[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

I’m getting the following error when it ry to apply the Door lock code user management with notifications and automatic relock to my Yale 256 lock

ava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘id’ on null object @line 1331 (appTouch)

Looks like i was creating a device handler instead of a smart app. All is good. Thank you for the quic response.

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Hi Rboy, do you have some experience with Kaadas K8 Z-Wave Smart Lock /http://www.kaadas.com/en/products.asp#list5)? Will your handler / app be useful to manage such lock?

I just had to say that is a monster of an app, it does it all!!! I was able to eliminate the need for 2 ST routines just by re-configuring a few things and adding to this app, it will basically create small routines itself.

@RBoy is also a huge help, I asked for a feature fix and within one hour he sent me some test code to try out. I have a lifetime subscription to his code and it is worth every penny.

I highly recommend this app to anybody that is using locks or keypads!!!


The following features aren’t working with my new Schlage Connect Camelot deadbolt (BE469NX).
Immediately lock after door closes doesn’t work. Unlock if locked while door is open doesn’t work. I’ve rebooted the hub and repaired Z-wave through IDE, and I’ve reset the lock and batteries. ST is recognizing the door locked/unlocked status, as well as the door open/closed status.

Add a repeater within 20 ft of your lock. Schlage locks are very susceptible to mesh quality issues and require a strong buffered mesh.


I’ll try, but the lock is within 10 feet of the ST hub with clear line or sight, no obstructions.

See the link I posted above. You need a repeater to buffer the commands/messages (which is Schlage’s Achilles heel), the hub doesn’t buffer messages.

We recommend this on our website and FAQ’s, add atleast one repeater to your mesh and it resolves 99.99% of all issues.


Does this have to be a stand alone repeater, or another z wave device near by. Don’t zwave devices act as repeaters?

Only AC powered Z-wave devices function as repeaters. This would include Z-wave switches, outlets, and plug-in receptacles. There are dedicated z-wave repeaters, but they are essentially a compact plug-in receptacle without an outlet. My preferred setup is to install a z-wave switch near the door that operates either the interior or exterior light.

Anything that operates solely on battery power (e.g. a PIR motion sensor, lock, or window/door sensor) would have a dramatically shortened battery life if it also functioned as a Z-wave repeater that was constantly listening in a high power state.


Will the app still work on my Kwikset 914 if I set a master code?

A little off topic here, but wondered if anyone had a thought on this problem.

I have a Kwikset 912. It is tied into ST using Rboy’s app. Recently when I unlock either from the keypad or from ST the motor in the lock seems to cycle on/off about 5 or 6 times. It didn’t use to do that. Locking it only cycles once as it should.

Any ideas as to what might cause that?

@RBoy I’ve installed GE brand in-wall Z-Wave switches, plug-in Z-Wave smart plugs, and still neither the “Relock immediately” nor the “Unlock door if locked while open” functions work on my Schlage Connect (BE469NX). I’m using the Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH and this Lock User Management v07.06.04 smartapp. All other functions and automations, including "Relock after (minutes) work. So, I used webCoRE to create the “Relock immediately” and “Unlock door if locked while open” functions, and they worked fine through webCoRE. For some reason those functions aren’t working through this SmartApp.

I removed the smart locks, re-added them, re-created the SmartApp, unplugged the hub for 20 minutes, repaired Z-Wave network, etc… Nothing makes these two functions work in this SmartApp.

Update: I just tried installing the “User Door Unlock/Lock Notifications and Actions v04.03.00” rboy smartapp (the one that doesn’t configure user codes). The two functions didn’t work with that app either. However, when I enable the functions in BOTH smartapps simultaneously, they work.

It’s a timing issue with the Z-Wave mesh. The Schlage BE469 is very sensitive to z-wave mesh. If the commands come too soon it ignores them or it isn’t ready to accept receive it drops them. Best solution is to add a z-wave repeater within 20ft of the lock. That creates a buffer and holds the command until the lock is ready to receive it. If you have enough repeaters in the mesh these timing issues go away. When you installed both apps they sent the commands a little apart, probably right timing so that the lock is ready to “accept” it.


