[RELEASE] Lock Manager


(Lee Florack) #1926

In order to successfully re-add my Kwikset lock back into SmartThings, I had to move the hub within 2-3 feet of the lock - even though it normally sits within 5 feet of the hub and less than 2 feet from multiple Z-Wave secure repeaters. Once it’s re-added, it runs fine with the hub back where it normally is.

(Sam) #1927

Thank you Iflorack for the tip! I figured out there were a couple extra steps I had to take to properly exclude it from my ST hub. I followed JSandford’s instructions and it finally worked! Here’s the link:

I will keep your tip in mind for the future if I ever need to re-troubleshoot my lock again!


(Sam) #1928

As I started re-entering the codes for my users in the ST app, I noticed there is a function that is no longer offered. I used to be able to deactivate the codes for my users when I am present in the home. Under “DO NOT run Actions if any of these are present.” I used to be able to activate this especially when it recognizes that my phone is home. Is this new?



I have 2 locks a Yale Deadbolt and Yale YRL220 Handle. I started programming users and had no issue. I just added 2 others last night and while it works for the deadbolt the lever says controller failed to set user code. I went into the user and clicked reset lock but, same result. Help please!


Adding a data point. After it did not work I went to the setup on the device but, the setup screen was frozen. I removed a battery and it popped back and now it loaded the next user code. Seems some signal is freezing the system.


Is there a way to change the number of seconds the lock waits before auto-locking when the auto lock is enabled?

(Kurt Sanders) #1932

I don’t think within the Lock Manager.

I use a WebCore piston to achieve the detection of the door close, motion around the door ended, and then the locking of the lock.

One can also use other custom SmartApps that have been developed to integrate with a door lock, depending on if you have a door contact, motion sensor, or just want to lock the door after X seconds of being unlocked.

(Bala Kurakula) #1933

I am having issues with this. I just did everything as mentioned in the guide. I got the Lock Manager in my ST classic app. But when I try to add “New lock” or “New User” I can see those until I hit save. For some reason its not saving. Once I come back after hitting “Save” they disappear. No changes I make are saved. How do I fix it?

(Glen King) #1934

What are you trying to accomplish?

In my configuration, the lock auto-locks within a second or two of the door being closed… but does not lock at all if the door is open. There is no sense in having the lock automatically lock if the door is open, right? And there’s no need to NOT have it lock if the door’s closed.

Of course I live in a private house, and the front door has a storm door.

If you live in an apartment building, you might indeed wish to have it closed but remain unlocked for 2 minutes while you bring your garbage to the collection room or something.

In either event, you can use Webcore to achieve your goal.


I’m completely new to SmartThings and user-developed apps. I’d like to install the lock manager, but I think the instructions I’m following might be out of date:

For example, in the “Install the Parent App” section after I click “Update from Repo”, I don’t see:

  • ethayer:Lock Manager

Instead I see these:

  • devicetypes/ethayer/zwave-lock-schlage.src/zwave-lock-schlage.groovy
  • devicetypes/ethayer/zwave-lock-yale.src/zwave-lock-yale.groovy
  • devicetypes/ethayer/zwave-lock.src/zwave-lock.groovy

Am I doing something wrong? What should I do differently/which selections should I make?