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[RELEASE] Lock Manager


(jkp) #1905

the only thing about the older version is you can not use the locks in the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) app which you can do using the new Lock Manager and the ST stock lock device handlers.

(David) #1906

It’s not going well for me!
I have removed the smart app and the device handler - which I think is all I have to do. Specific uninstall instructions seem to be very vague.

Then I changed the Repo to point to beta-2.
Then did an update from this new Repo and selected the single selectable item. It installed without a problem. Then I went into Device Handler and again did an update from Repo and select the 3rd item - the standard handler. I didn’t select Schlage or Yale.

This failed with:

Updated 0 devices and created 0 new devices (1 skipped due to errors)

So somewhat stuck at this point.

(jkp) #1907

You actually don’t need those device handlers. You can simply use the stock ST device handlers. All you need to do at this point is to go up to the menu and click on My Devices. Scroll through the list and find your lock(s) and click on the name, then choose Edit at the botttom of the screen, change the Type field to either Zwave or Zigbee Lock and save.

(Jamie M) #1909

I just installed this a few hours ago. For some reason, I can’t get it to send me notifications when someone uses a code to unlock. I see it mentioned that other people were having the same issue, but unless I’m missing it completely, I don’t see that it got a response.

Are notifications for this app currently broken?
Ok, i think i have them working now. Apparently it’s not enough to turn on notifications, you also have to specify which notifications to send. Once I set it to send On User Entry as well as turning them on, it started working.

(David) #1910

I used the ‘z wave with codes’ device handler and it now seems to be working. I am able to create a user and lock unlock using the door’s keypad using the code that I created.

Thanks for all the help.


Using latest beta stuff (installed Saturday from beta-2) I have noticed the SmartThings Samsung Connect no longer shows the locked/Unlocked status of my Yale lock. While SmartThings Classic does show the lock status. All STSC shows is “Connected”.

DTH - Z-Wave Lock Yale
Yale 256 Keyless.

Does the custom DTH give me anything over the standard smart things DTH?


This worked thank you so much!!!

(jkp) #1913

You would need to use the ST stock device handler - Z-wave Lock if you want to use the lock in the ST (Samsung Connect) app


Looks like “ZWave Lock” is the only one that will work with STSamCon. Even a stock ST “ZWave Lock With Codes” doesn’t. even though the Yale 256 is a code only lock.

(jkp) #1915

Yes, the only two stock device handlers that work with STSC is Zwave lock and Zigbee lock.


ZWave Lock will work well enough it appears, paired to the Smart Things Lock it looks like I get basic code management.


(Mark) #1917

Hello, I recently installed a Samsung SmartHub (2018) and a Schlage Connect lock. I can control the lock just fine using the current SmartThings app. I then realized I needed the Classic App for Lock-Manager so I have installed that as well. Using the Classic app I can control the door lock just fine.

I installed lock manager and when I click on Lock Manager and create a “New Lock”, I go through the setup just fine. When I click Save and am navigated back to the Main lock manager screen I see my lock (all is good at this point). I can add users and codes and again, all is good. I can use the new codes set up on my lock at this point.

The issue is when I hit Save and am navigated back to the Marketplace screen. The next time I go into Lock Manager, my lock and any users I previously set up are gone! I definitely hit Save the last time I was in Lock Manager doing the set up.

What am I doing wrong?


(jkp) #1918

You need to use the Lock Manager that is located in Automation, not the one in Marketplace :slight_smile:

(Mark) #1919

Thank you! The guide I was using specified Marketplace.

Got it working now.


Everything is working great and love the app. I currently have 7 users setup. Is there a way to have their names show up in the ‘Recently’ activity log instead of the code number?

(Mike King) #1921

So I have two questions… One I hope simple, and one probably not.

  1. I notice there is an update in the DeviceHandler and the Code (looks like he changed the icons from Dropbox to his own personal webserver)

Somehow I have “Unpublished” changes, and I can’t figure out how to fix this. (I’m a GitHub Newbie)

  1. I’m not sure when but sometime in the last few weeks, it seem like it stopped tripping Routines when I unlock. I have mine configured to trigger the “I’m Home” routine when I unlock, which disables my siren.
    Anyone else running into this?

(jkp) #1922

click on the name of that device handler, then select publish for me.

(Mike King) #1923

Would you belive I’ve been looking for 45 minutes, and I never found that screen.

(Mike King) #1924

So I’ve been looking into my routines not firing.

It’s a bit worse than I thought. It’s NOT that the routing is not executing. It is worse. It’s Intermittently executing.

The real root of the problem seems to be that devices aren’t updating status.
You can see that Smartthings thinks my door is closed and unlocked. In reality it was open and locked.

The notifications log shows that the routine has executed. But while doing repeated testing, it was only firing every other time or so.

*Note, it’s been over 20 minutes, and I finally had to unlock/lock my door to get smarthings sync’d up again.

So… is this something I can fix? I haven’t touched anything for over a year. This, of course could be the problem. But other than the Icon’s, I don’t think the LockManager has been updated. So I doubt that it’s I need to update something.

(Sam) #1925

I’ve been having issues with my Kwikset 916 smartcode lock. I’ve had it for 1.5 years now and noticed in the last 6 months that my notifications stopped to my phone. If i actually go into my smartthings app, I can see a log of locks/unlock however no notifications. I finally decided to reset everything and start over. I also noticed that my lock states there’s only 1% battery life left despite replacing with brand new batteries (before I wiped everything out and restarted fresh). I have everything reinstalled (ethayer), but noticed that my smartthings is unable to notice my lock now. Am I missing a step somewhere?