[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

Thanks, I will try those batteries

Does your deadbolt move freely?

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Great point, something we I paid attention to a few months ago, the deadbolts in house (Schlage on the front and Yale at the back) weren’t super smooth, one had a little locking at the end while the other was scraping along the side, both due to misaligned frames. Batteries used to last 3-4 months depending up on use (down from 6+ on a fresh install, over time the brace got slightly out of alignment causing the scraping), now I can see it going to atleast 6 months after aligning the braces. I had to make a fresh cut into the wood widening the “slot” by 1mm but it made a world of difference in how smooth it operated and the battery life.

thanks all

So I bought a Zooz chime with the intention of using it for the open/close notification. It seems that since there are a few different alert types in the Zooz DH that it needs a specific command to work… Any chance of this being looked into?

Zooz DH: [RELEASE] Zooz Smart Chime

That looks (very) complex, but it sounds like in one of the posts that you can enable a settings in the preferences to Set the switch on Chime sound (Tone). If the DTH is compliant with the ST specs it should just work when the beep function is called by the SmartApp.

Is there an error you’re seeing in Live Logging or the device just isn’t beeping/chiming?

I commented on the release of the DH and made the statement that the standard on/off at the dashboard level does nothing. There’s three options once the item is opened where you can turn it on, chime, or alarm. The alarm trigger works for the monitoring. My completely uneducated guess/assumption is that the smart app triggers the on/off task and the DH is looking for a more specific command. When I try to select the chime in the smart app it doesn’t even let me select it. I put the check mark beside it but it doesn’t hold it.

There are multiple ways to play the 10 chimes using capabilities that are supported by almost all SmartApps, including Smart Home Monitor.

  • Switch capability on command plays chime sound specified in “Switch On Chime Sound” setting.

  • Tone capability beep command plays chime sound specified in “Beep Chime Sound” setting.

  • If you select the device as a dimming switch you can play the 10 chimes using the corresponding dimming levels: 10 plays chime 1, 20 plays chime 2, …, 100 plays chime 10

  • Set “Siren Length” to (0 - Chime) and the Siren strobe, siren, and both commands will play the sound specified in the “Siren Sound” setting as a chime instead of turning on the siren.

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No, the SmartApp triggers the beep() method as per the documentation, that’s the only capability supported by a Tone device (chime).

The DH references the following command for beep…

def beep() {
logDebug “Playing Beep Chime (#${beepChimeSoundSetting})”
addPendingSound(“status”, “beep”)
return chimePlayCmds(beepChimeSoundSetting)

I’ve tried changing the profiles around. It’ll take on the main screen under “notify on these devices” but wont on the "Ring this chime when the door is opened’

I’ve attached screenshots

I think it would be appropriate question for the DTH thread. Check your Live Logs to see if the DTH beep is being called and what’s happening there.

You should also see an entry in your SmartApp IDE Live Logs something like:

“Door XXX was opened, chiming bell YYY”

That screenshot shows that no device is selected for the “Ring this chime when door is opened” setting.

Hi all, sorry to repost this, but still curious:

Hi guys, great app! I was curious though is it possible to allow a user to enter in multiple “home modes”? So far it only allows to select one but I’ve created several. (Ex, Home, Away, Night, lock down secure, etc.).


I don’t understand what you mean by you want to enter multiple modes. You
only have one mode active at a time.

I have a yale YRD210 and I’m wondering what the correct settings I need to select in order to not get notifications for using the master code but still get notifications for user codes. I use the master code myself and I don’t need to be notified for this but there doesn’t seem to be a setting to turn off notifications for the master code. Do I have to change the master code to something else and then create a user code for myself to use or is there another way?

One other question, is there a way to change the master code for this lock through your app or device handler?

TIA, I switched from vera and your apps have made the switch much easier!

Hi Rboy, amazing application thanks so much for developing it. I just meant when you pick a user then go to “schedule (optional)” it has an allow access only when in this mode. What if you want a user to be active in several modes including “away, home, vacation” but don’t want it activated in “secure night” or something. Is there a way to have a user code be active in multiple possible modes instead of just one?

Many Thanks!

  • Savio
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Most welcome

It does have that feature, just verified I can select multiple modes. Make sure you’re on the latest version.

You cant’, Master Codes are special codes and are hard coded to be notified. That’s because most locks don’t allow using a Master Code to unlock but rather to program. As a safety measure the app will always notify the user.
In general it’s a bad idea to use the Master Code to lock/unlock, it’s like using the Admin account for your computer all the time with no safety protection built in. Just my 2 cents on it.

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I just tried on mine, I have it updated all the way and for some reason it’s an option button and not a check box item. I am only allowed to select one mode. Am I doing something wrong?

Many Thanks!

  • Savio

What version of the ST mobile app and what device are you using, it’s working on Samsung S6 and iPhone 7 here with the latest 2.4.0 release (but do NOT upgrade ST Android to 2.4.0 since it breaks dynamic pages and custom actions may stop working.