[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

I will do that. Any recommendation for a method to re-pair the lock without taking it off my door to get it within 3 feet of my hub?

Tricky question because it depends on the lock, some can pair through repeaters other needs a direct connection with the hub. I would recommend the following steps:

  1. Try to pair as is from where it is currently
  2. Try to pair after removing your siren device (still need to confirm if that’s causing an issue with the repeating)
  3. Try to add a Monoprice Z-Wave Plus plug or another Z-Wave plus plug near the lock, repair the z-wave mesh and then try to pair it.
  4. Remove the lock and bring it close to the hub or bring the hub close using a portable ethernet to wifi client bridge

Does the Kwikset 912 report the code that was entered? Or just the lock/unlock status.

It reporting just fine here. @lflorack has extensive experience with the 912

Looking at the codeEntered capability. I never get a value here. Is that the wrong one?

No such capability in ST. I think you’re trying to capture the code used when locking/unlocking from the DTH to use in a custom app. That’s a DTH feature, this SmartApp is a consumer of that information.

We’ve published more details on how to capture the usedCode reported by the DTH to ST for use with custom apps here:

Shoot, I’m in the wrong thread again. Moving to the DTH thread.

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The 912, in combination with the @RBoy app and DTH, reports the user’s name on the 912’s 'Recently" tab, . For instance, "Unlocked by “George”. It doesn’t report the actual passcode used.

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How can I get that info in my own smartapp. The name itself is fine, if not the passcode. I just can’t seem to find the right capability or whatever it is called.


When a lock is unlocked the “Recently” tab under my locks shows “Unlocked by Code 2” for example. Would it please be possible to change this so it reflect what has been entered under the Users Config under the App please?
So for example I have set Slot 2 to be Car Keys, the Notification I receive is correct (Lock Back Door was unlocked by Car Keys via rfid) however the details under the Recently tab under the lock itself states Unlocked by “Code 2”, would be great if this also reflected the actual details that are set in the app. Not sur eif this is possible though of course.


Oh one more small thing, could you please change the “rfid” text to come back in capitals please “RFID” in the notifications. I have done so myself but thought it may be nice to have it baked in. TY :slight_smile:

If you’re using this app to program your codes it will show the name under the recently tab.

Seeing that you’re using RFID tags I assume you’re not using this app to program your cards but rather the RFID cards are programmed directly the lock and you’re using the following app:

We can continue the conversation in this topic to avoid confusion:

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Thanks for the reply.

That is my point though, it does not show the name, it just shows ‘Code 2’ for example yet the notifications do show the correct name as the notification comes from the app of course.

Correct though, the RFID’s are set via the lock, I use this App as I name the slots accordingly, so I unlock the door with a certain RFID tag (‘Car Keys’), see the slot/code it takes in the app and rename the slot accordingly. It works as it should and the Notification states the name I have set however under the ‘Recents’ tab under the Lock it just states ‘Code 2’ as opposed to ‘Car Keys’ Also, I am using this App as opposed to the other as I have a KeyPad but I will be starting from scratch once all is working correctly so may revert to the other App for just the locks which are Conexis L1. Still think I may have the same issue though.

I am not 100% sure but have a sneaky feeling that it may have displayed correctly under Recents in the past, perhaps the last update a few days back changed something. I will try to remove the app and add it back again.

Mark as @maddie mentioned, if you’re using this SmartApp, the Door Lock Code User Management to program your locks, the user name will show up in the Recently and Notifications tabs (it syncs up the names with the DTH while programming the locks).

However, you are not using this SmartApp rather you’re using a different smartapp which works differently. That SmartApp cannot put messages in the recently tab since Recently messages are only controlled by the DTH and since you’re programmming your codes outside of ST the DTH doesn’t know the names and hence they do not show up in the Recently tab when used. Instead the smartapp posts them to the notifications tab.

These are two different smartapps that work differently so it would be better to continue the discussion on the appropriate SmartApp topic here.

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I am so sorry! I was convinced I was using this app, well I was before! With all the testing I have been doing I must have swapped over to the other app and just forgot! :frowning:

Sincere apologies for the confusion!!!

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Installed new Yale lock, using the Universal DH and this app to manage codes.

It doesn’t seem to be working though… Codes I’ve assigned to users don’t appear to work.

In the logs for the app I see log entries with my users saying they are active.

Ensure that your lock is no further than 20 ft from the nearest repeater. You need atleast one repeater (Z-Wave Plus or ZigBee depending on your lock) between your lock and your hub to create a mesh and it will resolve 99.99% of your issues.
A repeater is any mains powered ZigBee or Z-Wave Plus device (like a switch or a plug), for example the Monoprice plug

See this topic for more details as to why hubs don’t function efficiently with locks without repeaters:

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I have a repeater on a plug right next to the door.

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Great then reboot your hub, do a Z-Wave repair (good idea to always do this after adding new devices) and run the Clear Codes procedure on our website to clear/reset your lock (this needs to be done for all new paired locks, see the website for details).

Also keep an eye on the ST platform there are outages affecting NA users right now which are slowing things down and users are having issues with the ST app to answer your original question.

OK, I got it working with default DH and Smart Lock app. I’m guessing it was some unsavory combo of server issues and/or my hub needing to be taught who’s boss (because apparently it was in question).

I’ll switch over to yours this weekend. Spent too much time banging my head…

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Can someone remind me again how to delete users? I seem to recall changing the number of users doesn’t automatically delete them.