[RELEASE] Lock Manager

I haven’t tried the “official” SmartLocks yet, but I’m guessing that your program is leaps and bounds ahead of theirs, feature wise. Of course, they also announced more local control which might include this as well. Since yours isn’t official, it’ll never have local functionality.

I might try out the new lock feature, but I have a feeling that I’ll be coming right back to your program. If it took them 3+ years to come up with this (something that every lock says that it can do, but just couldn’t with Smartthings), who knows how long it will take them to get it to the level that you’re at.

Looking forward to the upcoming features! I hope things are going well with the little one!.

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I do not plan to change, please continue to develop your solution! The ONLY thing that I like about the ST solution is the dashboard. Maybe that it something you would have covered with a web interface?

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II guess the big advantage they are going to have over you is the local processing. I doubt I will switch as I am happy with your solution and a web interface would be a good equalizer, but I can imagine it will put a damper on new customers. I must admit if this had been available when I first came to ST I may not have looked for a third party solution.

@ethayer: I have been using your fantastic Lock Manager since you first released it. I have been through all the upgrades and watched your application handle all kinds of real-time issues. I, for one, will NOT be switching, especially since your version has everything I desire to control my Kwikset Smartcode 916. Thanks for all the hard work!

For those considering switching, remember that @ethayer’s Lock Manager has a large number of installed users and various lock devices, millions of hours of testing, and a support staff that is #1.


Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I’m seeing the same thing on both of my Hubs - whomever installed the apps can add users, but others can’t. Editing users who have been added works just fine.

Thank you thank you!!! That was my problem too. I was so bummed I couldn’t make the app work, but now you made my day.

Go ahead and publish all the child apps. This will make them available to all accounts linked to that smartthings instance.

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I actually tried out the ST lock manager, but I lasted only 2 days before I went back to Lock Manager. Keep up the good work!

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I have been using Lock Manager since I got my Kwikset 916 in March 2017 and it’s been great! I got a notification over this past weekend that battery was at 1%, though I never noticed it going below 80% until it was suddenly at 1%. In any case, on Tuesday evening, we replaced the batteries. Lock is still reporting 1% in the IDE and the app. I updated and republished the Device Handler and app and am still having this behavior. Scanning the thread I don’t see anyone else with this issue, so suggestions?

In this thread I mentioned I had the same issue and another user said he had to make a change to the DTH. I followed his instructions and now my battery shows a value again. Read through it and if you feel comfortable making code changes it will probably fix your issue as well.

I’ve been using lock manager for a couple months and so far it’s been great, until this week. When I try to add new users their codes do not work. After reading the thread above I’ve also tried editing an existing user to change the code but that doesn’t work either. Codes from all established users still work so it is just new users/changing the code of an old user. Any advice? I use it for Airbnb so I need to add a new user/code daily and for now have gone back to giving guests a key. If it matters I’m using lock manager with Kwikset 916.

It’s been mentioned a few times in this thread and seems to be a pretty common issue with people using this Smartapp. Make sure you are going into the Automation>Smartapp section of the ST app to use the Lock Manager and not the Marketplace>Smartapp section of the app. This may not be your issue but thought I would mention it.

Thanks Mike. I read that as well and double checked. I am going through the automation part of the app.

Hello folks. Anyone used this app for August smartlock?

Hi- I’m new to this and have followed the instructions in the set-up guide but do not see the Smart App on my phone (android) in My Apps section… any help here?

Make sure you published the Lock Manager smartapp.

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I am still unable to get new codes created with lock manager to work with smart things/my lock. Can anyone help? I’m not a techie so it took me hours to get it installed correctly the first time and I’d rather not delete everything and try again if I don’t need to. I had no issues at all until a few days ago, otherwise it’s been working perfectly for months.

Anyone have any ideas on my issue?

Summarized: My lock, Yale YRD240 Z-wave, isn’t reporting when it is locked by a user created from the Smartapp. It only reports ‘unlocks’.

Therefore my “Hello Phrases” based on locking the door aren’t working

I’m using the “Z-wave lock reporting” type on the IDE dashboard.

Where is that DTH?

Hoping someone can help. Recently, the status of my Door Lock using the Lock Manager SmartApp and Device Handler has switched to OFFLINE. Everything still works with the codes as well as the notifications. Any idea how I can fix it or is it no big deal?
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