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[RELEASE] Lock Manager


( - Make your home your butler!) #1762

Basically when you enable Lock & Leave, you can just press the Schlage button on the keypad to lock the door from the outside. When you disable the feature, you need to enter the user code first and then press the Schlage button to lock the door (a security feature so that you know who’s locking the door or that it’s not locked accidentally). Yale calls this feature One touch locking.

Auto lock is complete different, basically when enabled the lock will automatically lock the door 30 seconds after it’s unlocked.

(Chris Popp) #1763

Thanks guys. That’s what I was looking for.

Any way to increase the auto-lock time? Something like 10 mins?

(Ashton Dennis) #1764

I am having a tough time loading this and I am not terribly smart with this stuff.

At the step “activate the custom DTH for your device” there are no devices showing up on the “my devices” list. Should I be manually installing this?


One way is to Use an alternate app. Enhanced auto lock.

(Erik Thayer) #1766

Cool, I’ll add this in the next release. Probably Thursday.

Yep! I was the original author of AutoLock back in the day and it was my first officially (only) published smart app! I haven’t worked on it since forever though. The current plan is to work it into the new 2.0 app.


Hi Erik,

Do you have an estimate when the 2.0 version will be launched as a stable version?



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(Peter Vanags) #1768

When Lock Manager says “Supported on some locks: On Code Lock” how can I find out whether my lock is supported, or if I’m just experiencing a bug? Is it purely trial-and-error?

FYI my model is Schlage Century Connect BE468CEN626, I’m using the beta-2 “Z-Wave Lock Schlage” DTH.

I installed Lock Manager so I could use keypad lock and unlock actions to arm and disarm security, but not change security state on manual lock & unlock.

(Jim Sheldon) #1769

If this is not the proper place to discuss this item please let me know.

I am trying to do the following.

Lock all my locks and arm SHM when I lock any one of my locks.
Unlock all my locks and disarm SHM when I unlock any one of my locks. (During a certain time period would be ideal but… baby steps)

I am currently using Lock Manager to active Goodbye/I’m Back routines. These routines arm/lock all and disarm/unlock all respectively. This sort of works. The problem I am having is that when the routine locks/unlocks the rest of the locks each one triggers the Goodbye/I’mBack routine again for each lock. This causes a lot of excessive activity, logging and beeps. So, I decided to use the “Don’t automatically do this if I am in one of these modes” feature but I can’t guarantee that the routine switches the mode before it issues the lock/unlock commands. This compounds when someone decides to twist the manual lock a couple of times before all the commands are issued and carried out.

I thought about creating a mode called “lock/unlock”, some virtual switches and a routine so that I could give the locks time to execute before setting the final mode to Away/Disarmed but I can’t find an app to create a delay.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



I’ve been trucking along with the old Lock Manager and it has been working great (thank you). I believe I read earlier that 2.0 addresses battery reporting on Kwiksets. Is that true? That would be the only reason I may upgrade to 2.0 given my two 910’s have shown 100% since I installed them.

(MarkTr) #1771

FYI - I’m using the original and seem to be getting proper battery reporting on my 910 (3 months old, 90% battery, something like 4-8 motorized uses per day).


Hmmm, okay, thanks for that data point.

(Jim Sheldon) #1774

I agree. I bought Yale YRD-ZW-619 expecting them to have differentiation between manual lock and code lock. Both seem to be reported as manual with this lock. I would also like to know which locks are known to work with code lock.

(Peter Vanags) #1775

I sorted out what was going wrong. The main trick is to ALWAYS use Lock Manager to drive your automations.

I was experiencing weirdness because I had linked my “Home” and “Away” routines to the “Front Door” using “Automatically perform when … door locks or unlocks” triggers, in addition to Lock Manager automations. I think I ended up with the two fighting each other.

My issues went away when I exclusively configured lock automation using Lock Manager’s Hello Home Settings, and deleted the other lock automations.

(Kevin) #1776

Has anyone else noticed that “Hello Home Phrases” are not functioning since the firmware update on 4/12?

I’m using Lock Manager 2.0 to run a routine which sets SHM to armed/disarmed on lock/unlock. Up until Thursday it worked flawlessly. Now it appears the “Hello Home Phrases” do nothing.

(Jim Sheldon) #1777

I am also having this problem. I’m not sure if it was related to firmware update since I upgraded to 2.0 after 4/12 but I have 2 accounts and neither of them issue Hello Home Phrases on lock/unlock. I’m about to downgrade to version 1 to see if I can get them working again.

(Kevin) #1778

I’ve removed Lock Manager from my setup. I would still be in if I wanted to track who is locking and unlocking and when. I’ve added disarming to my hello home routine itself. This is my new 100% reliable setup. I have the routine automatically perform when the door unlocks. I’ve always had the routine automatically arm at “the configured time”, It was just nice to have it arm on a manual lock using a code.

I will try again when a new version comes out. Version one never worked for me; the DH did, but not the app. Version 2.0 worked very well for me, but the DH did not. Maybe my whole setup is wonky!

(Jim Sheldon) #1779

I tried version 1 and had the same problem with issuing Hello Home Phrases. I am now running version 2 in both accounts just to enter codes into the locks. It’s easier than the Smartthings solutions. However, like SDKevdog, I have moved all automation to the routines.

(Erik Thayer) #1780

Seems like a platform bug. I also had this issue which was messing up my home alarm solution.

It took me awhile to hunt it down but I think there’s an issue with the default smartThings device handler not allowing normal consumption of event data.

I took the current smartthings device code and copied from their repo, pasted into a new device type handler and activated it, and it worked as normal, no changes to the original code, other than it doesn’t run locally.

So… I have no idea what the issue is here but it looks to me like a smartThings bug.

I’ve added the default smartThings zwave device code to my repo as a 1:1 copy and paste. You can use it to change your device to use this handler if you wish to use the ‘default’ device handler and have this app work with it.

I’m baffled, but this works for some reason.

(Rob J) #1781

Anyone else having trouble getting users/codes to stick?

Several times I’ve set users up in slots with their own codes and it works perfectly. Then they just get randomly locked out and the code ceases to work even though they’re still showing in the Smart Things app.

At first this was only happening for NEW users as I set them up, but now it’s also removing, denying, or not properly reading access for users I previously added through the app at seemingly random intervals. I cannot reproduce the problem.

Since I’m using this to manage an Airbnb property it’s made things extremely nerve-wracking. Thankfully I’ve been in town when things have backfired, but I won’t always be home or available to get this problem sorted, so now I feel a bit like I’m on-call 24/7 (which is what I’m trying to prevent with smart locks in the first place).

(Rob J) #1782

An uninstall guide would also be helpful. It seems like a lot of components or cached fragments could get left behind if all specific uninstall steps aren’t done in a deliberate order. Any input on this would be helpful!