the app and use some other type of automation to get them to tell me when the door is unlocked.

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Thats not a notice of new code in the cloud. Thay is a notice that the smartapp itself has recognized that you havent entered the config screen im the smartapp and saved it since the last time you updated it.

Open the lock manager smartapp save the config. (even of you dont change anything)
If you’re using thr universal lock dth open the lock device tile, open its configuration screen and save.

This should re-initialize the smartapp/device(s) and clear that.


Well that makes sense since I updated the version of the code of the universal lock DTH on the locks yesterday. Still wouldn’t think I need to go into the locks and save the configuration, then go into the smartapps (have two instances for each lock) to save as well. I mean, now I know, but speakers blaring about a code upgrade is still not a nice way to wake up in the morning.

Hey there. Thank you for your feedback. We have incorporated this in the next LUM update.

I’ve been using this app for a while now and am quite satisfied with it. As I’ve now moved over to the new Smartthings app, I see a different menu once you click on the new icon. Several of the options that were there in the old app are no longer available. Both SmartApp and DHT have been updated in the IDE to the latest. Did I miss something along the way?

My apologies if this has been addressed in previous posts.

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New app does not allow custom presentations, yet.

When ST adds the capability to add the custom UI elements, It appears RBoy and team have plans to add it.


Ok, thanks. That’s helpful as I wasn’t sure if I had missed something.

I’ll just sit tight until the ST staff are finished working on the custom capability.

I just noticed that Samsung is forcing everyone to the NEW application by October. I also read that application and device handlers will no longer function. is this true regarding Rboys apps and handlers? since Rboy relies heavily on IDE what will happen when we are forced onto the new system?