Thank you to all our testers/users for your feedback on this incremental update

Lock User Management - Version 07.07.00

  • Added support for arming/disarming ST ADT panel as lock/unlock actions (including syncing when with external keypads)

Some examples of how folks are using this app:

  1. I give my landlord an access code for the lock but I want it disabled when I’m at home (presence based users)
  2. When my children are at home and the parents aren’t home, then allow the babysitter’s code to work (presence based users)
  3. When we’re away, allow my neighbor’s code to work (mode based users)
  4. I can schedule a code for my nanny with multiple schedules per day (morning and evening)
  5. I can program ahead for my vacation rental properties with a start and end date/time for my guests
  6. When I lock my door from outside I want my house to lock up behind me (close garage doors, lock all other doors, turn off switches, arm the security system etc)
  7. When I unlocked my outer door I want the inner door to also unlock and the lights to turn on but only at night
  8. I want my employees to have access only during business hours or on specifics days/modes

Lock Code User Management is the most reliable and comprehensive commercial grade User Code Management SmartApp with many (unique) features:

  • Works with the built in SmartThings device handler (Z-Wave and ZigBee)
  • Sure-Programming engine: verifies that programming was successful
  • Unlimited users and locks
  • Easy and intuitive setup
    • Colored icons show user state (grey -> inactive, blue -> active, yellow -> pending, red -> error)
  • Different types of users such as:
    • permanent
    • one time
    • expiration (start/end date/time)
    • scheduled (daily/weekly etc) with multiple schedules per user
    • presence based
    • mode based and many more
  • Support for different types of locks (keypad, bluetooth, RFID, etc)
  • Define custom individual Unlock and Lock actions for users such as:
    • Exit delay actions (wait for X minutes before running actions)
    • Separate actions for Keypad and Manual locking/unlocking and per door actions
    • Turning on lights if it’s dark outside
    • Unlocking/locking secondary locks
    • Opening/closing garage doors
    • Notifications on type of lock/unlock (manual, code, keypad, bluetooth, rfid etc)
    • Running routines
    • Changing modes
    • Arming/Disarming SHM/ADT
    • Turning on/off switches
    • Custom notifications settings (who and how many)
      • Multiple/international SMS’s
    • Define rules when to run and not run actions
  • Define Door Open/Close actions such as
    • Automatically relocking the door when it’s closed
    • Automatically unlocking the deadbolt if it’s extended, while door is open
    • Ringing chimes when door is opened
    • Notifications if door is left open
    • Define actions for each door separately
  • Lots of built in safety mechanisms to ensure users have a reliable experience
  • Compatibility with SmartLocks
  • and lots more…

Optionally you can use the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave Lock or the Universal ZigBee Lock device handler for a more customized experience.

Copyright © RBoy Apps

I’ve been trying to use the “notify if the door is left open” function but I can’t seem to get it to work. I have z wave sensors on each door that I point to but I never get a notification.

I set up a rule in SHM custom and it works great.

The SHM notify works great for when it changes mode but I wanted one to check if the door was left open for 3 minutes. It seems this was supposed to do that.

You can create a new monitoring rule in SHM. I have one setup to notify me if our garage doors are open for longer than 10 minutes. I am pretty sure this is what you are asking for right? I am assuming that you have an open/close sensor on your door, but technically you could also monitor the lock state (locked or unlocked) although that doesn’t tell you if it is open. See my screenshot below:

Edit - for clarity, monitoring rules can run independent of mode, so they will stay monitoring regardless of what mode ST is in.

Just verified and it’s working fine here. I setup a test to notify if the door is open for 3 minutes and I’m getting notifications every 3 minutes until the door is closed. Things to check:

  • You’ve selected the correct door open/close sensor in the app
  • Check the (hub) notifications modes, they should be empty (all modes) or selected to match your current hub mode
  • Check that your door sensor is reporting the open/close event properly when the door is opened/closed