[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Hi @maddie & @RBoy,

What is the best way to create the equivalent of “Routines Backup” for Lock User Management?

Roughly 10% of the time, one of my locks will not respond to the re-lock command issued to it by LUM. I am guessing this is just due to simple interference/mesh related issues, as I live in a densely populated urban area with plenty of RF in the air. Regardless of the cause, it is intermittent and unpredictable, and has resulted in discovering that one of the doors has remained unlocked several hours after coming home.

I use “Open/Close Door/Window/Switch/Lock/Valve/Shade Notification and Actions when the Hub Changes Mode” to serve as a backup when I am leaving the home (i.e. going “Away”), but this does not work so well for coming home (i.e. switching to “Home” mode) because it does not have the option to specify a certain delay time (i.e. to match the 5 minute timer specified in LUM auto-relock).

What is the recommended solution for ensuring that auto-relock commands issued by LUM are re-issued until confirmed successful?


Is there anyway using WebCore to enable/disable the option in the SmartApp to Relock the Door Automatically and/or control the Relock time?

I’d like to Occasionally disable the Autolock during parties and whatnot. I can’t use the one in the DeviceHandler as my keypad doesn’t support that (Kwikset). When enabled, the one in the SmartApp works great for me.

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Hi @RBoy

We like using the auto lock on our Schlage connect. But I need to keep my door unlock for a few hours during a certain time of the day for little children. Is there a way to schedule the “AutoLock” to turn off and on? Thank You

I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended??

If I set a sensor to be assigned to the lock to re-lock immediately, it all works fine and locks the door when it is closed; after someone has unlocked the door and come in.


If you open the door from the inside to leave or visitor or delivery etc, it tries to lock the door on closing again. It is already locked as it has been opened from the inside.

Yale Connected Keyless keycode door lock

I need to be able to configure only to re-lock door on close IF lock is currently unlocked

Is the only push option to SMS?

You can check out this new app we released on popular request that does a better job of chiming devices and notifying folks when sensors are triggered:

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Excellent! Thanks!

Hi all,

I brought the rboy apps, to automate my Schlage Lock.

I have a hard time figuring out how I can go about doing this.

Here is what I want to do.

Few days a week we have a housemaid come and clean. Before she arrives she will give us a call, and usually I unlock the door for her remotely, at times she leaves the house and has to go to the other side of the yard to clean… this leaves the door unlocked. Finally, when she after she is done, she leaves and locks the doors.

However, I would like to simplify the process by…

  1. She calls us, and we can flip a switch in the ST app and change the passcode to 0000 (something easy), this is the password she would know. Thus when she gets in she can use this password, and each time she has to go around the house and yard she can lock and unlock the door using the same passcode.
  2. Usually, it takes her about 2 hrs to clean the house, I would like to automate a timer that automatically resets the passcode to the original (master passcode that we use). Say like after 3 hrs the password automatically sets back to the original passcode.

This way, we can restrict access on when and who can enter or exit.

I’d appreciate a few steps from you on how I can do this.

Not sure which Schlage lock you have, but mine supports multiple codes and I think most of them do also. With LUM you can set a separate code for your house cleaning person and select user type of Weekly / Daily Schedules to define when that code is valid and LUM will take care of adding and deleting the code for you. If your scheduling requirements are more complex than what is available with LUM, you can choose the Activate on Mode(s) user type and use a Routine, some other smart app or webCoRE to trigger the mode change per your requirements. Or you can use the Routine to manually set the mode it you prefer to control it yourself. LUM provides lots of flexibility here.



I keep getting these messages below in my Messages feed. Any idea why?

Hi there. The usually means that the lock response isn’t reaching the app so the Sure Programming Engine keeps trying until the lock responds or it times out. See the LUM FAQ page for more details.

@I_am_Root, to add onto what @mikesas said, one more way is to create a Virtual Presence Sensor device which can be manually toggled on / off. Set the user type to Activate on user presence and select the virtual presence sensor in “…if any of these people are present”. Now you can toggle the presence sensor to enable/disable the user on demand.

