[RELEASE] Lock Manager


(Jared) #1601

This can be done from smartthings if the device handler supports it.

(Abunabil) #1602

Hi, I have been using Lock Manager for about a month or two now. It works great, except I don’t get any on the notifications I sent for when users unlock the door using a code.

Any suggestions?

(Glen King) #1603

At least for Schlage, all the lock device handlers kinda support that functionality.
You have to turn off the 30-second auto-lock for it to work.

But that is for ALL unlock events, not specifically for unlock with code.

In concurrence with that, I have the following two automations:

  • keep door unlocked when open
  • lock door when closed

You need a contact sensor on the door for this to work. As long as the door is open, the lock will not lock. This prevents damage to the trim on the door frame as well as to the deadbolt. And the door locks within five seconds of being closed.

As for your specific case, where you seem to want to differentiate between code events and key/manual events, you’d likely need to go to webcore.

(Dana ) #1604

Good advice…I have mine set up that way, with a 10 minute delay via webCore (if door closed 10 minutes, then lock) so that when I go out the front door for a few minutes to do something quick in the front yard, I don’t have to put my code in.

(Glen King) #1605

That would be interesting. I suppose a “working around the house and yard” mode, different than a standard ‘home’ mode, would be appropriate for this. I certainly don’t want the lock waiting ten minutes to auto-lock whenever we leave, or when we settle in for the evening.

(Dana ) #1606

Yeah, it depends on your situation…for us:

  • Very safe/boring neighborhood
  • Zero doorbell solicitation - we just never see 'em (I work from home much of the time) so I’m not opening the door to strangers and then walking away leaving it unlocked
  • We use the garage exit for 99% of our departures via car so front door is almost always walking the dogs, getting mail/deliveries, or greeting visitors.
  • When we leave for a walk w/dogs or whatever and know we aren’t coming right back we just tap the Schlage logo to lock the door

(Jared) #1607

Curious what you are using for this? I’d like to set mine up to do this as well.

(Dana ) #1608

If you mean what tool you can use to tell the door to lock when closed, you can do it easily w/webCore (that’s how I do it). You need a contact sensor on the door, of course, so SmartThings knows when it’s closed.

My door lock webCore piston is below - I use a 10 minute timer, you could omit that, or reduce it to 10 seconds or 3 minutes or whatever you want. You probably want at least a minute delay for when you remember you forgot something and have to go back in. Three times. :slight_smile:

(Jared) #1609

Thanks. I haven’t started messing with webcore yet. Maybe it’s time to.

(Dana ) #1610

It’s a really great toy - pretty easy to come up to speed on, and tons of pistons that you can borrow and update for your own use, and helpful users.

For example, regarding borrowing other’s pistons - once you’re using webCore you could import (using the five digit code) my piston, and then edit/modify it to your liking and use it w/your system. Very cool.

There a webCore forum at:

(Glen King) #1611

It’s a standard Routine in the Mobile App. Unlock these doors (front door lock) when something opens (door sensor), I have another routine that does the opposite: when the door closes, the lock locks.
I do this in the standard Routines. No need for webcore pistons for simple things like this.

A third routine does the following: if the lock is unlocked but the door remains closed, lock the door after three minutes. This is for instances where, for example, I use presence to unlock the door and it takes me a moment to get to the door to open it. That routine cannot easily be done in the smartapp, so I use a webcore piston for it.

(Dana ) #1612

Yes, didn’t mean to make it sound like you have to use webCore to do this, that wasn’t my intent. I do use webCore for most of my automations (aside from some lighting automations using the Smart Lighting app where I am not using a custom DTH for the device and want local processing). (Custom DTH = no local processing.)

I find it is easier and more efficient for me to have one place (webCore) to go to see and manage/monitor the majority of my automations, rather than spreading them across multiple SmartApps. I also like that I can use a laptop or Chromebook with webCore in addition to mobile - I prefer the larger screen and having an actual keyboard. All personal preference stuff, of course. :slight_smile:

(Jared) #1613

You mean the enhanced auto lock smart app? I tried that and nothing happens when you have the door open and manually lock the lock. It doesn’t unlock it again. I assumed because the door is already open it’s not going to “unlock when contact sensor opened”.

(Glen King) #1614

No, not the enhanced smart app… just a standard Routine. Oops, I see my earlier error: I meant “it’s a standard Routine in the Mobile App”. Mea culpa. Will edit earlier post.

When you go to the ‘Automations’ page of the mobile app, there are two sections: Routines, and SmartApps. Add a new Routine.

I dunno; we have not manually locked the lock with the door open, so I can’t tell you its behavior in that instance. Will try it when I get home!

(Bob Butler) #1615

@MRobi, did you ever figure out why codes were being deleted/disabled? I just had that happen for the second time. The message was that it failed to set the code and disabled the user.

But, I haven’t actually used the lock manager SmartApp in days, so I’m not sure why it would even be trying to set the code again. It’s already set.


(Bob Butler) #1616

This is interesting. I am quite sure I wasn’t using the SmartThings app at the indicated time. And there are no other commands or events within several hours of the below. What would trigger an UpdateCodes command?

2018-01-24 10:34:40.338 AM PST
1 day ago DEVICE codeReport 2 Front Door code 2 was deleted
2018-01-24 10:34:35.305 AM PST
1 day ago DEVICE codeReport 1 Front Door code 1 was deleted
2018-01-24 10:34:33.539 AM PST
1 day ago APP_COMMAND updateCodes Lock: Front Door sent updateCodes command to Front Door

(Mike) #1617

Sorry I didn’t. I could get the lock working with all apps except for Lock Manager. I eventually settled on rboys’ app and it’s been working wonderfully since

(Kian) #1618

About a few weeks ago Lock Manager and SHM Delay are not working anymore.

When I use my Iris Keypad to enter in PIN and Arm or Disarm, the keypad makes a couple audible tones that are different from when you successfully arm/disarm. And it doesn’t Arm/Disarm afterwards. I changed nothing to either app in that time. So I haven’t had it working for a while and just now decided to try and fix it but found nothing to fix. Wondering if anyone here can help.

(Matthew Beach) #1619

@ethayer when will we see the next update for this, using 2 weiser/kwikset 916 locks.


I am on page 12 of the users guide…
It is not clear to me where and how to paste this code… I can downlaod the source files… I dont understand where to paste this code and under which category / section
and are all files needed or is it my choice

please assist me or provide some additional screen shots so i can complete this…

thank you