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[RELEASE] Lock User Management: Door lock code manager (create, delete and schedule codes) with automatic lock/unlock, custom user actions and SHM/ADT integration

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You lock has likely lost the connection with the hub, you will need to exclude and repair your lock again. You can post DTH/lock related questions on this thread:


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You’re absolutely welcome, the mesh is very tricky thing and causes headaches which manifest themselves in lots of different ways. Almost 99% of all issues we get are to do with mesh problems :slight_smile:



@rboy I went ahead and started my conversation in the other thread.

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(Dtm) #1317

I was originally planning to place my ST hub right by my router since it needs the Ethernet connection, but after reading so much about interference and the important of a good mesh etc, how detremental to either my wifi network (both 2.4 and 5ghz) and zigbee/zwave signal health will placing these two so close be?

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I will let @JDRoberts take this one :slight_smile:



Read post 11 in the following FAQ thread, and then read the whole thread. It should answer your questions. :sunglasses:


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Got it, thanks. I’ll keep it about 10feet away, I have a side table I should be able to place ST on, router is hidden behind couch.

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Will it be possible to add the capability/feature to unlock on arrival/phone presence and only begin the door relocking timer once the door has been opened.

This should be possible with webcore; Just adding backlog items unnecessarily:) to your app, seems to be more snappy.


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I rebooted my smartthings hub and all is good. Sometimes the simple soultions are the best

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Yes this is in the works for the next major release.


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How often does this overwrite the codes? One of my locks is on the outer edges of range and if it has to write codes often I’ll need to take that into account.


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It overwrites all codes when you click Done for security reasons. You need to ensure that you lock is within 10-15ft of a repeater for optimal performance.

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(Dtm) #1326

Old quote, but wondering if the multiple schedules is close to being released? Would really help with the dog walkers!

For the one time use option, does the app actually delete the code from the lock as soon as it’s been used? If so, wouldn’t the hub need to be within whisper range?


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It was released quite some time ago, you can have upto 3 schedules per user now. See these release notes

Yes it removes the user from the lock after it’s been used.

No, the lock just needs to be communicating reliably with the Z-Wave network. It should within about 15 feet of a z-wave repeater ideally for a strong signal mesh.


(Scott Simmons) #1328

Notifications are no longer showing ‘who’ unlocked door. Now it just say door was unlocked electronically. I’m using Prior version rather than version released hours ago. Also using universal (rboy) device handler. Logs do show user 1, user 2 in activity on the mobile app. Just not verbose notifications. Any ideas?


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When you say no longer working, assuming it was working. Did you change any settings? Did you disable verbose notifications on the first page?

There is no new version released hours ago. the last version released was about a month ago (it’s pretty stable, mostly just new features).


(Michael) #1330

Ever since the latest update some messages have been shortened. See the below thread as an examp,e, but I experienced it too:


(Scott Simmons) #1331

Yes Verbose unlock notification used to work, Now it only says “Unlocked electronically” . I turned on the get detailed notification in the bottom settings of the first page. I got a bunch of programming messages for the lock. Still can’t figure out to get this to work. General setting Notifications for users setting, all setting are on but ‘notify on keypad lock’ there is NO setting for Notify on keypad unlock’ Maybe this is just mislabeled is it might do both?


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It’s working fine here, on all three of our test hubs. There are no special settings, it just sends the entire message via push and to the notifications feed. If you’re seeing the full message in the notification feed but not on the push message it could be what @ritchierich pointed out in the post above.

The solution posted above was to delete your ST Mobile app and reinstall it and if that doesn’t work for you maybe ST support may need a be involved as to why your mobile app has started shortening notifications.


(James J) #1333

need help :slight_smile: I have my 910 on your universal zwave DTH, but when I go to use this smart app I get this error after hitting create, any help to get me going would be much apperciated!!!

No signature of method: script1504542398807162410191.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script1504542398807162410191$_run_closure1) values: [script1504542398807162410191$_run_closure1@252c3e80] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)