[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

@RBoy I got your lock code user management installed. Before I start using it…

I have a Schlage BE469 with 5 users. Works fine with the Smartthing market app. I want more granularity hence why I decided to support your development and go for your app :smiley:

My question is… Do I have to reset to factory default my lock before I use your app? Or just clear all users and codes?
Is there a step by step on how to setup for the first time your app?

Thanks for your help!

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Thank you for your support. No need for a reset, just clearing the codes is enough. The “Clear Codes” procedure, step by step is given on our website. Apart from that there should be no manual required, it is designed to be simple and intuitive. If you do find you get stuck please let us know so we can look into the design to see how we can improve it better.

“Any product that needs a manual to work is broken” -Elon Musk

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Awesome. Thanks. Will give it a try.
Excuse my ignorance as I am new to this whole IDE and custom apps thing :stuck_out_tongue:

One more question. Do I need your device handler?

Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock with Alarm, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and Advanced Features

It isn’t mandatory, all your basic functionality will work fine with the stock ST device handler but we do recommend it as it opens up many advanced features for the device and app to use like lock based codes, jammed locks, invalid code notifications, autolock features etc.

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My Schlage 469 keeps saying it’s jammed but it doesn’t seem hindered in any way. Any advice? I’m using your DTH, btw, so I’m holding out hope…:slight_smile: Thx!

Nothing to do with the DTH, it to do with how the lock is installed and operated. That message is being sent by the lock. Either the lock is being opened/closed too slowly or your deadbolt isn’t perfectly aligned with the door frame and is scraping it (and yes it does tend to lose alignment over time when doors are slammed etc), try adjusting your mounting of the lock and alignment to the door frame. The lock is very sensitive to resistance and speed. See this post:

@RBoy all went well except that is stuck with “user 4 is not set” and it repeats for user 5.
1 2 and 3 add it just fine.

Any ideas?

@RBoy, are there any plans to support an iCal link for automatically updating codes?

The following project did the iCal integration, but it does not seem compatible with the Rboy Door Lock.
The code is doing a pull a day on the iCal calendar, and if an entry is found for the day, it uses the last 4 of the phone number as door code. Maybe you could add something like that to your Door Lock app?
Very useful for AirBnB hosts

@RBoy I just did a test and it looks like the code is there but is reporting it as “unknown user”… Any ideas? :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

Edit: Seems to be a problem with the last slot. I had it set to 5 and it never took the code of the last user… It keep clearing out in the app and the app keep coming up with an error along the lines error refreshing page" every time.

So I add it another slot and that did the trick to add all of my home users… It still complains in the logs about it but at least my users work…

I keep seen this: 7:06:54 PM: debug Front Door Deadbolt Guest user 6 already deleted

Did you run the Clear Codes procedure, if not do that. It’s best to start on a clean slate. Also this tends to indicate a problem with the Z-Waves mesh. Make sure that you lock is no further than 10-15 ft from the nearest Z-Wave repeater. Anytime more and it tends to overload the mesh and lock communication which causes issues like this. Best practices includes:

  1. Reboot hub
  2. Repair Z-Wave network
  3. Ensure that the lock is no further than 10-15ft from a Z-Wave repeaters/active device

Yes, this is already in the works. If you want to be a beta tester please email us.


@RBoy Yes, All the codes were cleared and the hub is not even 3ft away from the deadbolt. The funny part is that I can set as many users I want but is just that one last user that allways gives me problems. Going to restart the hub and see. Will report back.

You’d think that should be good but in practice we’ve seen one hub just isn’t make for a reliable Z-Wave mesh. You will see a dramatic difference if you add just a single Z-Wave repeater device. If you don’t want to add another device try moving the location of the hub, due to antenna design and signal reflections, it does create havoc with communication (which is why having even one repeater is a great idea as it makes for a better signal coverage). One person have a hub just below the lock and it was quite reliable, when he moved it up to be inline with the lock with line of sight, it started working perfectly without any communication retries.

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@RBoy I am sorry, I thought I mention that I do have 2 other repeaters. A Honeywell Tux acting as a secondary and a Aeotec Repeater… It only hangs in the last code. :frowning:

Thanks for your help!

Have you tried moving the hub and repairing the z wave network. There nothing special about any code, first or last. It’s just getting the communication network stable. Meanwhile the app will continue to retry programming until the locks responds with a successful confirmation.

I am working on it!
Thanks :slight_smile:

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@RBoy just checked on your site but didn’t see anything in the device handlers section…do you have one that supports the zigbee Yale yrd220?

I have a monoprice deadbolt, using @RBoy’s DH & SmartApp. It does not seem to always update it’s status. ie. I left for work this morning, and it was still reporting being locked from last night. I keep seeing a lot of these in the logs:

7e9d2857-62d3-4295-a648-ae7bdab5ea4b  7:28:27 AM: debug Unsupported device with MSR 0109-2006-0621, Audio/Beeper feature may not be available
7e9d2857-62d3-4295-a648-ae7bdab5ea4b  7:28:27 AM: debug Getting auto lock state
7e9d2857-62d3-4295-a648-ae7bdab5ea4b  7:28:27 AM: debug Getting audio/beeper state
7e9d2857-62d3-4295-a648-ae7bdab5ea4b  7:28:27 AM: debug Unsupported device with MSR 0109-2006-0621, Alarm Sensitivity feature may not be available
7e9d2857-62d3-4295-a648-ae7bdab5ea4b  7:28:27 AM: debug Unsupported device with MSR 0109-2006-0621, Auto Lock feature may not be available
7e9d2857-62d3-4295-a648-ae7bdab5ea4b  7:28:27 AM: debug Unrecognized device with MSR 0109-2006-0621, CodeUnLock feature may not be available
7e9d2857-62d3-4295-a648-ae7bdab5ea4b  7:28:27 AM: debug Lock Alarm mode not configured or not supported, deferring getting Alarm sensitivity level.
7e9d2857-62d3-4295-a648-ae7bdab5ea4b  7:28:27 AM: debug Unsupported device with MSR 0109-2006-0621, Alarm feature may not be available 

Are these just due to unsupported features, or could they be contributing to my deadbolt not reporting properly?

@rboy does not have a ZigBee DTH for locks on his website but you can use mine below. It does all the features of the Z-Wave DTH for Yale locks and works with @rboy’s lock manager SmartApp.


I didn’t even consider the thought that I may need to buy another zwave device just for the sake of repeating the signal…all I was planning on having was the hub and either a zigbee Yale yrd220 or a zwave schlage connect about 20 feet apart.

What is the cheapest zwave or zigbee device I could install that would serve that repeating purpose?