[RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM)

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Hi Roy,

Is there a particular reason why when I open the logs in the ST application under lock --> recently tab, I see events such as “unlock using code”, “codeunlock is” etc. these do not generate notifications however I’m not sure I had them before updating the apps and DH.


If they are in the recently tab then they’re coming from your lock, not the app. You would need to see why your lock is sending them.

Thanks Roy but I’m using your provided DH Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock with Alarm, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and Advanced Features

I’m receiving this events such as "“unlock using code” very often despite no code used or unlocked

The DH only reports what the lock is sending it. So you may want to look into why the lock is sending it. Try checking IDE Live Logging for what’s being sent by the lock. It will tell in more detail what’s going on. Feel free to copy the messages from the lock (not the smart app) and PM it to me.

Also you may want to move this over to the DH thread.

Folks using the ZigBee device handler should update to the latest 1.3a Universal ZigBee device handler. This is to fix an issue with the lock reporting user 255 when using manual or remote locking/unlocking. Thanks for the quick turnaround @jhamstead.

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I setup a temporary guest code that was supposed to expire on 3/15 but it was available on 3/17. It is no longer available now but I am wondering if there is a known issue for this?

Select User Type
Expire On

Code Start Date

Code Expiration Date

Code Expiration Time
06:30 PM

I have a schlange lock and I’m trying to use this to turn SHM to home mode (I’m back routine).

I believe it’s the disarm command? Is that right? Enter code door opens and it sends I’m back?

whats the best way to trigger goodbye?

That would be an issue with your ST account timers not firing or likely a communication failure with your hub. Make sure your mesh network is strong, you have a few active devices between your lock and hub and you do a z wave network repair (last part is very important to the health of the network)

Disarm changes SHM to Home mode. You can also execute routines which tends to be more predictable than changing SHM modes as the platform tends to run slow sometimes for SHM mode changes.

Gotcha so I can create my own routine that isn’t SHM and assign that to disarm and that’s when the keypad unlocks the door?

What do the other options tie to function wise? Can I assign a specific code that locks the door and “arms it”?



Yes, if you’re using the universal enhanced device handler and your lock support code based locking you can define custom actions (lock and unlock) for each user code.

I am using it and using lock manager
But I’m unclear what all the different options relate to function wise?
“Disarm” is when door is unlocked? What are the other ones? What triggers

If you click on define custom actions for the user it will list all the
available options. There will be 2 sections, one for unlock actions and one
for lock actions. The custom user actions will be triggered when the user
uses their code to lock or unlock the door.

where is define custom actions? I’m not seeing it…

Are you sure you’re using this app? If so it’ on the second page where you enter the user names and codes. Each user has an option to define custom actions.

Under keypad info?

I don’t think you’re using this app. Please see the first post.

User lock manager smart app from your server right? I am using it from what I can tell

This is all I’m seeing is this not the app?

Again you’ve got the wrong app. Please see the first post on how to get
access to our app. Our app is called Lock Multi User Code Management and
has all of the features you’re asking about.