[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

trief that with no change.

Hehe. Stay in the other thread. I posted again.

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What issue Tony? Your post is not linked to anything?

Been a while using this app and just did all the updates and it’s been working flawless. One problem were having is when my son leaves the house he’s forgetting to close the back slider, is there a way to prevent the front door from locking if the other door sensors are open? This way if he can’t lock the front door it will remind him to go close the other doors.

Ah ok, thanks!

That would be a nice addition :slight_smile:

It’s finally here, use your keypad as a lock and with Lock Coder User Management.

You can arm/disarm SHM directly from the keypads and also program 4 digit 4 user codes directly into the keypad using the SmartApp.

Make sure you update to version 07.05.00 of the SmartApp to use these additional SHM features (older version of the SmartApp will also work with the keypad without the extra SHM features).

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And happy to finally bring you Rental Lock Automater: Automatically manage your AirBnB, VRBO and HomeAway rental property locks and users

A big thank to all our supporters for months of feedback


Big Thumbs up to RBoys team. Ive been a Beta use for a couple of months and this is a great tool for Airbnb Hosts.

Takes all the stress out of lock code changes and has lots of notification options. If you are in to Airbnb hosting, take a look.

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I have the same issue (and yes, I’ve tried refreshing). I only see Lock/Unlock/Audio and Battery Level tiles on my Conexis L1. I want to disable Autolock but none of the advanced features display.

I replied directly to the thread in question and it’s appeared here again so…

Still no answer. As far as I’m concerned, this DH does not support advanced Conexis L1 features. A bit frustrating as this is the only reason I purchased it.

I have not fitted my modules yet but do we even know if these features are supposed via the Z-Wave module. After all it is an addon and may not have the ability to change the actual Locks settings etc. but hopefully it does and we may get a reply soon!
Hope to crack on with setting mine up this coming weekend.

I have a Conexis L1, and this DH gives me an autolock toggle tile.

@Tony_Orr you were asking about the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock DTH thread:

Hi @RBoy - I have it set up so that SHM goes to “Away” when I use a specific code. However the SHM state is changed to “Armed (Stay)” when I execute. I doubled checked the scenes that are set up correctly. I have it set up correctly in your app. Any ideas?

Make sure you’re on the latest version, sounds like you may be on an older version. If you’re using a “keypad” you need to be on 07.05.00 or newer to use the direct keypad arm/disarm feature.

I’m on version 7.04.06. Sorry by keypad I mean the pad on my Schlage connect.

Hello Sir
I bought a life time subscription and I’d explore the aaps that you developed.
Question here, for Schlage Smartlock (which is currently managed by ST stock z-wave controller), do I have to reset/clear all the entry code before using your advanced smartapp?
I tried to install the app but when I select the user “configure users” section none of the existing user code actually show up (everything listed as blank),

Thank you


Hi Lewis,

Resetting the lock is optional, however we do recommend running the Clear Codes procedure listed on it website after installing the app for the first time.

For security reasons locks do not report existing codes so after a new install it will always start with a “clean” slate. Which is also why we recommend running the clear codes procedure (after installing the app) and resetting the lock (before installing the app) so that you know that no “old” are left accidentally.

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Thank you Maddie
I will reset the lock later then.

Another question is, how can I make sure that the app that I install will use your advanced device handler, not the stock device handler?



If you’ve installed the device handler prior to pairing the lock, it will pick it up automatically.

If you’re installing the handler after paring the lock, then you can follow the installation instructions on our website to have to lock use the custom handler.