I had one lock misbehaving and I have removed it from my SmartThings environments, have replaced batteries in the other two and yet continue to see these messages. These other two locks are communicating fine with my zwave network and I can control them via SmartThings. Any ideas?

Is it normal, when entering start date/time and end date/time for the page to keep refreshing?

Hmm, so recently I keep getting INVALID PIN (even though they’re not wrong) messages for every user. I’ve even tried resetting users to 0 and checking the device under the IDE to ensure that the codes are gone on the keypad (using the Iris V2 keypad) before restoring them about 10-15 minutes later. Oddly, even after the 0 users method, once I restore a number of users in LUM, they automatically come back in LUM. Is this normal? Shouldn’t the clearing action clear out any indication of any users from prior to the reset?

Almost always takes two pin entries to turn the system off but of course it alarms first due to “tampering.” LUM is the only smartapp I’m using to store user codes. Took them all off SHM Delay to ensure no duplication.

I have reinstalled the app, and continue to get these messages about my scheduled user being requested to be deleted. Any ideas??

Marc, the app is reporting what it is seeing (which is a good thing, you don’t want to suppress these messages). It is seeing that there isn’t a response to its requests (delete code) so it’s informing you (the messages) and retrying until either it gets a response or the retries expire.
If the codes aren’t being deleted on the lock then the lock has a problem processing the command. If the codes are being deleted, then the lock responses aren’t reaching the app and it’s a problem with the mesh communication and is the most common issue as explained in the FAQ document/here. It’s common for commands/responses to be lost due to the nature of mesh, which is why the app engine verifies/retries commands for which it doesn’t receive a response. If you would like to improve the efficiency of the mesh, you’ll have get into why the mesh is losing the messages. It could be a bad repeater, a lack of a buffering device, signal interference from other devices etc.

@chrispt from prior experience, folks sometimes enter an invalid/typo in the date format. So by design, the app requests ST to refresh the page to verify that you’ve entered the date in the correct format and shows an warning if the date is invalid.

@neoshi the invalid pin is being sent by the keypad device. It could be a conflict between SHM delay and LUM causing the users not to be programmed properly. However, since you’re saying that it works when you type it in the second time, it sounds like codes are programmed but the first time the keypad device is either missing a number or sending the wrong number. Also keep in mind that different keypads work differently. Some require the arming / disarming button to be pressed before entering the code and some after entering the code.

When it reports the invalid pin error, it shows the pin used and it is the correct pin. Maybe a range issue of the keypad to the ST base station? There is some considerable lag on arming/disarming the SHM using the keypad.

It’s possible that the apps connected to the keypad are conflicting, one is programming while the other is deleting. This is also addressed in the LUM-FAQ document (common issue). Maybe start over clean, remove all apps, exclude/re-pair the keypad and check that only one app is programming the keypad.

Since you mentioned that’s it started recently, maybe retrace what changes were made to the keypad/setup/apps and it might help you pin it down.

Thanks. I recently installed a Ring Alarm Hub which has a zwave network as well and was within a few feet of my SmartThings Hub. I’ve now moved it to another floor in case that is causing interference. So far it hasn’t made a difference. I had an Abode Hub before in the same location with a separate Zwave network and that wasn’t an issue. What’s strange is this is inpacting all 3 of my locks. I have repeaters(such as Zwave switches) located all throughout my home and close to my locks.

I’ve never had success doing Zwave repairs as they often error out. For the record, the cleaning people’s code doesn’t work, so it was deleted.

Hi @maddie. I fixed my Zwave repair issues by removing an orphaned device but still have the issues. I also removed one of my repeaters that I don’t think is necessary anymore. I noticed in my IDE logs, I am seeing this error:

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “3 unset” @line 852 (codeResponse)

Is this expected?

Also, FWIW, I am still on Gen 1 Hub and am using the Kwikset 914 Locks, so I don’t think the other articles are relevant.