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[RELEASE] Lock Manager


(Erik Thayer) #1661

True, I’m not going to make much of an effort really. If the barrier to entry is high, I’m not going to worry about it. I’m happy with the distribution method as is. Give me more control to provide support/updates.

My home network is pretty reliable but I can see where it would be helpful for the app to run locally for some who may have common service outages. I think that may be the only advantage to the marketplace anyways.

Back in the day, I was being asked to submit it but I wouldn’t because it required the custom DTH. Now, 3 years later, it no longer needs that level of customization. Though with SmartThings foray into SmartLocks app, maybe they’re not interested in hosting it anymore.


I’m thinking maybe end of week I might have a beta 2.0… we’ll call it 2.0rc to be fancy.

(Dana ) #1662

No rush, Erik…the best result (as I know you and all good developers know) is a good release, not a quick release. :slight_smile:

(Tony B.) #1663

Just to let you know… Hello Home is not working for kwikset 910 on code unlock. It’s supposed to perform I’m Back, but it isn’t.

Not a big deal, I used webcore to take it’s place until a fix. Just figured I would let you know.

I’ll be back home to test this on Wednesday. Traveling right now.

I’ll be sure to post a log here.

(Erik Thayer) #1664

[BETA] LockManger 2.0rc

Please READ:

Before installing this, please uninstall ALL previous versions of Lock Manager and custom Device Type handlers, even garyd9’s Schlage Touchscreen handler. They will not work with 2.0. Delete EVERYTHING!

I’ve provided a couple new DTH’s for Schlage and for Yale locks. These are 100% optional, as they only provide extra parameter options in settings. They do not effect the usability of the app, so using the default SmartThings DTH is 100% OK.

2.0 works even with SmartLocks App installed. You may not make changes in the SmartThings SmartLocks app, but the information in the app will be kept updated with changes made in LockManager. Changes that you do end up making in SmartLocks may be overwritten by LockManager automatically.

The app now includes an install phase that takes time before LockManager will actually set codes. This typically takes about 5 minutes but can take up to 45 minutes for Yale 250 slot locks. Allow enough time to install the app before starting.

I probably wont respond to things like:

Erik, how do I install this beta?

I probably WILL respond to things like:

Erik, the burn-code feature doesn’t seem to be working on days ending in ‘Y’

Erik, there’s only one app file!!

yep, just one compact package containing all you need.

If you’re OK with this, please continue.

Next Steps…

Give me feedback! Did it work? Let me know! Does it suck? Let me know!

I’ll use this feedback to make improvements to the app over the next few days or weeks before releasing 2.0. It will also help me when I write a short user guide to install the app for everyone holding back.

Good luck, have fun!

Tracking Schlage Connect Door Codes

Okidoki … I have something to do when I get home from work tonight, LOL

(MacTechGenius) #1666

Does 2.0 still support the beeping for the Iris Keypad? I have two Iris Keypad’s at different locations on lock manager. One of them beeps (and has a delay for exiting) while the other one arms immediately even though the lock manager setting are the same…not sure why?

Thanks and I appreciate the continued development (:smile:

(Erik Thayer) #1667

Honestly I don’t know. A lot of the 1.x code is compatible with 2.0. I didn’t just re-write the entire codebase, but I’ve modified a lot of subsystems. Since the Keypad code has nothing to do with the setcode logic, it shouldn’t be effected and should work just as it did in 1.x.

The keypad code only represents 245/2861 lines… soooo… It probably works.

That being said, I didn’t test it.

(Erik Thayer) #1668

I checked it out. There was one little bug, a shared method got a rename. Fix and tested. Works.

(Larry) #1669

You say remove all custom device types, I see new device types for schlage etc bu t what about kwikset what device type should be used, and what about zigbee locks?


