[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)


Using your LUM app along with your DTH. As of yesterday, I replaced my old Kwikset 912 with a Schlage FE599NX. Installation and inclusion was easy. Setting up LUM and the DTH were likewise easy. I have a couple of questions:

  • The lock is reporting that access codes have been limited to (4) digits. Can this be changed via LUM. It doesn’t seem to be. Just asking.
  • After entering a code and then opening the door is causing the door to relock within 2-3 seconds. I previously (with the Kwikset) able to disable that function and then use webCoRE to relock the door at any amount of time I choose. Is there any way to turn the auto relocking off - or even adjust it. Again, I don’t see that function in LUM. Just asking.


The pin code length can only be set via the physical lock for Schlage locks.
The DTH reads it (if you’re using the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH) and reports it to LUM so that it can inform the user. Do note that when you change the pin code in your Schlage lock it also erases all codes. If you’re using the Enhanced DTH then it will detect this change and inform LUM which will reprogram all the codes otherwise you’ll have to reprogram them again (assuming they are the correct length).

The auto lock time on Schlage locks is fixed in the firmware but can be turned on and off via the Enhanced DTH. The LUM app implements a customizable software auto relock which can be programmed via the Door Open/Close Actions page. If you’re using the Enhanced DTH, LUM will do a sanity check to ensure that the hardware auto lock feature is disabled before it allows you to use the software auto relock to prevent conflicts.

Thanks for responding.

Thanks for pointing me toward manual keypad programming to do this. However, although I was able to find the ability and the key presses needed to change the length of the user codes on other Schlage locks, the FE599 does not seem to have this ability. At least (and I’d be happy to be wrong), I was unable to find it anywhere. I even tried using what works on the other locks but it didn’t work on the FE599. None of the FE599-specific information I found showed that this was possible.

On this one, the DTH doesn’t seem to show me anything to turn auto-lock off on it’s main screen or under the ‘gear page’. The main screen only shows the following tiles:

  • Lock
  • Unlock
  • Code Entry On/Off (vacation mode)
  • Audio On/Off
  • Battery Strength
  • Refresh

I’m using:

And, just in case, here’s the IDE info from the lock:

Data * MSR: 003B-634B-504C

  • manufacturer: Schlage
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S0_LEGACY
    Raw Description zw:Fs type:4003 mfr:003B prod:634B model:504C ver:43.37 zwv:2.64 lib:06 cc:85,73,72,98 sec:62,63,80,71,70,86,20
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You’re right, I mixed up the FE599 with a different model.

  • The FE599 doesn’t have auto lock. It’s an electronic latch with a relock that’s triggered about 3 seconds after it’s unlocked using a code. This can’t be changed, it’s how the lock is designed. The only way to leave it unlocked is to press the unlock button on the inside or unlock it remotely. Keep in mind that even if it’s unlocked, once a valid code is entered on the keypad it’ll relock itself after about 3 seconds.
  • It also has a fixed code length of 4 digits unlike other Schlage locks

No worries. I understand.

I’d rather have 6-digit codes but I’ll live with the 4-digit codes. At least the lock has individual buttons for each digit as opposed to the doubled-up buttons on the Kwikset it’s replacing. This reduces the chance of getting lucky with keypresses.

As for the 3-second auto lock, I think that’s OK too (since I have no choice). In addition, I note that by manually pressing the unlock button on the inside of the door/lock, the lock will stay unlocked indefinitely. So, I’ve written two webCoRE pistons:

  • The first automatically relocks the door after 5 minutes of being unlocked. It then checks up to five times to ensure that the lock has actually been locked.
  • I then created an ‘override’ virtual switch that keeps the door unlocked for two hours - relocking it automatically after the two hours expires. It also includes the 5x confirmation to ensure it’s been locked

So, I have a full range of security/convenience solutions in spite of the auto-locking inflexibility within the lock. An automatic 3-second locking when entering a user code and then the 5-minute and two-hour automatic relocking based in webCoRE.

Thanks again for your time and great apps and DTH’s.

BTW, I installed this lock on Friday and it has performed perfectly in every instance since then and hasn’t fallen offline at all. It’s a big change from the increasingly flaky Kwikset 912 I’ve been fighting with for many months - even after replacing the Z-Wave module.

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There’s another issue with Kwikset locks. They won’t accept two codes that use the same key combination. For example if you try to program 1234 and 2134, even through they are different codes some of these locks like the Kwikset 888/910/912 will reject the second code because it can’t differentiate between them when the user enters the code because they are sharing the same key press order.
To put it in context, a 10 button keypad can generate 10,000 unique 4 digit codes, a 5 button keypad can only generate 625 unique 4 digit codes.

Also see this topic for another issue we discovered with the 910/912 locks regarding programming issues:


I agree about this issue. It’s another one of the reasons I went to 6-digit user codes on the Kwikset but am OK with 4-digit codes on the Schlage.

From another thread, it appears that Kwikset Support says that when the lock drops off the network and a yellow light shows next to the ‘A’ button in the 912 Lever Lock and 910 Deadbolt Lock (that we know of) , it indicates that it’s possibly a bad motherboard. Not good.


Ran into a problem. The door would unlock itsself after being locked. Every time you locked it it would unlock. Discovered the door switch was louse and the manager thought the door was open. Disabled the unlock option. And fixed the sensor.

But this is major security flaw if someone shakes or forces a door and the sensor opens the door would unlock for them. Basicaly all you have to do is force the door open so the sensor opens and wait for the door to unlock.
This option needs to be removed. And everyone needs to be warned to turn it off…

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I noticed yesterday my batteries were down to 1%. They seemed to have drain very fast all of the sudden. Today is was not locking and unlocking & it was unresponsive from the app. I did a zwave repair and i.noticed it said failed to repair lock, lights & mesh. Now it seems like its qo3king but slow? Has samsung doing updates that we are unaware of? It seems like my whole zwave network is buggy.

Hoping someone can help. My schlage lock is not responding to any commands & does not lock automatically anymore. Had an issue with batteries a few days ago & I replaced them. Am I correct that I need to exclude the lock from zwave & repaor?

@RBoy can you help me please?

. I have 4 of these locks. try removing it then send the zwave exclude command which should reset it. then reconnect. When reconnecting it has to be close to the hub. I remove mine from the door and bring it to the hub to include it or the key excange will fail.

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Looks like he figured it out, apparently his apps and DTH’s had disappeared after he re-paired the lock. Maybe he can clarify if was an IDE issue or something else:

For some strange reason the lock unpaired. I repaired it but it still didnt work. After trying a few times I googled searched because smartthings search is not as detailed. I had to reset it & repair it & everything came back. Reason why I posted help was because I have night nurses for my daughter & I was afraid of royally screwing things up.

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I installed the Device Handler, then I installed the LUM app. I must have done something wrong, because it did not erase any of my existing codes. When I add a new user with a new code, the code is not opening the lock.

I’m not sure how to get it to accept new codes.

I just noticed I received a text alert:
Retry programming exceeded. user 3 (Name) addition not confirmed by lock

What am I doing wrong How do I get the lock to confirm the programming?

You aren’t doing anything wrong, your lock is having trouble with the mesh. Assuming your battery is good, see this:
FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?


@RBoy This is a really great SmartApp. Thanks for putting all that effort in!


Are you going to make updates to support the new Schlage Connect Z-Wave Plus locks?