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[RELEASE] Lock Manager



As a small update, after my attempt at z-wave repair, now when I try to “save” in automation > Door lock code user… after seeing that the slots and users are entered, I get a little red pop-up at the top of the screen (when I hit ‘save’) saying “An unexpected error occurred.” The notifications are still cycling through the “requested…” messages. FWIW, that screen in the Automation area says I’m using “Lock User Management v07.01.00”

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The error while saving is a platform error and happens sometimes when the platform is loaded. Just give it some time and try later.
If there are no confirmation being received that means your lock is not able to communicate with the hub and indicates a mesh problem. I’ll PM you with some steps on how to fix the mesh.

(Erik Thayer) #1643

I’ve been working to fix a lot of these common issues. I’ve finished work on getting Lock Manager into a single app, and now I’ve started work on getting the default SmartThings app retrofitted with some of garyd9’s mods for Schlage locks, but instead of having the settings on the button tiles, they’re going to live in preferences. This device type should be optional, as the default SmartThings DTH should work fine with the new LockManager. I’m trying to make the custom DTH purely optional, as it will just enhance features.

I’ll try to release that and then continue work on the API platform after releasing a 2.0 App.


Hi Erik-
I seem to have “ethayer: Lock Manager” and “rboy : Door lock code user management with notifications and automatic relock” both set up in my SmartApps list of the SmartThings IDE page. Both are published (I also have the 3 child files unpublished). Should the older one be removed somehow? Do you have an updated User Guide that will take me through how to disentangle the mess I made?


What’s the latest in battery reporting with this code? I have two Kwikset 910s and they’ve been installed for months and they still say 100% which looks suspiciously like it’s not updating. The locks otherwise perform just fine.


Mmmmm … one of my Yale’s battery has been on 1% for almost 1.5 years now, LOL

(Erik Thayer) #1647

I haven’t updated anything in a long time. I’ve been working on updating the core app a lot, which will be released as a v2.0, meaning it won’t be compatible with the previous 1.x versions. (You’ll have to set up your users again when upgrading)

I’m only one person, so I have to prioritize every move to get the most of my free time. I’m not creating a new user guide until I am ready to publish 2.0.

I’ve just now completed getting the SmartThings DTH retrofitted with Schlage preference options.

Now, what I have left is…

*Verify that the new code-set confirmation is stable (it no longer checks the ‘known’ code with the DTH, code set messages are assumed to be positive)
*Implement code Unset sweep to prevent code duplicate errors.
*Logic to report code duplicate message from DTH to the user in a more meaningful way, bypass CodeSet attempt limit when this error is received.
*Write a new install guide
*Publish 2.0
*Continue work on web API version, which will be compatible with 2.X apps.
*Write a new API install guide

Not a small list. Note, on it isn’t spending a lot of time helping people on the forum. If I did that, I’d have to take time away from fixing common issues reported here. Sorry!

Honestly, users like @jkp deserve a ton of praise from the community and SmartThings. I am very grateful of the help provided by them, and they deserve a ‘donate’ button here just as much as I do.

Continue helping each other out and I’ll continue coding as much as I can!

EDIT: Yes, upgrading to the new DTH when 2.0 is live will fix battery report issues, as it uses the latest device code from SmartThings.


Thanks Eric.

(Dana ) #1649

Thanks, Erik - your priorities look right on target to me.

(Greg) #1650

Please consider changing user’s mode scheduling restriction to allow more than one mode to be selected

(Tony B.) #1651

Can you add something in the variables for locked type? I have a Kwikset lock that has a lock button in the center to press it if I want to lock the door.

I think it’s ALARM CODE 5. Locked by keypad. That would really help writing pistons in webcore.

If it’s there already, where would I find it in the variables?


(Erik Thayer) #1652

Yes, the new SmartThings DTH is much better written and includes the correct method params with the lock event. I should be releasing this with v2.0 soon.

(Tony B.) #1653

That’s awesome news. Looking forward to it.

I came from an ISY, Completely floored at how much better ST is. That minor issue with the “locked by keypad” is nothing in comparison to how much better ST is.

(Megan) #1654

You da man!!

(Erik Thayer) #1655

Thank you! 2.0 is going well. All the difficult stuff seems to be in the bag. Just working through some small bugs and fixing some broken features.

I’m taking a short break from the app to work on specialized DTH for Yale and Schlage. The default DTH works well with 2.0 so these will be mostly optional.

Shouldn’t be too much longer.

(Glen King) #1656

I don’t like to mess with success. The ethayer lock manager has been working very well for me.

It loads and unloads codes exactly as I’d hope (using Schlage BE469). It reports correctly.

I’d love for all that to run locally, and I’d love to be able to have ST trigger the lock’s alarm if, say, a window gets breached. But I don’t think those are possible.

So absent that, what benefits would I gain by moving to the new smartapp and DTH??

(Erik Thayer) #1657

I donno. Sounds like nothing? It really depends if you need the new features or not… which it sounds like ‘not’

There are a lot of improvements in 2.0 including the ability to use the default DTH. I’m not going to list the advantages, but maybe if you lurk here enough you’ll decide you need to upgrade. Or not.

If you’re happy with your current place, by all means stay there. For new users, installing the new version will be easier.

If SmartThings approves my app for the App Market, it will be able to run locally on Gen2 hubs… which would be nice, I think. I’ll submit it once it’s in more of a 2.x phase in case there are bugs to work out. I’m not sure what SmartThings app process is like nowadays but I like being able to offer quick releases that the app market path might not provide.

(MacTechGenius) #1658

When will 2.0 be available? I didn’t see any updates on “Update from Repo” on Github.

(Mike) #1659

Just a couple of post back he says should not be too much longer. From what I have gathered this is a guy working on his own to put this together and it’s free, I doubt you will get more than coming soon, as he is probably working on this in his spare time. So just keep an eye out here.


IF … I can’t even remember the last time an app got approved :frowning_face: … but I’ll be rooting for you LOL …