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[RELEASE] Lock Manager


(Erik Thayer) #1783

I haven’t had that problem. Once a code is set, it never just becomes unset.

Can you tell me more about the codes that exibit this issue? Do you use the scheduling options or modes to active or deactivate a user?

Do you have any other apps that could be managing lock codes on your install? Make sure you use only 1 instance of Lock Manager.

I recommend using beta-2.

(Rob J) #1784

I wasn’t using schedules- only manually adding/removing users. The user would continue showing in the app but the lock code would no longer work. I only had 1 instance of the app and was on a 1.x version.

I was under the gun to get a working solution in place so switched to another alternative, but will be checking back on your progress for 2.0 and greatly appreciate all your work on Lock Manager.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I think having a web interface for managing options will be the single biggest feature upgrade and it’s something in which I’d be willing to invest. Heck, I’d invest in Lock Manager as a business :slight_smile:

(Steve Lyons ) #1785

Using Lock Manager with the Yale assure lock. I set up a user to test the scheduling function as I want a code that only works for a short time on Fridays. This worked fine, but when I set up the push notification to notify me when the user was activated, I started getting a push notification in the smartthings classic app every minute. Has anyone seen this issue? am I doing something wrong?



Great SmartApp release @ethayer. However, I’m having issue with your SmartApp with my Kwikset SmartCode 916 lock. Under Lock Manager / Locks / a selected lock -> under selected lock Lock Info page, it says “App is learning codes. They will appear here when received. Lock may require special DTH to work properly”. On pg. 22 of the v1.1 user guide, it gives a solution where if no codes are loaded, I must tap on “Done” (Save now?) to see if the codes load again. Unfortunately it doesn’t load up any known codes from the lock. I know the Kwikset lock communicates with SmartThings because Lock Manager retrieved information from the lock where one of the user I added in Lock Manager has increased the entries count from 0 to 1, 2, 3, etc… I do have the Mastercode enabled for greater security, an option in Kwikset 916 to confirm adding new user codes (Manual’s definition: User codes can be programmed with or without a mastercode. Using a mastercode is an optional, added-security measure. It is not enabled by default. A mastercode is used to add and delete user codes)… I’m not sure if that’s a problem, but I’ll see about disabling it to see if it helps later on when I have time. I have already gone through one round of uninstalling the SmartApp and DTH and re-adding them, but still the same issue. Anybody similar with my issue?

Update: I removed the Mastercode and so far, the app still hasn’t learned the codes…

Update 2: I re-investigated the Device settings in SmartThings IDE and found that the correct lock’s device type “Z-Wave Lock Reporting” as instructed in the install guide was found at that very bottom of the drop down list of type. This was one of the steps that maybe a lot of people messed up. The list may appear to be alphabetical order, but it is not. I’ve seen many people posted, including me, ended up selecting “Z-Wave Lock”, which is missing the “Reporting” in the type’s name, assuming the list was alphabetical order. So that’s why the app would never be able to learn the codes. The instructions should clarify that the correct device type could be found at the very bottom of the drop down list. After correcting the device’s type in the SmartThings IDE from “Z-Wave Lock” to “Z-Wave Lock Reporting”, the Lock Manager app finally learned the user codes. I still left the mastercode disabled, since it’s a hassle to remove the cover with the hex screws. Consider my issue resolved. :slight_smile:

( #1787

when i try to install says: You don’t have access to ethayer/lock-manager

any ideas what i’m doing wrong?

(jkp) #1788

Can you provide more details or show a screenshot of what you are seeing?

( #1789

I’m using the guide and following these steps
After enabling GitHubClick on 'Settings’Adding a Repository1.Click on 'Add New repository’ ‘save’

(jkp) #1790

Are you logging in at

( #1791

yes… going into settings and trying to add it

(jkp) #1792

You are in US?

( #1793

Yes i’m in US. i even tried to fork it to my acct and than add it and still says i dont have access.

(jkp) #1794

You may want to try disconnecting your github account and then relink it.

( #1795

That worked!! was able to add repository. Thank you.

(Tony B.) #1797


After much trial and error, I finally figured out how to edit the DTH for ‘locked by keypad’ on the Kwikset lock. I have some programming experience but not in groovy.

As you can see in my DTH, I edited it to change ‘locked manually’ to ‘locked by keypad’ for code 18.

This is very useful for people that want to run a routine as soon as that lock button is pressed. Think “one button arm”

I was asking for this when I started using Lock Manager. Hopefully you can do something with it too!



I just read about 1000 of the 1754 posts here, so my apologies if it was missed,

Just installed a Yale YRF226 and lock manager. No issues with the hardware/software install and added 3 users. Two things I’ve noticed:

  1. Looking under the Locks > Front Door subheading in Lock Manager I never see the # of Entries increment. It’s been ‘0’ since day one.

  2. Notifications - I can never get a notification, on any user opening the lock with their keycode.

Wondering if this is a downfall of the Yale, and I should get the Schlage instead?


(Pasha) #1799

I have the Schlage Connect lock and everything works (almost) well; however, incorrect code entered notification does not seem to work.

I’ve enabled the setting under Keypad settings, changed the setting of “How many times can incorrect code be used before notification” to 1 to no avail.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I downloaded and installed Lock Manager yesterday using the instruction and links in the PDF. I connected Locl Manager to my Yale YRD226-ZW2 lock. The App never pulled existing PINs from the lock. However, I was able to crate a new User in the App and assign a PIN and a slot, so communication between SmartThings and the lock is working. I enabled SMS notification, but I don’t get information in the message about which user unlocked the lock. The message is simply “… was unlocked manually”. Can I get the User who unlocked the lock to be sent in the SMS?

(Kash) #1801

Hi there,

Thanks everyone for contributing to the group. I’m new to the forms and love everything that is home automation.

I am wondering if anyone was able use this code / setup a way automatically create new lock codes based calendar events (Google)?

I have a…
Schlage Connect Lock
Samsung Smarthings hub

Looking forward to connecting!



Does anyone know if I should see the user details in the notifications for my Yale YRD226 lock or not? Trying to determine if it is a Lock Manager limitation or a limitation of the lock. Also wondering this compares to the RBoy Door Lock Code User Management SmartApp.

(Andrew Morris) #1803

Insatlled Lock Manager the other day to configure a Yale YRD-210 deadbolt. The install instructions from GitHub in your User Guide seem a little different than the install I experienced.

In any case in the SmartThings IDE I have in My Device Handlers:

ethayer : Z-Wave Lock Reporting ethayer/lock-manager (master) Published Actuator, Battery, Health Check, Lock, Lock Codes, Polling, Refresh, Sensor

And I have in My SmartApps:

ethayer : Keypad ethayer/lock-manager (master) Unpublished Safety & Security
ethayer : Lock ethayer/lock-manager (master) Unpublished Safety & Security
ethayer : Lock Manager ethayer/lock-manager (master) Published Safety & Security
ethayer : Lock User ethayer/lock-manager (master) Unpublished Safety & Security

Everthing seems to be working as expected. The one thing that I notice is that in the SmartThing iOS app the slots do not show previously made assignments. So there is no way for me to know which slots have been assigned and which are open. Is that as designed? Am I missing something that would allow me to see a full list of current slot assignments?

A minor feature request for this Yale deadbolt would be the ability to enable/disable AutoLock and also to configure the time it takes for AutoLock to kick in (default is 30 seconds).

Also do not understand the distinction between Keypads and Keypads with Locks and how or if that pertains to the Yale YRD-210 but I will try and read thru the User Guide and this thread to figure that out.

All in all thrilled with this app.

Andrew Morris