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[RELEASE] Lock Manager


(Dana ) #1681

You’re not an addict, you’re just dedicated, and our hero. :smiley:

Plus, I bet it was a really cute lock.

(Aaron Sucher) #1682

They all look correct. I will try rebooting and the remainder of your steps and see if that resolves. I am also removing some of them from the Lock Manager to see if I can get it to complete with a subset first.

(Erik Thayer) #1683

Ok. Let me know how that goes. It could be that initializing 10 locks at once clogs up the SmartThings hub. Trying just a few at a time sounds like a good idea.


(Aaron Sucher) #1684

Sounds good…I’ll keep you updated.

(Marrdave) #1685

App is great thanks for your hard work. Only issue I have is it doesn’t save a lock once it is added and I leave the App. I am probably doing something really stupid at my end but I thought I would ask!

(jkp) #1686

Use the Lock Manager that is located in Automation: SmartApps not the one in MarketPlace: SmartApps: My Apps :slight_smile:

(Marrdave) #1687

Thanks for that. Works perfectly now. Only thing is i now have 11 Lock Managers listed in the smart apps. Can i remove these?

(jkp) #1688

Yes, remove all but one.

(Marrdave) #1689

Thanks for your help. Very impressed with this.


2.0 seems great so far. Quick question, what does “local control” do in the DTH?

(Eric) #1691

Will 2.0 work with Mitchponds centralite keypad?

(Erik Thayer) #1692

yep, that’s the DTH I use.

(Erik Thayer) #1693

Local control is a Schlage setting. If you disable local control, you can’t change settings on the physical lock such as lock and leave, alarm mode and PIN length settings.

(Eric) #1694

Great!! Thank you Painless install and working great for the 2.0

(Richard) #1695

I have a Kwikset 914 Z-Wave with new batteries. Original lock manager worked fine. Followed instructions and installed new one, but it never starts the sweep. Just sits at 0%.


(Erik Thayer) #1696

Make sure you deleted the old DTH and are using the default Zwave-Lock handler from SmartThings.

(Richard) #1697

Thanks. I realized I didn’t delete it, but just switched the door to what I thought was the default ST handler. I’m using the Z-Wave Lock with Codes. Is that the ST default for something like the Kwikset 914 Z-Wave?

(Erik Thayer) #1698

It should just read “Zwave Lock”. Don’t use the with codes one.

(Richard) #1699

That was it. Working now. Thanks!

(Richard) #1700

One more thing - the old door codes will remain, but they’ll need to be reconfigured in the new app? And in the new version, how does one create the user settings? By adding the app again and choosing “USER” mode?