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[RELEASE] Lock Manager


(Eric) #1741

In my case if I arm away on the keypad it only runs once, but, I am using Lock Manager with SHM Delay. I have the keypad set up in SHM Delay and not in Lock Manager.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #1742

@ethayer Can you tell me what the Local Control setting is for the Schlage zwave handler? I have enabled that to test, but when I check the device from the IDE it still says Execution Location Cloud. Sorry if I missed previous talk about this, I searched but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!

Also, one other question. I’m using the same handler on all 3 of my Schlage zwave locks. For some reason, one of them looks different in the app (text size and missing info). Lock works fine other than that though. Also, all 3 show the – between the refresh button and alarm mode square. What should that be showing? See attached screenshots. Thanks for the help and let me know if I can provide any other details.



(Erik Thayer) #1743

Local Control is what Schlage calls it. I guess I’ll rename it or maybe I can add some text for the release.

All it does is enable or disable the ability to set settings such as alarm mode, lock & leave, and set user codes at the physical lock using the keypad.

On the lock without info in the tiles, click the settings cog and then make sure all the settings are what you want, then hit save. This will initialize that lock and grab all the info for the tiles.

The tile that displays ‘–’ would display the alarm sensitivity level if you had the alarm mode on. Since you don’t have the alarm mode on, there’s nothing to display.

I need to make these tiles better… I kind of rushed developing these special DTHs. It’s my first time messing with them and I just wanted to see what I could do. I think it was helpful to have these settings exposed to the user, so I released it… It seems to work well, but it could use some refinement in the future!

thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into this.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #1744

Thanks for the reply and explanation!

(MacTechGenius) #1745

Here is a pic of the behavior (routine runs twice):

(Tyler Weaver) #1746

I just submitted a pull request for airbnb automation to your beta-2 branch and closed my original pull request.


I’ve got the 2.0 beta working with my Kwikset 916 and 912 locks this weekend. Great work.
Some minor issues in using it, not sure if it is a problem with the Lock Manager app or SmartThings app on Android.

  1. Sometimes when modifying or adding users, the Save option in the top right corner is not available and I have to exit out of the app completely and try again.
  2. When adding a user code and selecting a slot, you have to select the slot twice for it to register.
  3. After selecting the slot and going to the next screen, pressing Save will not save user and give an error saying to fill out all required fields despite them all being set. Instead I just change the User Enabled to disabled and back to enabled and then save which works fine.

(Gdtgrl) #1748

I’ve been using Lock Manager with my Kwikset smartcode 916 locks for almost a year without issue. About two weeks ago all the user codes stopped working. I can still use smartthings to remotely unlock/lock the doors however that defeats the purpose of giving people key codes. Can you tell me what could be the cause of this issue? @ethayer any idea why this is happening?

(Jared) #1749

The pre-2.0 version has all these same problems. Shame it hasn’t been fixed yet.

(JJ) #1750

Hey Erik. I’m testing out the schlage fe599 lever as well and am running into the issue where the lock notification / state change isn’t reflected. Was this added to your DTH?

(Jteverett2) #1752

Hi Erik. I followed your instructions and published the Lock Manager through my ide. I am a new SmartThings user so I am using the new SmartThings app (not the classic version) on my android smartphone. Now that I have published Lock Manager, how do I see and use it on my smartphone? Thanks.


You aren’t going to be able to do that through the new app. In order for custom SmartApps to be reflective in the new app, you have to add Lock Manager via the Marketplace in the Classic app. Your custom SmartApps are then mirrored in the new app.

With that said, I would not recommend that you use the new app. The new application is not ready (even though it is active and useable) and most people are not using this app and there is no way for it to be supported or if it even works 100%. It is supported using SmartThings Classic for now.

(Jteverett2) #1754

Thank you so much for the information. Is it expected that when the Classic app finally goes away that all of the existing custom apps a user has setup as well as the ability to add new custom apps will all be transferred to and available in the new Smartthings app?


We all have expectations that everything will be there.

We have been told that before they shut down Classic, the equivalent of everything will be there in the new app. There may be a new way of doing things in the new app for some things.

It’s all a wait and see at this point. They are making a ton of progress as I have tested different versions and I do see some pretty great things happening with it. But until everything is completed and finalized, we really won’t know the answer to any of those outstanding questions.

(Jteverett2) #1756

Thank you again for your helpful responses. Have a great day.

(Marc Kurtz) #1757

Hey Ethan - I’m running the beta-2 branch and would like to be able to control the alarm mode from webcore. Last time I submitted a patch to the garyd9 device handler. If I wanted to do the same to the zwave-lock-schlage handler, would I go about it the same way? Or can I just make a method like (excuse my pseudo-code):

 def setAlarmMode(newValue) {
   switch (newValue) {
     case "Kick":
       newAlarmMode = 0x3
  sendEvent(name: 'alarmMode', value: newAlarmMode, displayed: false)

What do you think?


This would be a great feature.
Can test if needed just need updated alarm mode dth to load on my ide.

(Marc Kurtz) #1759

So something as simple as this works:

 * API endpoint for setting the alarm mode
 * @param alarmMode: The new alarm mode
def setAlarmMode(alarmMode) {
    sendEvent(name: 'alarmMode', value: alarmMode, displayed: false)

The only odd thing was I also had to add this at the top of the file: command “setAlarmMode” before webcore would “see” the custom command.

(Chris Popp) #1760

Can someone explain to me the Auto Lock Enabled and Lock & Leave features? I’ve been really obsessing over this, because I don’t know what each means. The reason why it’s bothering me so much is that right now I need to press the code in order to lock the door. Before, all I needed to press was the schlage button to lock. Unlocking works fine.

I’m working with the schlage connect.

(jkp) #1761

Enabling “Lock and Leave” allows you to just press the “Schlage” logo on the touchscreen to lock the door behind you (if set to “Off” you have to enter a user code to lock the door). Enabling “Auto Lock” will automatically lock the door if left unlocked for 30 seconds.