[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Thank you Maddie
I will reset the lock later then.

Another question is, how can I make sure that the app that I install will use your advanced device handler, not the stock device handler?



If you’ve installed the device handler prior to pairing the lock, it will pick it up automatically.

If you’re installing the handler after paring the lock, then you can follow the installation instructions on our website to have to lock use the custom handler.

I updated and all is working perfectly for me. Thank you for following up, the DMs and great product!

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Proper way to upgrade
Hi Maddie, Yesterday I get the lock working (thank you) and this morning a new release if the “Door Lock Code User Management with Unlock Notifications, Advanced Scheduling and Automatic Lock/Unlock”

Whats the proper way to upgrade with preserving all the old settings? Simply copy and paste the smartapp code over or is there a better way?



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That’s it. Just copy, paste and publish. You can find step by step details on our website. It’s detects automatically when it’s upgraded and preserves the settings.

Hi Maddie
I updated the smart app last night from ver 5 to ver 7 and now I can not open the app on my phone to change the codes. The app did load codes to my 2 locks after I updated and the locks are working but I can not open the smart app to edit or change the door codes.
Any suggestions?

I am having problems I can’t use the RBoy custom door lock code user management with LOC notifications smart app. When I downloaded the app and then go to my smart apps it will not open it just sits. When I installed the app the wheel was spinning forever and I had to just close the app and then go back in then the app was sitting there in automation under smart apps when you touch it to open it so that you can use it nothing happens has anyone else experienced this. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated I have thought about re-setting the hub and starting all over but if it is in the cloud that won’t help. When I tried using The smart locks app it records every user as code 99 so that doesn’t help you monitor your lock. And last notify me when app will not work at all it does the same thing as the door lock code user management app it just sits there when you touch it to use it it does not work it doesn’t open so that you can program it.
Not having a good experience over here.

It sounds like your ST account or the ST servers are having an issue. Usually when the server is has load issues you see stuff like this and it goes away after a few hours or when the load drops. If it still doesn’t you should contact ST support to investigate. If nothing else you may need to reset your account or delete all apps/code, exclude and re pair your lock.

For a Yale 226 zwave I see the app can msg me when a certain user unlocks the door. Is there a counter somewhere that logs how many times that user comes in?

I would to evaluate the App before purchasing, or have the option to return the App and get reimbursed if I don’t find it works for me within the first 30 days. Is this an option?

Yes it tracks it internally. It is used for the Notify X times option for each user. Send us a request and we’ll add ticket to see how we can display it in the next release.

Sorry if this is a FAQ, but are there any keypad/RFID readers I can use this this? It looks like there are, but wanting a specific recommendation.

Interested in combining it with my August Pro (I really have the keypad they have).

Thanks in advance!

Still waiting to here if a trial version of the App is available… While I wait for that answer, would the App Unlock notifications for a Yale YRD226 lock include user identifying information?

@RBoy @maddie

I have not played with the apps yet as am constantly away from home but wanted to ask if there is any provision for them to work with different RFID tags. As the newer Yale Conexis L1 lock do not have a keypad is there any way to be able to differentiate between different tags/fobs being used etc.?

Apologies if this has already been covered.


Yes, it was confirmed by a user in the post above your question, and unfortunately, SmartThings isn’t setup for a trial model.

@chippie , The Conexis lock does report some RFID information over Z-Wave, however do keep in mind that that the standard ST z-wave lock device handler does not process these RFID tags. You will need to use the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device handler to process those RFID tags/fobs. How the tags are differentiated depend on your locks’ firmware. The DTH itself can recognize different types of tags, RFID, Bluetooth etc.

Also do keep in mind that the lock does not follow the standard Z-Wave user programming method. So it is recommended to follow the locks’ instructions to program your tag/fob’s with the lock and after programming them we have developed this app specifically for the purpose to using pre programmed tags/cards/users and then take actions when the lock is operated using those pre programmed users.


@maddie, What do the notifications look like? Would the name of the user be in the notification (SMS and SmartThings PUSH)?

What is the trick to keep the lock from locking while the door is open. I guess the only way the system knows the door open is buy the Samsung open/close sensor. So, if it reads open, how to keep it from locking?
I have Relock when closed on, Relock after minutes unset, and unlock while open set.

You’ll need a door sensor and under Door Open/Close Actions select the sensor and set option to unlock when left open. Sounds like you’ve done it.

If you are seeing that the lock sometimes unlocks/doesn’t unlock or doesn’t unlock in a timely manner it indicates an issue with the z wave mesh. The command is getting delayed or lost or the lock is having issues processing it (sometimes replacing the battery helps). Try to add a repeater within 20ft if the lock and do a z wave repair.

You can also look at other cheaper sensors like the Monoprice door sensor or the discrete Monoprice recessed door sensor:


They also have a version that runs on AAA batteries which can double as a mailbox sensor.

Yes. For e.g.: Front Door Lock was unlocked by user Maddie via Keypad. You have separate notifications for locking, unlocking, manual, keypad etc which can enabled as desired and also set conditional events (like modes or presence etc). You can also set custom notification options for each user or for all users (individual options take preference over general options). It can send push and/or sms (to multiple numbers) depending on the options you’ve selected and how you’ve set it up in your ST address book (if you have one).

See the release notes above or the website for a full list of features:

Thanks Maddie!

Not sure if this may be possible or not but if so perhaps you could add it as a feature request.
Similar to using the app where we can assign a Door Sensor to the Lock I was wondering if something similar could be added to the DH so we could have a TILE showing if the Door is physically Open or Closed. Hope that makes sense.