Well, it didn’t suck, LOL … installation from 1.xx to beta-2 (with the Z-Wave Lock Yale DTH) was painless. I did notice that during the install of the locks’ “scan” phase, the ST app response to other events (e.g., switches turning on/off) lagged quite a bit — anywhere from a couple of seconds to several minutes. After the scan phase finished response returned to “normal.” Of course, ST could’ve been experiencing hiccups at the same time … who knows.

So far Lock Manager beta-2 is working great. Battery levels are reporting in the expected range and push notifications are working correctly.

I’ve only configured the Locks, Users, and global Notifications for now, but will try the other settings soon (Yale YRD240 … seven of them amongst two locations).

Great work, Erik :+1:

(Erik Thayer) #1671

I’ve provided a couple new DTH’s for Schlage and for Yale locks. These are 100% optional, as they only provide extra parameter options in settings. They do not effect the usability of the app, so using the default SmartThings DTH is 100% OK.

Use the default SmartThings device handler for either Zwave or Zigbee. I don’t have a specialized handler for Kwikset as I only own a few 910’s. I’m not going to purchase a higher tier Kwikset lock just for testing, as I don’t have any income for this app.

I may look at making one for the 910, but I think all the parameters are dipstick change only (you can’t change them with a zwave of zigbee command)

Yale and Schlage were nice in that they sent us some sample locks to test on. That’s why I was able to create custom DTH for them.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it. You have the 250 Slot Yales, don’t you? I didn’t notice a lag when I was programming mine, but I was only programming 1 at a time. I’ll look into ways to optimize the 250 slot set processes further. In the mean time I’ll just warn people if they have a 250 slot Yale or two, things could get slow for awhile.

How long did the process take? Did you find that it took much longer than the 25 minute estimate for 250 slots?

(Larry) #1672

you created a custom device handler for reporting previously. Does that mean that there is a no longer reporting status with the stock device handler.


Yup, I have 250-slot Yales, however, they’re configured to use only 30 slots (per lock). It still took about 1.5 hours total per location , but I was configuring three locks at one location and four locks at the other location simultaneously … no problem, though, I have tons of patience, LOL … and so long as Lock Manager works.

(Erik Thayer) #1674

There has been no feature regression. They’re simply no longer needed.

Wow! Alrighty. It might be that the scan still works on all 250 slots even with 30 slots selected. I think this is desired behavior to prevent problems like, if a code is set in slot 31 that may conflict with a new set of codes. Nice to know that it may take up to 1:30 though.

(Aaron Sucher) #1675

FWIW…10 locks @ 1 location w/2 users…approx 2.5 hours in and they are all showing between 3-7% complete

(Erik Thayer) #1676

Did you make sure you’re not using the old DTHs? They will not work with this app, and that result sounds like what the old DTHs would do…

(Aaron Sucher) #1677

If that question was directed @ me…

I deleted all lock related DTHs and SmartApps prior to installing.

(Erik Thayer) #1678

I take it it stalled out on 3-7%? It really sounds like the DTHs aren’t adding up.

Can you tell me what DTH you’re using? What lock model do you have?

(Aaron Sucher) #1679

Looks that way. The locks are all Yale Z-Wave YRD-220s and I am using your new Z-Wave Lock Yale DTH for all of them.

(Erik Thayer) #1680

Double check your device list to make sure that the Z-Wave Lock Yale handler is selected. I’m having the same symptom on a lock in my second location because it’s using an old DTH. (The lock at the top isnt working, the three at the bottom of the screen work)

If it IS selected, I would reboot the hub and then go into the Lock app for that lock and click save so that it re-initializes.


  • Ensure the correct DTH is selected in the devices menu.
  • Reboot the hub.
  • Make sure your lock’s batteries are Good, or try fresh ones.
  • Make sure your mesh connection is strong with the lock.
  • I also had this symptom on one of my sample locks, I mounted it to a small block of wood and then I do programming in bed… one night I tossed it under the bed and then the initialization process looked like yours because messages weren’t being passed successfully. (yes, sometimes I have a lock in bed with me, I’m an addict)